Can Asthma Be Cured Permanently?


According to a study by the World Health Organization in “2019”, almost 262 million people had asthma worldwide. And it caused 461000 deaths in that year. From the survey, you can see that you’re not the only one who is suffering from asthma. So don’t panic if you’re suffering from an asthma problem. Like all other asthma patients, you might also be looking for an answer: can asthma be cured permanently?

Unfortunately, there is no permanent solution for this disease but with proper treatment and medication, you can keep asthma under your control. Here in this article, I’ll show you some common facts about asthma and how can asthma be treated when you fall into an asthma attack.

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What Is Asthma?

Asthma is a long-term chronic condition that causes effects on the airways of the lungs. Airways refers to those tubes that carry air in and out from your lungs. When a person encounters asthma, the airways get inflamed and narrowed that causes breathing difficulties.

What Is Asthma

Besides, there is no age limit for asthma. People of all ages may suffer from this disease, especially children, as asthma often starts from childhood.  When you cough, wheeze and feel tightness in the chest, you’re suffering from an asthma problem.

The intensity of asthma symptoms varies from person to person. For some people, asthma remains in mild condition, and some people suffer from severe illness. You may suffer this asthma problem once in a while or every day.

There are certain things that will determine the intensity of asthma problems, like cold air. These things that accelerate the asthma symptoms are known as asthma triggers. When asthma triggers accelerate the symptoms, things worsen, and you’ll fall into an asthma attack.

What Causes Asthma?

In this era, there is a huge improvement in medical science but the reason behind asthma is still unknown. Chronic airway inflammation and extreme airway sensitivity are common symptoms among all asthma patients. Some people by birth have the tendency to have asthma problems, while others may not.

What Causes Asthma

Medical science is trying to figure out the genes behind the asthma tendency. Although each individual has unique reasons that trigger their asthma problem, there are some causes that are common in most asthma patients. Scientists focus on those common factors and figure out the following causes:

  • Genetic and environmental interactions
  • Exposure to tobacco
  • Air pollution
  • Inhaling any respiratory irritants, like perfume/cleaning products.
  • Breathing in allergy.
  • Exposure to cold air or dry weather
  • Stress or emotional excitements
  • Exercise or physical exertion
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • Smoking when pregnant
  • High ozone level

Symptoms Of Asthma

Asthma causes inflammation on your bronchial tubes with an extra sticky secretion inside the tubes. The symptoms of Asthma get accelerated when the airways inflame, tighten and cover with mucus.

Symptoms Of Asthma

There is mainly three major signs of asthma:

1. Airway Blockage

When you normally breathe, the muscle band surrounding your airways remains relaxed. Therefore air can move freely through the airways. On the contrary, when you suffer from asthma the muscle of your airways gets tighten and it becomes harder for air to pass through it. Consequently, you’ll suffer from shortness of breath.

2. Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the main symptoms of asthma. It causes red & swollen bronchial tubes in the lungs. When the intensity of the inflammation gets higher it’ll badly damage the lungs. With proper treatment, you can handle asthma in the long run.

3. Airway Irritability

People who’re suffering from asthma problems have very sensitive airways. The sensitive airways tend to narrow and overreact with the slightest asthma triggers.

When a person faces the above problems may encounter the following symptoms:

  • Coughing( mostly in the morning or night)
  • Wheezing( it creates a whistling sound while breathing)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Pain, pressure, or tightness in the chest
  • Improper sleep due to breathing problem
  • Rhinosinusitis
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • Mood disorders

Can Asthma Be Cured Permanently?

Nobody wants to carry a disease for a lifetime. So, it’s a very common question that all asthma patients want to know: can asthma be cured permanently? In short, you can’t solve the asthma problem permanently but you can control it.

Can Asthma Be Cured Permanently

Like other common chronic diseases, asthma is a kind of condition that you have to carry every day in your life. You can be exposed to an asthma attack anytime if any of your asthma triggers.

The best thing that you can do against asthma is taking proper treatment to manage the disease on a daily basis. One thing you should always keep in your mind is that there’s no routine screening to cure asthma. Therefore there is no way to prevent asthma permanently.

