What is Computer Associates Antivirus Software?


When it comes to antivirus software, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, not all of them can be great and reliable options. Suppose you are looking for antivirus software that can surely protect you from malware, Trojans, spyware, malware, viruses, and other cyber security threats. In that case, you can never go wrong with Computer Associates’ antivirus software.

But what exactly is this antivirus software? Keep on reading and get to know more about the Computer Associates antivirus.

Computer Associates Antivirus Software: What It Is?

Computer Associates Antivirus Software

Computer Associates or CA antivirus software is a program that is developed by Computer Associates. This antivirus software provides security that is professional grade to PC users.

CA antivirus is very easy to use and known as one of the swiftest scanning engines in the world. It can offer protection against spyware, worms, viruses, as well as other online threats.

On the other hand, CA antivirus is specifically designed for home and even home office environments. It introduces some of the leading antimalware improvements in the industry. It also offers an automatic USB scanning technology.

The antivirus packs extraordinary power into even the smallest memory footprints, and this makes the security of your PC smarter, leaner, and meaner than before.

The new release has improved rootkit removal and detection. It will also provide a user-friendly and visually refined interface breaking down functions into discerning parts. Another great thing about the Computer Associates antivirus software is that it is upgradeable automatically. Meaning to say you don’t need to check for a product upgrade from time to time and deal with complicated steps just to enhance your security. All these things will take place flawlessly, and this will allow your system to fight even the most current malware issues.

Besides the smart malware detection abilities and quick-scanning engine, the Computer Associates antivirus comes with intuitive wizards, automatic updates, and, more importantly, well-throughout default settings in order to get rid of the need for 2nd-guess protection levels and babysitting your security software.

Always remember, CA antivirus software is about superb security that makes everything a lot easier. Having said that, you can take advantage of excellent internet security, send files, chat online, email, and browse online safely and securely, as well as keep a PC running smoothly and in top condition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Remove Computer Associates Antivirus Software?

The good thing about the CA antivirus software is that you can uninstall it with ease from your PC. To do this, simply follow the steps below.

  • Go to the START menu and search for the control panel. Under programs, do either click “ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS” or “UNINSTALL A PROGRAM,” depending on your OS.
  • Once you locate the CA antivirus, click it and then click UNINSTALL or REMOVE OR CHANGE/REMOVE TAB that can be found on the right side of the program.
  • Simply follow the on-screen instructions and wait until the process completes successfully.

From memorable photos to banking, most of our personal information and even business live on our electronic devices. If these files were kept physically, investing in security solutions may not be your top priority. But unluckily, admit it or not, you usually expect your online information to remain safe and secure without spending any centavo.

Some companies guarantee that they will take care of all of your data. However, suppose you really want to keep everything secure. In that case, you should ask the company if the company comes with mobile security, identity theft, support options in terms of data security and mobile security. Typically, these features can only be found on paid options. With that in mind, free is not a good option at all times, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Why You Should Use Antivirus Software?

Why You Should Use Antivirus Software

Did you know that an antivirus solution can protect more than just your office computer, smartphone, tablet, and laptop? It also protects music, photo libraries, precious memories, as well as other important documents against malware.

It is important that you ensure that your antivirus protection is updated so that it will defend you from the newest threats.

Antivirus software can detect, remove, and block ransomware, viruses, and malware. It can also block fraud and phishing as well as prevent identity theft. Another reason to use such software is that it will give you a warning about dangerous links and websites before clicking them. It will even keep your online accounts protected with very secure password encryption.

What Harm Can Viruses Do To Computers?

Please note that when your computer is infected by viruses, it affects your computer in many different ways, such as:

  • Delete or damage files
  • Slow down your computer
  • Regular computer crashes
  • Reformat hard disk
  • Data loss
  • Not able to do any work on the internet or computer alone.

Is There Any Other Way To Protect Your Devices and Yourself Beside Using Antivirus Software?

Yes, besides antivirus software, there are other ways you can protect not only your device but also yourself, and here are some of them.

  • Use A Strong Password

Keep your accounts and devices safe from intruders by using a strong password or one that is difficult to guess. If possible. Have a password with at least 8 characters, a mixture of special characters, letters, and numbers.

  • Use Antispyware Software

Spyware is a type of software that can be installed on your device without knowing about it or your consent. This software will monitor all your online activities as well as collect details while you are online.

Fortunately, spyware protection is added in some antivirus software. With that, be sure to check the instruction of your antivirus software on how you can activate your spyware protection features.


Without a doubt, having antivirus software is extremely beneficial as it can protect you and your devices from threats. While there are plenty of options to choose from, we highly recommend that you give Computer Associates’ antivirus software a try. The features and capabilities that come with this software are hard to ignore. In case you are not comfortable using it, no worries because you can easily uninstall it. But we’re sure that you will love the CA antivirus software.

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