Scratchundo Pro Review 2022 – Is it Legit or Scam?

What Is ScratchUndo Pro

If you own a car then you know the pain of a scratch in your car. Scratch is just a nightmare for every car owner. No matter how carefully you drive or maintain your car, sometimes scratch will find you. I’m confident because this happens to me and not a single time. I got a scratch on my car 17 or more times in a year. As a car enthusiast, …

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OBD1 vs. OBD2: What’s the Difference?

OBD1 vs. OBD2: What's the Difference?

There has been considerable progress made in the area of electronic diagnostic software for many years. Today’s vehicles truly are presented with a wide array of choices when it comes to choosing the right system. OBD systems provide the vehicle repair mechanic access to the condition of all of the car’s sub-systems from the dashboard. As such, it is vital that you understand the difference between the OBD1 vs. OBD2 …

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What Type of OBD Is My Car?

The Difference Between Obd1 and Obd2

Every mechanical device has its own technology to check the hardware’s functionality. For instance, a computer uses a hardware detection tool. Similarly, in the automobile industry, the mechanics and manufacturers use On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) tools. For checking defect systems and identifying what is really wrong with the car. By using modern technologies, now you can easily check your vehicle and diagnose almost every trouble your car is making. OBD allows …

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How Does the GPS Work in a Car?

Features of Vizr

A car navigation system is a new development that makes it possible for you to easily locate a vehicle using your current location. This type of unit is usually integrated with a mapping system. It will allow you to add your current location and it will suggest a number of locations that are close by. There are some systems that are voice-activated. This means the system will actually tell you …

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SmartCar Review in 2022 – Protects You From Car Repair Scam!

Key Features of SmartCar Diagnostic Tool

I heard an eerie new noise coming from the engine. Then I opened the hood, looked around and found nothing. During the trip, that type of problem is annoying. Then, I decided to purchase the SmartCar diagnostic tool to stay alert about the car’s condition before going on a trip. In this SmartCar review, you will know about the car diagnostic tools based on my experience. The SmartCar is only …

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FIXD vs. Veepeak: Get to Know Which is Right for You 2022

FIXD vs. Veepeak

Properly doing car maintenance is a challenging job. In the service center, car diagnosis takes time and some problems cannot easily be diagnosed. The OBD2 scanners can find out all issues of your car. It detects speed, distance, emissions, mileage and many other parameters that help you to take service immediately. Installing them on the car’s 16 pin OBD2 port, you can get real time results. The FIXD and Veepeak …

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Fixd Vs Bluedriver: Which is Better for You 2022?

Fixd Vs Bluedriver

A car makes life easier, saves time and effort, and using public transport can be very tedious. You must do car inspection and service regularly. To diagnose a vehicle engine and overall performance, the OBD-2 scanners are the leading innovation. Among the several OBD-2 scanners, FIXD and BlueDriver are the best examples for checking vehicle health issues. In this article, we will present Fixd Vs Bluedriver: Which One is Better? …

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Fixd VS Hum: What’s The Difference 2022?

Fixd VS Hum

A car diagnostic is necessary for every car owner to reduce unusual maintenance costs. After the 1996 model cars, there is an OBD2 port in front of the driver seat and dashboard. Today, we will compare two OBD2 scanner devices Fixd VS Hum. After reading this comparison, you can select the best one for diagnosing your car. The FIXD is manufactured and sold by the FIXD manufacturer. And the HUM …

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