Choosing Android Tablet With GPS: 4 Reasons Why


Android Tablet With GPS

In today’s world, almost everything is in technology. With the latest technologies, most companies are now looking for affordable yet quality Android tablet with GPS capability. Smartphones have their own location in everyone’s GPS, but lighting up an Android tablet shows that it is slowly moving past the smartphone.

Smartphones used to be essential for making phone calls and connecting with others, but now it is possible with tablets too. There are several tablets in the market that also have a SIM slot and can be used for making calls.

The advantage of Android tablet with GPS over built-in navigation is that they can be removed from the vehicle if needed. In fact, the tablet is a versatile device that can replace many of the devices you already own, including navigational devices, portable media devices and ultraportable laptops.

4 Reasons To Choose Android Tablet With GPS

Android Tablet With GPS

Android GPS tablets have slammed the GPS market over the past decade. GPS manufacturers want to add built-in features and sensors to their GPS devices to make them smarter. Obviously, GPS tablets have many advantages over high-end GPS devices. There are many reasons why people choose Android tablets, some of these are

Pocket-Friendly Android Tablet With GPS

We all know that tablets are lighter and cheaper than smartphones. Not to mention that it is also pocket-friendly. Android tablets are being updated day by day and you can get your own Android tablets with GPS at affordable prices through online websites.

Most smartphones, such as iOS smartphones, are also more expensive than low-end tablets. A better option is to get your hands on something low-budget and have smartphone-like features. This is one of the main reasons why people now prefer buying tablets over smartphones.

Good Battery Life Android Tablet With GPS

This is why tablets are the best work choice. Compared to smartphones, tablets have better battery life. A single dose of the tablet will give you 10-11 hours of use. The total battery life is better than that of a smartphone.

As you know, if you continue to use your smartphone, it will start to overheat. This does not happen on tablets. That’s why it makes sense to buy Android tablets with GPS for office use.

Android Tablet With GPS IS Better For Navigation 

Tablets with larger screens can provide a bigger screen to receive information, making it easier to keep track. You can clearly see the direction while driving. Place the tablet on the stand, sit comfortably and read the simple instructions.

Also, if you are a hiker, your tablet has excellent GPS capability. The Android GPS tablet is powerful enough to pick up the signal quickly.

Flexible Android Tablet With GPS

The tablet has advanced functionality and a GPS companion on the phone. Convenient, each tablet can record and take photos, as we recommend for meetings or video tours. Also, they are now called E-perusers, which quickly hold all bookstores.

For such people, many offers of Android tablets with GPS have appeared in online stores like Amazon, Walmart, etc.

2 Helpful Apps for Android Tablet With GPS

MapFactor Navigator

MapFactor Navigator is a free turn-by-turn GPS navigation app for Android tablets that uses OpenStreetMaps data. Maps are installed on your SD card, so you don’t need an internet connection when traveling. Once installed, you will be prompted to download turn by turn guided voice in your language.

GPS Connector

Most of the USB GPS receivers do come with normal USB plug.

  1. Open Android ‘play store’
  2. Download the ‘GPS Connector’ application.
  3. Click the GNSS Device.
  4. Tap ‘USB Device’.
  5. Enable the ‘Set GPS Mock Location.’
  6. Toggle from the ‘GPS Connector’ application to your device’s main screen.


Do android tablets have built-in GPS?

Most Android tablets are operational with keen GPS chips that permit them, with no LTE and no operator network, to situation them on the earth. There is no need to get an LTE model and set a SIM card to gain from satellite positioning.

Can I use the tablet for car navigation?

You can buy an Android tablet with a sensor and use it as your car’s GPS while enjoying all of the usual tablet features. With an Android tablet as your car’s dedicated GPS, you’ll have a bigger screen to guide you on your way to where you will be going.

What does it mean when your android tablet has a GPS?

There are out-and-out GPS chips in most Android tablets that permit them to point themselves on the earth with no LTE or any operator network. So, this LTE model can be used with no SIM card, as well as no satellite positioning is required.

Will your android tablet with GPS still work without wifi?

Google Maps Navigation must be connected to your tablet before you can use it. It should work on your Android tablet. As a result, they usually prefer Google Maps to the built-in Maps for iOS applications because it’s easier to use offline.


Even without an internet connection, you can use your tablet to navigate. The only restriction is that you cannot use offline navigation maps. This means you can’t use real-time GPS, but you can use the phone’s built-in GPS to find your location even if you don’t have GPS. This is how vital an android tablet with GPS is.

Technology has been offering us so many things that make people’s lives comfortable. Without it, we cannot enjoy luxury, comfort and ease. Therefore, let’s not take advantage of what technology can offer us.

I hope that the above-mentioned tips are useful for you when choosing an android tablet with GPS. Let us know in the comment section the ideas you want to share.

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