Clearview Review 2022: See Clearer With This Night Vision Aid

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Any type of weak or tired vision makes driving difficult and can cause accidents. I have bought the ClearView to avoid such problems. It helps me to see clearer at night with the night vision glasses. In addition, despite bad weather conditions, these glasses will allow you to concentrate on driving. It adds clarity to your vision. In the ClearView review, I will share my overall experience with the night vision glass.

It blocks the lights so I can see easily in the dark. Also, it reduces eye fatigue by binding the light beam. For its unisex design, everyone can wear it when needed. I added power to the glasses because I have Myopia. Get the ClearView glass to make the night travel secured.

What is ClearView?

ClearView is an advanced level night vision glasses that ensure stress-free viewing at night. Its photochromic lenses provide clear view all day long and ensure 100% UVA, UVB and UVC safety. No lights cannot enter into the eyes for its Anti-Glare technology. It is protective and comfy to wear as well.

What is ClearView

Its lenses are polarized that improve the contrast to reduce bright light distortion. It is useful to prevent headaches and eye fatigue. After getting this, I feel enhanced color and clarity with the rainy, foggy and rough situations.

ClearView Are Perfect For Night Driving

In night-time trips, high beam light from the opposite side is very risky. Maximum night accidents have occurred for these reasons. Also, we cannot see roads clearly for the light glare. The ClearView is the perfect ally to get rid of the problem. The glasses are protected with an anti-reflective outer and inner coating that blocks the blue light, high beam reflection. It is polarized and equipped with a yellow filter that ensures clear view at dark places.

ClearView Are Perfect For Night Driving

The special yellow filter improves contrast and reduces eye fatigue. The Photochromic lenses provide comfort and clear view at day and night. It has an optical function factor that helps to see road lines, speed blockers and holes in foggy and rainy weather.

ClearView Review: Why Everyone Should Be Wearing These Glasses

The ClearView has incredible features that make it unique and effective than others. It provides a clear and sharp view of dark pitch situations. The night viewing problem happened due to less lighting. Let’s see why we need to wear the ClearView glasses.

ClearView Review: Why Everyone Should Be Wearing These Glasses

It provide clear view:

The anti-blue ray coating blocks the light reflection to see front objects clearly. The glasses are easy to use with powered spectacles which is good for myopia and hyperopia patients.

Suitable for everyone:

It is designed for all aged and all gender people. Any type of glasses are easy to use in them. I am using it over my current glasses when I am driving. Also, it can be worn with prescribed spectacles.

Yellow filter with photochromic lenses ensure clarity:

It has a yellow coating and photochromic lenses that prevent high beam light. It reduces eye fatigue and poor visibility. Unnecessary reflection is eliminated on the eyes using the advanced lenses.

Eliminate darkness with polarization:

The glasses are polarized, so I can view the front object in bright light. It improves the contrast level to reduce eyestrain with a clear view. The glasses are comfortable to use in daylight and night time. The polarized lenses ensure the safety of eyes by reducing reflection and shielding your eyes from the sharp light of other cars.

Prevent light glare:

The yellow dual way coated glasses greatly stop glare from headlights, especially during heavy rain, fog, or snow. Viewing clarity and colors are improved using the glass’s anti-glaring feature.

Pros of ClearView
  • Photochromic and polarized lenses ensure a clear view

  • Usable with all types of glasses

  • Prevent glaring and reflection

  • Blue-ray coating

  • Improve visibility with perception

  • Reduce eye stress and fatigue

  • Heavy-duty frames

  • Dual scratch guard

  • 2 layer coatings to protect lenses

  • Nose pad is adjustable

  • Block opposite coming high beam light

Cons of ClearView
  • Unable to replace default glass

  • Yellow filter is not stylish

How To Use It?

The use of ClearView night vision glass is the same as regular glasses. Let’s see how am I using the glasses:

How To Use It

  1. Take the ClearView glasses and clean them with specialized microfiber clothes.
  2. Wear the prescribed glasses if you have myopia or hypermetropia issues.
  3. Check if there is any blocking in view.
  4. Now, move safely with clear and stress-free visibility.

Never use cotton or silky clothes to wipe the ClearView glasses. It can damage the coating and cause scratches.

Where Can I Purchase The ClearView?

The ClearView is sold on their official website with 3 different packages. I have got a 50% discount on the single ClearView purchase. They offer 1 free with 2 ClearView and 2 free with 3 ClearView purchases. The special offer is only available on the official website. Click here to order with the discount and free offers.

Final Thought

The ClearView Night vision glasses collect ambient light at night or pitch dark conditions to ensure a clear view. In the ClearView review, I have summed up the overall features and viewing quality of the glasses. At night, it prevents light reflection and glare so I can see the front objects clearly.

It has polarized and photochromic lenses that ensure sharp visibility day and night with UV light protection. I never feel fatigued or distressed in my eyes and noses. Its frame quality is very good and the nose pad is adjustable. I highly recommend to wear the ClearView glasses at night for our safety.

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