Can I Use Eyeglass Cleaner to Clean My Computer Screen


We usually forget to clean & maintain our computer screen on a regular basis and because of this after a sudden period of time, we realize that the screen gets filthy over time. Now, if you’re in this situation and the last thing that you have is an eyeglass cleaner, what would you do?

Well! It is very easy to predict what’s going on in your mind. The first thing that might come to your mind is: can I use eyeglass cleaner to clean my computer screen? The correct answer depends on the eyeglass cleaner that you have. If that is a non-chemical or non-liquid product then there is a possibility that you can use it to clean your computer screen.

Can I Use Eyeglass Cleaner to Clean My Computer Screen?

A computer screen is a sensitive device, any liquid or harsh chemical that present on any eyeglass cleaner can damage its functionality. This is why the manufacturer of a computer screen never recommends the user to use such types of chemical solutions.


So if the eyeglass cleaner that you’re using contains liquid or any other harsh chemical then you should not apply that on your computer screen. There is a high possibility that the chemical & liquid damage your computer screen if somehow they enter on the inner part of the device.

You should go for an alternative cleaner or make something by yourself. But if the eyeglass cleaner that you’re using, doesn’t contain any liquid or chemical then you can use them. For example, If you are using peeps by Carbon Klean eyeglass cleaner then you can use it also for cleaning your computer screen as the cleaner doesn’t contain any liquid or chemical.

Best Eyeglass Cleaner on the Market-peeps by Carbon Klean Review

I have been searching for the best eyeglass cleaner, and then I have found the peeps by Carbon Klean and decided to give a trial to check if that is Scam or real? Since elementary school, I have been wearing glasses due to my low vision. So keeping my eyeglass clean is a kind of my daily task, and I always look for the best one to complete this task.

After hearing that the peeps by Carbon Klean are approved by NASA & it is also used in the space ships. I have purchased it finally and started using it. Believe me, it cleans my eyeglass so smoothly and effectively that I feel like my vision capacity is increased.


Its carbon pads perfectly clean the dust & germs from the eyeglass & still, I didn’t find any scratches on my glasses from the day I have started using peeps. The cleaning device is actually designed with a molecular-technology that allows the user to acquire anti-glare glasses. The best advantage of this cleaning device is it won’t tarnish & remain clean.

While cleaning my eyeglasses, I was thinking that can I use eyeglass cleaner to clean my computer screen? I pick my peep eyeglass cleaner as it is a non-chemical & non-liquid cleaner. Then I started to clean my computer screen with this. It helps me a lot to remove the filthy & dust from the screen of my computer. If you want to know more about this product, you can check the Peeps by Carbon Klean review.

Why Use This Easy And Comfortable?


I have been using different eyeglass cleaners for a very long time & finally, this one wins my heart. As the device is not using any chemical or liquid, using it is very simple. Even it is the most comfortable way to clean your eyeglass compared to other cleaning processes. Below this section, I’m going to share with you how I use this device.

  • First, I placed my glasses in a clean place and started to brush on one of the glasses.
  • Then I make sure that both sides of the glasses are perfectly covered with the brush. I like to remind you of one thing that doesn’t worry about your glass while cleaning because it is designed in a way that it won’t damage your glasses.
  • That is how I clean my glasses & once completed with one part, repeat the process with others.
  • Clean your glasses better than any other materials.
  • Completely safe and never leave any scratches.
  • Never fog up & excellent solution for anti-reflective.
  • Eco-friendly materials.
  • Use superior quality carbon pads to clean glasses.
  • Need to change brushes after 500 times use.

Where to Buy Peeps by Carbonklean?

There is a strategy that I follow to get the original and right product and I’m going to share it with you. Any product you want to purchase online, purchase it from the main manufacturers. This is the Valid and proper way to get the original product.


For your convenience, just below this section, I’m going to add a link that will directly take you to the main official site. Besides the good news is, you will get some discount and promo offers while purchasing the product from the official site.

Final Thought

If you read the whole article then it is clear to you now why this eyeglass cleaning device is so useful. The carbon technology is the best part of this device that makes it superior. It makes your glasses clean & shiny for a long period of time.

There is no doubt that cleaning your eyeglasses through the peeps by Carbon Klean is one of the best solutions. Besides your eyeglasses, if you think that, can I use eyeglass cleaner to clean my computer screen? Well! You can do it if this is peeps by Carbon Klean. Adobe in this article, I have discussed how you can do this.

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