Dechoker Vs Lifevac: Which is Better for You?


Imagine a kid in front of you suddenly started choking on something, but no trained professional is around. You would want to take them to a hospital as soon as possible. But even that takes time you might not have. So, what option do you have? You have no other option but to use anti-choking devices like Dechoker or Lifevac.

Dechoker being an anti-choking device, uses suction to clear an airway. Its pull handle creates pressure to pull out any obstruction and save lives. Being extremely lightweight, it can be carried easily. A metal container stores it safely. Lifevac, another anti-choking device with great portability, comes with a plastic wall mounting storage unit. It features an easy-grip handle- creating suction, and two types of masks for adults and children.

Dechoker Vs Lifevac: Comparison Chart

Both Dechoker and Lifevac serve the same purpose. However, they have differences in design and every other aspect. Let’s see a quick comparison chart between them:

Like an Accordion
0.6 Pounds
1.01 Pounds
Available on Official Website
Available on Official Website
One Time
One Time
27 months on the shelf

Dechoker Vs Lifevac Reviews: Check Their Differences?

Dechoker and Lifevac are anti-choking devices. They are used to clear the airway of a choking person using suction. It is the only similarity between these two devices as they differ from everything else. Both have different shapes, prices, weights, lifetime, and usage. Let’s see them in detail.

Dechoker Vs Lifevac Reviews

Different Sizes & Shapes

The primary difference between Dechoker and Lifevac is their shape. They have different shapes and structures. At the same time, both devices use valves to let the air in and out through their masks. Dechoker has a large syringe-type shape with a tube and comes in three different sizes: toddler, children, and adults.

On the contrary, Lifevac adopted one device for all family member policy. You just have to buy masks for children and adults. Lifevac having no tube makes it distinct from the Dechoker, and because of it, there is no threat for objects to go down into the throat.


Weight might become an essential factor in an emergency. It also dictates whether you will always keep on with you. If an anti-choking device weighs too much, you might not want to take them with you every time.

The weight of the Dechoker anti-choking device is 0.6 pounds. On the contrary, Lifevac weighs 1.01 pounds. We can see, Lifevac is twice as heavy as Dechoker.


Training is crucial for an anti-choking device because you have to learn how to use it properly to save one’s life. Detailed training instruction is available on both devices’ official websites. When you visit there, you will find video files explaining how to use them.

Life-Saving Stories

What can be more inspirational than true life-saving stories? You will get to see them when you visit Dechoker and Lifevac’s official websites. Dechoker has saved more than 274 lives as of March 2022. You will find those stories on its official website.

Lifevac has a Hall of Saves where they display all the victim’s life they have saved over the year. According to their website, Lifevac has saved 303 lives so far.

Easily Accessible

Dechoker comes with a Metal container that will hold your device safely and securely. At the same time, you can mount it on a wall, making it easily accessible when an emergency arrives. Lifevac does not offer a wall mounting kit, but it comes with a travel kit with a safe plastic zipper bag. You can easily carry the device using this bag while traveling and safely store other times.


Dechoker comes cheaper than its counterpart Lifevac. The price of a Dechoker device is $39.95 after a discount on its official website. Lifevac is available at $69.95 with a travel kit. Most importantly, both Dechoker and Lifevac offer a free replacement if a life is saved using their devices.

What Is Dechoker?

Dechoker is an anti-choking device used for clearing blocked airways. Anyone 12 months of age or more can use Dechoker if they choke on food or anything. It is a life-saving device that you can use regardless of illness and any health conditions. Dechoker looks like a large syringe and has a compact design. It weighs only around 0.6 pounds. So, they are effortless to carry.

What Is Dechoker - Dechoker review

You can use this device on infants, children, and adults. Just make sure they are at least one year of age. Its mask is designed in a way that can fit any mouth. So, if someone in front of you suffers from choking, do not wait for professional help; bring out this device and save a life.

Key Features Of Dechoker

Dechoker is a life-savior anti-choking device and comes in a large syringe shape. It comes with a pipe that goes into the airway of the victim. A Dechoker device has a few main parts. They are a Respiratory Mask, Tongue Depressor, Backflow Release Valve, and Pull Handle.

Key Features Of Dechoker

Apart from that, the device has a cylinder body. You will get a reference guide attached to its body. You will have quick instructions on using this device from the reference guide. Most importantly, Dechoker comes in 3 sizes based on age. Toddler for 1 year to 3 years, Child for 3 years to 12 years, and adult for 12 years and onward.

Who Can Use It?

Dechoker has a compact design that fits people of any age. There’s only one bar: you cannot use it for infants less than 12 months of age. With a compact cylindrical design, Dechoker comes in 3 sizes: one for toddlers, one for children, and one for adults. Children’s should be between 1 year and 3 years. For children, the age ranges between 3 years to 12 years, and for adults, the age should be 12 years and onward.

You can use Dechoker in emergencies regardless of pre-health conditions. It is a first aid kit for victims who choke on food or other material. It will clear the airways using a suction.

