Can Long Hair Cause Headaches?


Can Long Hair Cause Headaches

Those with beautiful long hair that’s worth flaunting and styling in other ways can vouch for that maintaining long hair is not easy. All thanks to your dense and long hair, a common visitor you usually encounter is a headache. So stop asking yourself ‘can long hair cause headaches’ because it sure can.

Sometimes the pain can be so unbearable that you can even think of cutting your hair. But it’s not easy to lose the hair you’ve been trying so hard for years. If this is the situation you are currently facing, see this article for a solution. Keep reading to find a solution to your headaches without having to let go of your luscious hair.

Can Long Hair Cause Headaches?

Some of the common causes of headaches when having long hair include:

Tight Ponytails

The most typical reason why long-haired people have headaches is when the hair is in a ponytail that pulls out the roots. Beneath the hair roots are veins that can cause headaches. We recommend that you at least loosen that ponytail or set your hair free. You can also use products such as headache relief hats to get rid of that headache.

Hair Extensions

The heavier your hair, the harder the roots. And the stronger the roots are pulled out, the deeper the irritated nerves. Not only does this cause headache, but it also causes hair loss. Of course, if your style seems to work for you, don’t worry about the solution. Just remember that you always have to be vigilant during any unusual hair activity.

Thick And Heavy Hair 

Healthy hair not only looks great but can also have remarkable comfort at your roots. In addition, if your hair is full, thick, heavy and very long, you may feel the tension in your throat. This is usually caused by poor posture, but if you find that your hair interferes with how you angle your neck, then maybe it’s time to cut as well to distribute the weight.

Tips To Getting Rid Of Headaches 

Can Long Hair Cause Headaches

Follow these simple tips to avoid headaches while maintaining your long hair with ease, and never ask this question ‘can long hair cause headaches?’

Use Essential Oils For Relief

Several essential oils formulated with premium quality ingredients are effective in treating headaches and migraines.

Make Sure To Deep Cleanse Hair

An increase in residue, dust, dirt and grease on the scalp often lead to tension headaches, especially if you have long hair. It is always advisable to clean your hair regularly with a gentle but effective shampoo, which thoroughly cleanses and removes all residues, without removing natural grease from the scalp.

Try To Braid Your Hair

Long hair in a loose braid may give strength to the hair roots and reduce hair breakage. Braiding your hair is the most comfortable hair treatment to help you avoid tangled and sticky hair strands.

Why Not Experiment With Your Hair Parting

Occasional changes in hairstyle can also provide some kind of comfort to your scalp and roots, thus preventing headaches. If you are someone who’s been parting hair from the middle why not, experiment and try to separate it from the side to see some relaxation.


1. Why does my scalp hurt when my hair is dirty?

When your hair is unclean and full of residue, the scalp is suffocated grime, build-up dirt and sweat which can aggravate it, and sometimes can lead to headaches.

2. Can a ponytail cause hair loss?

The short answer is yes. This is because a tight, high ponytail can set immense pressure on your hair follicles, and this leads to hair fall as well as traction alopecia.

3. Does bun-hairstyle give you headaches?

Of course yes. A tight bun hairstyle tends to pull on your hair follicles as well as aggravate the nerves on your scalp, leading to headaches.


Silky straight and long hair is difficult to achieve and is a dream of most women around the globe. Long and silky hair allows you to experiment with various hairstyles and flaunt them in a crowd.

Hopefully, these tips and hair care will help you get that much-needed break from those frequent headaches without having to compromise on the length of your hair. Avoid the headache and enjoy your long silky straight hair.

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