Can Sugar Cause Headaches And Nausea?


can sugar cause headaches

Sugar is considered the most significant source of energy that your body needs. However, sugar also could be the main reason for your health problems. So can sugar cause headaches and nausea?

Intake foods with sugar added can increase your glucose blood. This glucose increase can cause reactions towards your brain that work overtime to transmit hormones, for example, insulin, and drive down your glucose levels. The shift in hormones and the brain’s trend to feel the reaction of sugar first can lead to painful headaches and nausea.

However, it is not just too much sugar that could cause painful headaches, but also a super low level of glucose could trigger headaches.


What Is Sugar and Can Sugar Cause Headaches And Nausea?

Definitely yes; however, once we say “sugar,” it is about the added sugar. Sugar added sounds similar to the sugar that producers add to foods. Still, why does the sweetness of sugar causes headache?

Actually, lots of foods have sugars naturally, for example, dairy and fruits. Once you eat a fruit or some other plain yogurt, you acquire sugar. At the same time, those fruits and yogurt also contain fiber or protein that helps balance the glucose in the body.

There are two categories of sugar headache: Low blood sugar headaches and Headaches after eating sugar. The physician considers the sugar headaches a secondary headache while the primary headaches, like muscles, nerves, and migraines, where the brain’s cells transmit the pain signals. Glucose headaches are considered secondary headaches mostly. Secondary headaches occur for indirect reasons like fever, stress, blood sugar fluctuations, or high blood pressure.

Having Too Much Sugar Means?

Having a very high level of sugar in your blood means you will be hyperglycemic. Your brain sets off insulin to control your high glucose level to balance the sugar level. As the outcome of eating sugary as a habit, these hyperglycemic headaches usually come on sequentially and get terrible over time.

The kind of pain scopes from gently annoying to severe. On the positive side, if you balance your blood sugar, usually the headache will go away.

Having Not Enough Sugar Means?

On the opposite situation, neglecting sugar or being low on sugar can cause hypoglycemia. This is when your brain doesn’t get a sufficient amount of sugar to function properly. Once your sugar is too low, you possibly feel dizzy, have a headache, or even pass out.

If you are too late to eat, skip meals, or fast with that, your blood sugar will dip down to dangerous levels. Or else, you will suffer reactive hypoglycemia, a situation where your glucose spikes and quickly drops right after having a meal.

Eating too much-added sugars or a full of carbohydrate meal on your empty stomach can increase the chances of having reactive hypoglycemia.

All you need to do is eat a meal for the low blood sugar headaches right away. Take peace of candy or a glass of juice. This could ease the headache or nausea and help blood sugar return to its normal range.

Who is Prone to Sugar Headaches or Nausea?

People Sufferers Migraine

Not every migraine is caused by the same reason. However, one common cause of migraines is glucose level. And it is not merely sugar that causes these bad headaches or nausea, but also sucralose, a sweetener.

can sugar cause headaches

Diabetic People

Diabetes is a chronic disease where the patient’s body does not produce adequate insulin, or the body can’t use sugar properly. Which results in the level of blood sugar rises. The continuous high or low blood sugar level will lead to life-threatening illnesses. And will also lead to painful headaches.

Not all people with diabetes will suffer headaches; however, trouble managing their unsteady blood sugar levels may suffer nausea and headaches. The continued change in blood sugar level, nausea, and headaches will likely happen.

It depends whether nausea and headache were the reason for a high level of blood sugar (hyperglycemia) or low level (hypoglycemia); there are different methods of treating headache, such as, once your blood test result is too low in blood sugar level, eating a simple amount of carbohydrates may help. It is advisable to consult your doctor for a specific treatment for your headaches.


In reality, most people with moderate sugar consumption are in a safe health situation. Sugar headaches and nausea are often caused by sudden changes in someone’s blood sugar level. They affect mostly to a person who has diabetes.

People can treat minor headaches with OTC painkillers; however, if the pain is recurring or chronic, you must seek a doctor.

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