How Does Dechoker Work?

Dechoker uses suction to bring out the element causing the blockage in the airway. You have to place the mask on the victim’s mouth and insert the tube into their throat. Ensure a seal is created between the mask and the victim’s mouth, and no air is leaking. Then you have to pull the plunger. It will suck out the thing which is blocking the airway.

Dechoker is a safe device. Although you have to insert a tube into the victim’s throat, most people claim it does not cause discomfort and pain. But you will have to make sure a few things. The victim has to be in a position where you can access their airway for efficiency. For that, you will have to tilt their head according to need. You will also have to make sure that the person is conscious.

What Is Lifevac?

Like Dechoker, Lifevac is also an anti-choker machine. People use it to clear a blocked airway of a choking person. It is an emergency life-saving first aid kit. You can use it for pulling out obstructions that block a person’s throat and prevent him from breathing. Lifevac uses manual suction and does not require any electricity.

What Is Lifevac - Lifevac reviews

Most importantly, you can carry it with you for emergencies. You can use it for both children and adults. It is incredibly safe for anyone who weighs 22 pounds and more. You will get low and controlled suction at 30 mmHg, making it safe for all ages.

Key Features Of LifeVac

Lifevac is patented as an anti-choking first-aid device for adults and children. It can save a life in emergencies when someone chokes on something. Its one-way valve prevents food or objects from going downward. Its suction can pull the object and free the airway. You can carry this device while traveling. Most interestingly, you can use one kit for an entire family.

In contrast with Dechoker, Lifevac has a small accordion shape. It does not have any pipes. In this anti-choking device, you will get an easy-grip handle, an interchangeable mask, and a one-way valve. It has a transparent design that will allow you to see the removed obstruction from the airway. The interchangeable mask comes in two sizes: adults and children.

Who Can Use Lifevac?

You can use Lifevac for a person who is choking on something whose airway needs to be cleaned immediately. The statistic shows that, over the year, Lifevac has saved lives from 3 weeks of age to 96 years of age. It comes in two mask sizes; for children and adults.

Lifevac does not require any pre-health condition. You can use it for anyone regardless of their health issues. It uses a safe suction for most people. So, we can say in a thick line that Lifevac can be used on children from 1 year of age and for adults.

How To Use Lifevac?

Lifevac is an easy-to-use device. You can use it on yourself as well. Firstly, to use a Lifevac on someone, you have to choose the right mask size that fits that person’s mouth. We already know that it comes in two mask sizes. Then you have to discard the colored plastic ring and insert the mask into the unit. Make sure you insert the mask by rotating it and exerting pressure.

How To Use Lifevac

After that, place the mask on the victim’s nose and mouth. The victim’s chin has to be up and mouth open. You will have to seal the mask with the victim’s mouth by holding it with your hand so that air cannot leak. You have to push the handle down with your other hand to compress the unit. Then pull the handle up without wasting any time. You will have to turn the victim’s head to your side to remove debris from their mouth.

Lifevac is designed to work as place, push, and pull. At it does not have any pipe, there is no chance for objects to go further down. It can go only one way. You have to remember that, Lifevac is a one-time use device. You cannot reuse it later.

What Are The Differences Between Dechoker And Lifevac?

As we have already discussed, there are a lot of differences between Dechoker and Lifevac. They are made for the same purpose, but they have different build qualities and have different designs. Dechoker is a syringe-looking device with a pipe. You will have to insert the pipe into the victim’s mount. On the contrary, Lifevac looks like an accordion. It does not have a pipe, and its suction works differently.

Dechoker comes in three different sizes for toddlers, children, and adults. Lifevac, on the other hand, has two mask sizes; for children and adults. They have differences in their prices and warranties as well. Dechoker comes with a limited-time warranty, and its price is lower. Lifevac has an unlimited warranty and shelf time. It is a bit more expensive than Dechoker.

Where You Can Buy?

Dechoker and Lifevac are the two most popular anti-choker devices. They became famous for their compact design, ease of use, higher quality, and availability. Both devices are readily available in different super shops and any over-the-counter drug store. Apart from that, you will find both of them on Amazon. They are also available on their official website.

You will find Dechoker and Lifevac devices all across the USA. Besides, they are also available to purchase in Canada, Europe, and Japan.

Final Verdict

A child chokes to death every 2 days in the USA, making it 5000 deaths a year regardless of age. According to the statistics, emergency response time in the US is 8 to 14 minutes, which might not be enough for many people.  That is what makes the anti-choking device an absolute necessity. Dechoker and Lifevac are the most popular self-administered devices with FDA registration and clinical trials.

Dechoker comes with a 30 days guaranteed money-back option along with 90 days warranty. You get a wall-mounted metal container. Lifevac has an unlimited offer with a money-back guarantee within 10 days from receiving the order. It is a bit more expensive than its counterpart. Still, I would suggest buying Lifevac because of its other benefits like no pipe design, easy portability, one device for the entire family and so on.

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