CreaClip Review: The Best Salon-Quality Hair Trim


I hear about Creaclip all time and finally, I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? It worked fine for me and I easily cut my hair at home as hairdresser’s professional. Its video library helped me to get cutting ideas according to my style. Also, it saves my time and money from going to a hairdresser and stays in a queue for serial. I can trim my baby’s hair and son’s car easily with a decent style. The tool can be used in wet and dry hair.

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Going to the hairdresser is costly and time-consuming. The Creaclip allows you to cut hair perfectly without going barbershop or hairdresser. Also, the device is suitable for all types of hair because it comes with 2 different sized clips. It is safe to use and beginners can easily cut hair with perfect style. Men and women both can easily style their hair and the video library will help to learn the instruction for cutting hair with your desired hairstyle. In this article, I will share my thoughts and experience with the Creaclip hair cutting tool. Let’s dive into it.

Our Summary
CreaClip Review

CreaClip Review

Pros: It saves time and money from going to the hairdresser. Suitable for both personal and saloon use. It can be used on all types of hair. Large and small clips used for long and short hair. Safe for kids even they move around during haircutting. 30 days money-back guarantee.

Cons: Not major issues found.

What is CreaClip?

CreaClip Review: The Best Salon-Quality Hair Trim 1

Creaclip is a fantastic tool that helps to cut hair without going to a barbershop. From long to short hair and thin to thick hair, it works fine with an adjustable clip. It comes with two clips that used for large and short hair types and bangs. Anyone can use it easily and within a few minutes, it can be set up to start for hair cuts. Its smooth edges provide clear and sharp hair cutting like professional barbers. It does not require charge or power so that it can be used anywhere, anytime. For its compact design, anyone can use it to cut and level hair. The clip has a video library that contains instructions and hairstyles so that it will be the perfect haircutting clip for everyone.

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Does It’S Really Work?

CreaClip is an innovative accessory that allows to cut hair accurately ourselves. It is mainly used to cut hair, but it has several functions. In the set, you receive two CreaClip of different sizes – the blue (smaller) to cut the bangs and the white (bigger) to cut, scale and style the hair along its length.

The CreaClip structure resembles a long clamp for sealing open food packages – long, with two parts and a zipper. Inside there is a line of teeth that helps to keep the accessory stuck in the hair.

On the outside of CreaClip, there is a small reservoir with fluid and a pointer. It looks and acts like a level and helps to determine if the haircut is level. The most exciting thing is that the miniature level is fixed so that it can be rotated. It depends on the cut you want to make like a straight fringe.

Following some basic rules such as put the accessory on combed hair, remove it down, cut carefully, use effective cutting equipment and remember that the level depends on the gravity so it must be immobile. It is guaranteed that CreaClip makes treatment much easier.

Top 5 Impressive Features Of Creaclip

CreaClip Review: The Best Salon-Quality Hair Trim 2

Creaclip is designed to cut hair and bangs at home without making any mistakes. Also, it allows cutting naughty child’s hair who moves during hair cutting. Here, I will present 5 impressive features of the Creaclip. They are mentioned below:

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  1. Perfect of all types of hair: Cleaclip perfectly fits with thick, thin, short and long hair and helps to trim hair edges with perfect finishing. It has 2 clips that are designed for all types of hair, layers and bangs.
  2. Precise and even: It has rotating level and comb-shaped teeth that helps to keep a balanced haircut and align hair with accuracy. Also, the edges of the hair can be cut with the scissor and we will have a great hairstyle.
  3. Efficient: The clip saves our time and money from going saloon or parlor to cut hair. In saloon and parlor, we have to pay 30 dollars+ for style haircut. The device takes only a few minutes to set up and the CreaClipping helps to cut hair according to the desired style.
  4. Perfect haircut: Its small and long hair clip allows to trim hair smoothly like a professional and your style will be improved. So, we don’t have to stress about mistakes because the clip helps to prevent uneven cutting.
  5. Great for kids: When we go to the salon to cut the children’s hair, they move while cutting hair in a barbershop. The clip helps to cut kinds of hair even they are moving or wriggling around. So, you will not feel disturbed and enjoy comfort at home.
  • It saves time and money from going to the hairdresser. Suitable for both personal and saloon use. It can be used on all types of hair. Large and small clips used for long and short hair. Safe for kids even they move around during haircutting. Cut and trim edges accurately as like as professional. 100 video tutorials for cutting hair with any styles. 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Not major issues found.

What Will I Get When I Purchase This Creaclip?

When you purchase the worthy saloon clip for trimming hair and bangs, you will get 4 items.

