Copper Protection Review 2022 – Too Good to be True?

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Touching objects outside has become the most dangerous thing in the pandemic, especially for the germaphobe like me. Whenever I go outside, I fall into the germ anxiety of letting germs and bacterias on me and fall sick. I’ve been looking for something that can help me keep away from coming into contact with anything outside.

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Copper is a well-known element to kill viruses, bacteria, and germs from ancient ages. After going through an Aviano Copper protection review, I got one and knew a product made with copper could help me stay out of the germs for sure. I have gathered everything you should know about the product as well, and compiled them below:

Product Summary
Copper Protection Review

Copper Protection Review

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    Using the Aviano Copper protection can be the ultimate way-out for your germaphobic journey through the ongoing pandemic. Copper is the element that kills germs passively without any processing from your end. 

What is Aviano Copper Protection?

The Aviano Copper protection is a great product that helps you stay out of contact directly with objects outside your house. It’s a purely copper-made small device that disinfects itself alongside helping you stay out of germ contacts. Chinese used copper for medication back in 1,600 B.C., and copper does the same now, releasing copper ions.


The clever design makes the copper protection super easy to use with almost anything from opening door handles to twisting locks. The best part about the Aviano Copper protection is, you can keep it with you effortlessly and never have to worry about losing it.

How Does the Aviano Copper Protector Work? 

As I mentioned earlier, copper kills germs and bacteria pathogens; and it does the job passively, 24/7, effortlessly. The Aviano Copper protection is made with 99.9% copper that does a great job eliminating the DNA and RNA of the bacterial pathogens.


When you have to open the door of a super shop, twist a lock, or press the password on an ATM, the device comes in handy. It has a truly versatile design to work with almost anything; it even works on a touchscreen as it’s a conductive material.

Special Features of Copper Protection

Not touching anything outside and washing hands every few minutes; if that’s your daily routine now, you can now get the Copper protection. Here are the special features of the Copper protection that will help you be way safer than ever dealing with virus and bacteria:


Fighting germs

Using the Aviano Copper protection can be the ultimate way-out for your germaphobic journey through the ongoing pandemic. Copper is the element that kills germs passively without any processing from your end. That’s the natural advantage of copper this product is taking. It’s 99.9% of copper purity allows it to kill any germs that come into its contact without ever having to disinfect it yourself. It was the key point that I was fascinated by seeing the Copper protection Review I saw before buying it.

Design and usage

I must appreciate this product’s clever design because it makes me feel like I’m holding on a super versatile item. It works on almost anything that I have to touch outside, like opening doors, twisting locks, ATM, lift, washroom flush, water faucets, bottle opening, even touching my phone. I find it virtually an all-in-one item that keeps me out of contact from anything that I don’t want to touch. With this item in action, you don’t touch anything that contaminates your hands, so you’re way safer than others who don’t have it.

Build quality

The solid and unibody structure of the Copper Protect makes it a piece of rigid metal item that has great structural integrity. It doesn’t seem to even trouble a little when I pull or push a big metal door with it. If you’re concerned about how long it’s going to last, think of the electric wiring you have inside your house that’s rocking it for years. The Aviano Copper protection is the same, only with more purity in the construction material to last a lifetime.


Keeping it on board is easy with the built-in keyring design or the option to hand it with your belt loop. It does a great job staying on me while I have a very bad reputation for losing small things pretty often. I used to keep on the tiny pocket of my jeans until I attached it to my keyring for more convenience. The loop design on the handle end also fits on the belt loops of my pants, although I don’t use it that way. Altogether, you can keep it or carry anywhere effortlessly and stay out of germs and pathogens anywhere, anytime.

How I Use My Copper Protector on a Daily Basis

Using the Aviano Copper protection daily is as simple as using your cell phone, even simpler. Although I had to remember to use it every time I touch anything, I got used to it, and now it’s a part of my daily life. Here is how you can also get used to it quicker than me with the proper usage from the start:


Step 1: Attaching a key ring

The keyring is the most common thing that we keep on us as we need it from home to work. Although you can use the copper protection without any extra peripherals, you should attach it to your keyring. You might forget to take the Aviano copper protection, but never forget the keyring, right? That’s the way you can passively avoid forgetting the copper protection when you go outside.

Step 2: Remember precautions

If you’re a germaphobe, you already know this step because every germaphobe is skeptical about touching anything outside. However, none of the viruses or the copper protection are only for the germaphobes; you should also be aware of not touching anything outside, especially in this pandemic. Keep in mind that you have a solution for pressing that button on the lift when you’re going out; use the Aviano Copper protection.

Step 3: Learn different usages

I already mentioned that it’s extremely versatile at its job; you can barely find anything outside that it doesn’t work on. All you have to do is find a comfortable way to use it for everything you touch outside. Remember, it also works with the touchscreen displays; you can use it with your phone, pad, or other places where you have capacitive touchscreens.

Does It Really Protect You From Germs?

Copper is a natural way to kill and eliminate pathogens from viruses, germs, and bacteria. It releases the copper ions to react with the RNA and DNA of the germs and kill them without any outside help. The copper ions work as a lethal dose for the membrane integrity of the germs that damage the virus and cleans itself. 

When you get the Copper protection infected, it disinfects itself on its own and gets you a clean handle every time. As you don’t touch anything outside, you’re free from infections; the gadget is also free from germs passively. So, finally, you can stay out of contaminations, no matter how bad a situation you’re in, such as COVID-19. 

Copper Protection Review: How to Use It

After getting through the features, notes, and instructions about the Aviano Copper protection, I hope you have a clear picture by now. If you’re determined to use one, you should get the best out of it by using it in a proper manner.

Here is a video overview of the copper protection and a detailed instruction for you to understand how it works, what to expect, and how to use it: 

Is There a Money-back Guarantee and Warranty? 

Let’s put, who wants to waste his/her money on useless items that don’t’ serve their purposes? Well, I personally don’t like it to waste my money on something that doesn’t work as described. So, I looked it up before buying and had an amazing deal from the company that manufactures and sells it.

They have a 30-days money-back guarantee on this product with the zero-risk policy to take it back. It helped me decide that I’m going for the item and try it for a few days and return if I don’t find it useful. But, hopefully, after getting used to the item, it helped me detach my hands from almost anything outside my home. Now I feel much safer than before. 

Where I Can Buy It? 


I believe that when it comes to buying something; never buy something from a third party if the manufacturer sells it directly. Fortunately, the company Aviano that makes the Copper protection sells it online on its official website. I also suggest you get it from the official website to get the original product without any third hand manipulating the product or price. Have a look at the Terms and conditions I mentioned under this article to know more about the product and its sales to get an idea-


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions people ask about the copper protection which you might want to know about: 

Where can I use the Aviano Copper protection?

You can use the Copper protection on almost anything from your home to outside. It has a versatile design to use for opening doors, twisting locks, pressing buttons, or touchscreen.

Does the copper protection scratches?

No, the Aviano Copper protection doesn’t scratch on surfaces, even if you use it on screens. It has a fine finish on the edges to prevent accidental scratches on surfaces you use it on. 

Do I have to wash the Aviano Copper protection?

You don’t have to wash or disinfect the copper protection ever on yourself unless you build dirt. It disinfects itself naturally with the copper ions that eliminate the DNA and RNA of the germs.


Keeping distance from anything that people have access to is severely important to avoid contact with viruses and germs like COVID-19. However, achieving the ultimate distance is nearly impossible because you can never live without touching anything. 

The Copper protection is the product that helped me get a solution to that issue by doing everything but not touching anything. I hope the Copper protection Review helped you understand the applications and benefits of it. 

Terms and Conditions 

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