Why Is Your iPhone Screen Not working? 3 Ways to Fix it Now!

iphone screen not working

We all knew that every owner and user of iPhone takes good care of their iPhones phones extra care more than anything that they own. It is because owning an iPhone is also the sign of anyone’s status quo. And if iPhone screen not working, this article will give you ways to fix it. Thus, as an iPhone owner, it will be good and resourceful for you to know some …

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Charger Overheating iPhone: Why Is My iPhone Overheating When Charging?

Charger Overheating iPhone Why Is My iPhone Overheating When Charging

Does your iPhone get too hot when charging or plugged in? There is a chance that you are dealing with the problem of “charger overheating iPhone.” But what are the possible reasons why overheating when charging exists? In today’s article, we have compiled some of the most common reasons. Also, we will include solutions that can help your device from overheating. Reason Why Your iPhone Overheats When Charging 1.    Overcharging …

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How To Remove Phone Number From Snapchat Account

How To Remove Phone Number From Snapchat

In this recent time, no one is ever affected by social applications. Most applications involve your phone number to run. Snapchat, like other apps, also uses your phone number to find your friends.  So, how to remove phone number from Snapchat account? What if you could do all these things without having to give your phone number, wouldn’t that be great? Even if you are installing it for the first …

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iPhone White Screen Of Death: Why Is My iPhone Screen Black and White

IPhone White Screen Of Death Why Is My iPhone Screen Black and White

Have you ever asked yourself “why is my iPhone screen black and white?” Know that you are not alone.  Loyal Apple users surely encountered the famous iPhone white screen of death. As the name implies, it is a problem that will make your device stop working and show a white screen.   But what are the possible reasons why this kind of issue takes place, and how you can solve them? …

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Simple Steps On How To Delete Tiktok Account Without Phone Number

how to delete TikTok account

TikTok is one of most favourite media platforms today. On the other hand, these days we can see that people have become victims of Tiktok. Too much use of Tiktok may affect both physical and mental health. If you are concerned about you are physical and mental health then you should delete your TikTok. But how to delete TikTok account without phone number? Through this guide on how to delete …

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Tiktok Phone Number Already Registered – Why Does It Say?

Tiktok Phone Number Already Registered - Why Does It Say

Without a doubt, Tiktok is one of the most popular and commonly used applications all over the world. With this app, you will be able to watch lots of entertaining and informative content and you can even make yours with ease. However, when making a new account on this platform there is a common problem that almost everybody is dealing with and that’s the Tiktok phone number already registered. If …

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Why Does Your Phone Charges Faster On Low-Power Mode?

does your phone charge faster on low-power mode

The most ask question with phone battery issue is that “why does your phone charges faster on low-power mode?” Most iPhones offer a proper battery life span according to their size and the capacity pack of battery, which life can be extended further using the “Low-Power Mode” in your iOS. The primary goal of this “Low-Power Mode” is to extend the life of your iPhone’s battery as possible through limiting …

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How to Charge a Phone with a Broken Charger Port, 3 Best Way

How to Charge a Phone with a Broken Charger Port, Best Way

You are ready to charge your phone, but unfortunately, you have found out that the charger port is broken. This is very frustrating, right, especially if you really need to charge your phone. But instead of stressing yourself, why not try to look for ways on how to charge a phone with a broken charger port. Actually, there are plenty of relevant sources available on the internet. If your problem …

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How To Connect Samsung TV To WiFi Without Remote?

How To Connect Samsung TV To WiFi Without Remote

You are reading today’s post because you want to find out how to connect Samsung TV to WiFi without remote, right? If yes, today is your lucky day because you’ve just visited the right place. Keep on reading and learn more ways for connecting your Samsung smart TV to WiFi without the presence of remote control. How to Connect Samsung TV to WiFi Without Remote 2 Ways That Really Work …

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All You Need to Know About Disadvantages of Wi-Fi Calling

disadvantages of wifi calling

Today it is so easy to stay connected with your loved ones, family, friends, business partners, and colleagues even without a telephone line, with the help of this Wi-Fi calling and the disadvantages of Wifi calling. Wi-Fi is synonymous used for Wireless Local Area Network or WLAN, a Wi-Fi nearby network stands for “Wireless Fidelity.” The Wi-Fi is like a day-to-day name; still, the channel used is the web as …

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