But if you consult with your doctor and avoid certain risk factors then there’s a high chance to manage the asthma condition from getting worse.

Although there are a lot of ways to handle your asthma problem, I’ll suggest a particular OPEP device to improve your lung health to manage your asthma problem. The device I’m talking about is known as AirPhysio. It is a kind of device that naturally develops your lung capacity and improves your breathing style to deal with your asthma problem in a natural way.

Tips To Keep Your Asthma Under Control

Asthma is a non-curable disease so you must learn the techniques to handle the disease and keep it under your control. Below I’ll show you some tips to manage your asthma problem.

Tips To Keep Your Asthma Under Control

1. Learn About Your Asthma Triggers And Skip Them

As you know, different people suffer from asthma problems for different reasons. There are particular causes or asthma triggers that accelerate the asthma problem and it varies from person to person. Therefore, you’ve to identify your particular asthma trigger that increases or worsens the asthma problem by creating irritation in your airways. By identifying your asthma triggers and avoiding them, you can handle your asthma problem effectively.

2. Strictly Follow The Doctor Prescription

If you want to keep control of your asthma, you must strictly follow your doctor’s prescription. Don’t be like most of the asthma patients who avoid their asthma preventer medications when they don’t experience any asthma symptoms. If you do so then you will easily fall into an asthma attack.

One thing you should always remember is that if you have an asthma problem once then you’ll have it forever whether you face any symptoms or not. That means you must manage your asthma problem every day even if you don’t feel any symptoms. You can also use natural remedies to cure asthma and solve asthma problem, along with your regular medication.

3. Use The Inhaler Properly

An inhaler is an effective medication in your asthma management process. To get the best output from your inhaler you must learn how to use it properly so that the medicine it contains reaches the airways properly.  If you’re using the inhaler for the first time, you should ask your healthcare provider to show you the proper use of the inhaler. You can also ask him/her to watch how you use the inhaler so that he/she can correct your using technique. Watch this video to know the best technique to use your inhaler.

4. Quit Smoking

If you’re a smoker and an asthma patient too then you should quit smoking immediately. Quitting smoking will significantly reduce the frequency and the severity of your asthma symptoms. Conversely, if you continue smoking it’ll reduce the effectiveness of your asthma medication. Moreover, if you don’t have a smoking habit but have an asthma problem then you should also avoid secondhand smoke as it may trigger your asthma symptoms.

5. Keep Your Body fitted With Exercise

For a healthy lifestyle, there is no alternative to exercise. Exercise helps a lot to reduce your asthma problem. It strengthens your breathing muscles, improves the immune system, and assists you to maintain a healthy body weight. But before you start your exercise you must ensure that your asthma is under control.

6. Make a Plan and Stay On Your Plan

As you know the symptoms of asthma are variable. There are a lot of facts behind asthma problems. Depending on those facts, the symptoms of your asthma problem may get worse or better.  You need to learn those facts that trigger your asthma and you should have a plan to control your asthma trigger. When you have a plan on how to manage your asthma problem, you don’t have to worry about that a lot.

7. Never Go Viral!

Some viruses like cold flu can dangerously infect your airways and lungs. You must know that viral infections are the most common cause that enhances your asthma symptoms. The more you can keep yourself away from viruses the fewer asthma symptoms you’ll encounter.  Below I’m going to show you some ways on how to stay away from viruses:

  • Wash your hands more frequently and do that properly.
  • Get your Flu shot.
  • Keep in contact with your healthcare provider whether you should get a pneumonia shot or not.
  • Try to get a sound sleep. If you sleep well, you’ll face fewer symptoms from viruses.
  • In case you have a viral infection like flu or cold, carefully observe your symptoms, and if the symptoms get worse strictly follow your asthma action plan.


There is no doubt that medical science is developing rapidly but still, there are some health diseases that can’t be cured completely. Asthma is one of these incurable diseases. But the good news is with proper treatment and medication you can keep asthma completely under your control. So it would be wise if you focus on your asthma action plan rather than looking for the answer: can asthma be cured permanently?

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