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, January 20, 2022

Summer is here & people around the world are craving a breeze in the heat. Besides, I don’t get why this season of BBQ and parties has to be so hot! Well, that’s the rule of nature and we’re here to keep peace with mother earth with different technologies.

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Now here in this article, I’m going to share with you my experience with an innovative product. That helps me to get rid of the heat during the hot season. However, the product I’m talking about is “CoolFeel Max”. And here in this article, you’ll get the CoolFeel Max Review based on my uses experience.

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Coolfeel Max Review

Coolfeel Max Review


CoolFeel Max is superbly lightweight & portable. As you wear it on your neck so the weight distribution must be in a gentle & effective way that won’t harm your neck. The speed of the fan can be adjusted as per your need. It offers you to enjoy three different modes, such as high, medium & low-speed. So you can always keep the device on your comfort level.

What is CoolFeel Max?

The CoolFeel Max is a revolutionary product discovered by modern technology. It’s a portable & lightweight, neckband-shaped fan that is designed to keep the user cool during hot weather conditions. The unique idea of this product is generated & engineered in a European laboratory by a Korean engineers team. The device comes with 3-different cooling modes so that you are able to regulate it as per your requirement.


The most comfortable part of this device is that anybody of any age can use this product and enjoy the benefits. When you open the box of this device, you’ll find a micro USB-cable for fast & lightning-charging. This eco-friendly device is powered by a lithium battery that can serve you for a long period of time.

Using the CoolFeel Max device is very easy & simple, all you need to do is to hang the device on your neck and press the start button & it will start working. You’ll be amazed that it makes completely no sound while it is running. Its silent service is the most fascinating part that amused me.

CoolFeel Max Features

Whenever I want to know about a product, I’ve done some research & searched for the product-specification and features that it offers me. This helps me to decide if that is capable of fulfilling my requirements or not. Well, below in this section, I’m going to share with you the features of the CoolFeel Max that I’ve experienced personally.


Fast Charge

Well, the charging speed of this device really surprised me. I have never expected the quality & the speed of charging that the device is maintained. For lightning charge, this device uses a micro USB cable.

Sometimes, I forgot to charge the device before going outside with it. So what I did at that time is, let it charge for a couple of minutes when I’m getting ready. And trust me it gives me a satisfactory level back up each & every time.

Cooling technology

The cooling technology that the CoolFeel Max is using is really appreciable. I have used the same category of products but this one is much better than any other. The previous device I had used, took some time to provide the cool air but this one is fabulous.

I don’t know what technology it uses inside, every time I turn on the device, it provides me with cool air instantly. I have become a big fan of this device because of this amazing feature.

Portability & lightweight

Well, this type of device needs to be lightweight & portable for the convenience of the user. And the CoolFeel Max really ensures it. I’ve been using this device for the last couple of months and I never feel that there is something on my neck. Besides, you can easily fold it & store it in your pocket, bags, and wherever you want.


I personally don’t like anything that puts any negative impact on the environment. So whenever I make any decision, I consider this matter first. The CoolFeel Max uses leafless technology for its fan that makes this device completely hazard-free & eco-friendly.


CoolFeel Max is equipped with a lithium battery to give a long time charge back up. The battery gets charged very quickly & constantly serves for hours of time. I’m really satisfied with the battery charging quality and backup.

What Makes Cool Feel Max so Special?

After using a variety of coolers, I can tell you why CoolFeel Max is so special to me. There are some factors that make this device outstanding and superior to others. Now here in this CoolFeel Max Review, I love to share with you my experience with this device and why I believe that this is something really special.


Well! The first thing that amused me a lot about this device is its solid design. Before switching to this device, I have been using some bulky type unit for cool air. On the other hand, those handheld units provide less cool air and make more noise. But thanks to CoolFeel Max for its compact design. It allows me to take it wherever I want & keep it wherever I like just like a pair of headphones.

I’ve used this device in several situations & it serves me in a way that nothing could take its place now. I use it while I’m walking in the park, studying in the public-library, cooking in my kitchen, and traveling on public transport. It serves me effectively every time, everywhere & this makes me feel that there is not a single place where you can’t take it.

The thing that I love most about this cooler device is its silent function mode. It makes absolutely no sound while it’s running. Its superpower 20+ hour battery backup is another great side of this device. It comes with a vortex bowler to protect your hair when it gets close so there is no risk for the wearer.

Advantages Of CoolFeel Max

Let’s find out the advantages of the CoolFeel Max that you’re going to enjoy just like me.


CoolFeel Max is superbly lightweight & portable. As you wear it on your neck so the weight distribution must be in a gentle & effective way that won’t harm your neck. The speed of the fan can be adjusted as per your need. It offers you to enjoy three different modes, such as high, medium & low-speed. So you can always keep the device on your comfort level.

It is a silent killer, it makes completely no sound while running. The silent operation is the loveliest part of this device. As you are going to travel with devices in different places, you won’t know how long you will stay outside. So the long battery backup is really important and it comes with 20+ hour-long battery backup.

How to Use CoolFeel Max

After using a lot of cooling devices I can assure you that it is the simplest & the easiest one. All that it requires is to charge it up and place it on your neck and press the start button. The speed of this fan is divided into three stages, fast, medium & low, you can set it as per your need.


But you should remember that the higher the speed the greater amount of charge it will consume. That means you’ll get a long-time power backup when the speed is low and a fewer power back-up when the speed is High. CoolFeel Max is a wonderful device for people who don’t love the summer heat.

Another satisfactory part of this device is, it doesn’t require too much maintenance so you can use it with complete flexibility. The device comes with a charging cord so you don’t have to use new batteries. It doesn’t include any fan blades so there is no risk for the wearer who has long hair.

Is the Coolfeel Max neck fan effective?

Well, this is a very fair question that may arise in your mind & it happens the same for me. First, when I heard about this device, I was also thinking that is it effective or not but after using it these days all my confusion goes. Every time I turn it on it works effectively and instantly it helps me cool down at a hot temperature.


To lower your body temperature and cool down the bloodstream the CoolFeel Max is undoubtedly a very effective device. I think using this device can eliminate the risk of heatstroke. Once I get this device whenever I go outside, it is one of the much-needed equipment that I mostly need.

Where Can I get the CoolFeel Max?

If you don’t know where you can get this device. Then I’m going to suggest you buy the device directly from its official site. For your convenience, I’m going to add a button below in this section that will directly take you to the official site.

The good news is the manufacturer is currently offering a huge 50% discount for all the products that are going to be placed today. Even after your purchase, they are going to ship the product in front of your door completely free of charge.

Let’s end this section with another great news. You can always return the product if you don’t like it & they’re giving you a money-back guarantee within 30 days. So if you have a plan to grab this product, this is the high time to take the advantages.

CoolFeel Max is offering the product with a 50% discount and free shipping. Remember the promo offer is a first-come & first-serve basis. So I’m going to suggest you grab the opportunity before it’s too late.


After reading the whole CoolFeel Max Review, I’m confident that you’ll agree with me that it is a fantastic device to have in this hot season. I can still remember the day I read an article on it. And from then to till now it is one of my favorite devices that I carry wherever I go.

I love this device so much & I called it a silent killer. Even from the day, I’m using this device, my electricity bill gets dramatically reduced. Maybe just because I don’t activate the air conditioner like before. And another thing is, you can’t bring your air-conditioner with you when you go outside but it can be.

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