  1. Small clip: It helps to cut and trim short hair and bangs accurately. Also, it allows us to cut the edges smoothly.
  2. Large clip: It is designed for trimming long hair and bangs perfectly.
  3. Video Library: The library contains hair cutting instructions for all types of hairstyles.
  4. Smooth edge: The smooth edge provides a precise and perfect haircut as like as professional.

What Scissors Should I Use For This Device?

You can use all types of scissors with the Creaclip, but it should be sharp and rust-free. The sharp scissors provide professional haircut by trimming the edges correctly. Normally, sharp scissors are easy to handle and have low risks. Without any skill, the clip and scissor ensure a perfect look. Before grinding, align the lair with the small or large clip.

CreaClip Review

How Do You Use A Creaclip? Step By Step Guide

CreaClip is very easy to use and doesn’t need haircutter’s help. Follow the steps for using creaclip.

  1. First, I open the large clip and position it as close as possible to the hair attachment. The hair is distributed evenly and closes well. Then, I comb to distribute the hair or divide it into layers by making different heights.
  2. At this point, I slide the clip to the desired length and check with the level of having positioned it straight. Also, you can do it horizontally, as I did, simply by following the line of the clip, or vertically, to get more movement and a less sharp line, using the tip scissors.
  3. I rotate the level at 45 degrees. There is a Snap-On safety closure to keep hair firmly and prevent the clip from opening during cutting.
  4. I also tried to scale the hair and use the smaller clip for the fringe hair because they are really useful as products and simple to use.

Note that: Before proceeding with the haircut, take sharp and professional scissors. Wash and dry hair to get a more precise and complete view of the hair. Always check that the level is balanced so that your cut is straight and perfect.

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Is Creaclip A Scam?

When I hear about CreaClip hair cutting tool, I purchased it a test is it scam or really helps to cut hair like a professional. It amazingly helped me to cut hair myself without going to the hairdresser. In the past, my haircut last 15 to 20 days and then I have to go to the hairdresser and spend 50 dollars. The device saves lots of money and time. It is suitable for men, women and kids because it is equipped with two different clips. I have tried bob, layers and bangs style with the device. With a sharp scissor, the haircut will be professional-look and edges can be cut perfectly.

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee For This Device?

Yes, the creaclip hair cutting tool company provides 30 days money-back guarantee if the product has any fault or defect. Also, its delivery time varies to country and distance. Inside the USA, they provide FAST delivery and outside the USA, it takes 7 to 12 working days. In the warranty period, you can replace or refund according to your needs.

Where I Can Buy It?

CreaClip Review: The Best Salon-Quality Hair Trim 3

I recommend buying the creaclip hair cutting tool from their official website and I have purchased from there. They ensure quality and fast delivery with 30 days money-back guarantee. Never buy it from 3rd party website and purchase it from the Button link and it is the CreaClip official link. Also, you can purchase it from Amazon, eBay, because they are trusted platforms.

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With a single purchase, they offer to buy 1 and get 1 on a 50% discount. I have purchased 2 and got 1 free because I belong from a joint family and we are using it to cut hair ourselves. The 100 videos in the video library make me a hair expert.

Frequently Asked Question

Here, we have answered some question that people asked frequently.

Can I use it for my kids?

Kids move around while cutting hair in the salon or hairdresser. The device allows to cut and trim kids hair perfectly even they move and wriggle around. So, you will feel comfortable to cut their hair.

Can I use the CreaClip in thick hair?

CreaClip comes with long and short clips that help to cut thick and thin hair. Also, it is perfect for long and short hair with perfect edge cutting features.

Can I use CreaClip on wet hair?

You can use the CreaClip on both wet and dry hair. If your hair is layered, I recommend to avoid any type of haircutting device in wet conditions. Your hair will be damaged.

Can I use this CreaClip even when I have curly hair?

In curly hair, it recommends to add 4 inches from your desired hair length. Before using it, keep the hair straight to cut hair perfectly.

What does the level do?

When we cut kid’s hair ourselves, the level helps to trim the hair accurately and provide a perfect measurement every time. Also, it helps to align the hair during haircutting so we can cut all types of hair in all conditions.

Where can I find the video tutorials?

The video library comes with the CreaClip and it contains 100 video tutorials on all types of hair cutting style. So, I can cut my hair with the desired style with a professional look.

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Final Thought

The Creaclip bring a revolution in the haircutting industry. In this CreaClip review, I shared my experience with the tool and how I am using it. It saves money and valuable time from extra costs. Also, it is safe to use for both beginners and experts. Just, you will need a sharp and top-notch scissor to get professional haircutting. Both saloon owners and people use it to make the job easier. It provides more accurate finishing than our hands and trims perfectly, so we look fresher for a long time. Get it, clip, slide and cut hair.

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