All You Need to Know About Disadvantages of Wi-Fi Calling

, March 21, 2022

disadvantages of wifi calling

Today it is so easy to stay connected with your loved ones, family, friends, business partners, and colleagues even without a telephone line, with the help of this Wi-Fi calling and the disadvantages of Wifi calling.

Wi-Fi is synonymous used for Wireless Local Area Network or WLAN, a Wi-Fi nearby network stands for “Wireless Fidelity.”

The Wi-Fi is like a day-to-day name; still, the channel used is the web as secondary of a telephone line. When you use this Wi-Fi calling, you are not using your telco company. Or else, you are going to make voice calls through the Wi-Fi network.

Before enjoying the Wi-Fi connection at home, workplace, hotel, etc., or even the paid/free Wi-Fi hotspot, you need to have the Wi-Fi access.

Things To Know Before Making A Wi-Fi Call

 In some conditions, Wi-Fi calling can be used instead of mobile data to make calls, but not all networks support Wi-Fi calling. Before making Wi-Fi calls, turn on the option of Wi-Fi calling at your phone settings.

Making a Wi-Fi call is simply similar to making a regular phone call. From the time your phone is connected to the internet, the notification will pop up and will give a selection for “Wi-Fi calling” or “Internet Call.” However, when your phone is not connected to Wi-Fi, your call will be diverted through your network provider.

The Advantages Of  Making A Wi-Fi Call

This Wi-Fi call allows everyone to call or chat in any location as long as Wi-Fi connectivity is available. This is a major advantage if your area doesn’t have a cellular network. We have listed some of the major advantages of making a Wi-Fi Call.

  • Improves quality of the voice in areas with weak network coverage
  • No additional charges
  • Requires no special plans and add-on services
  • No need for separate applications
  • Uses existing telephone number – no more additional logins are required
  • Best extends your phone battery life – because the continued search for your telco networks can drain your android phones battery

Furthermore, Wi-Fi calling does not require bandwidth. Simply, a Wi-Fi voice call uses 1 MB per min approximately, and a video call uses 6-8 MB per min. For these reasons, it makes sense to grab the advantage of Wi-Fi coverage when it is available.

Disadvantages Of Wifi Calling

Knowing all of those positive outcomes you can avail and enjoy in Wi-Fi calling, disadvantages also comes to Wi-Fi calling, so let us take a look at each one of them:

  • The first demerit of Wi-Fi calling is, “Not all android phones come with this function. ” For example, in the product of Apple,  they only offer Wi-Fi calling with iPhone 5c and the later versions. Then, still, many more Androids phones have that limited function. Overall, Wi-Fi calling is a free service, but you need to pay for it if you make an international call.
  • Wi-Fi calling is mostly discounted from the android phone package every minute, and also, the data to be used is higher than the Skype call. The Wi-Fi calling is not possible without a Wi-Fi connection. About 1 MB of data per minute is being used every call.
  • Another disadvantage of this Wi-Fi calling is supposed you are on a call while riding in transit, then lose your Wi-Fi signal, the call will be hung up while your phone tries to connect to a cellular network.
  • Getting a strong and proper Wi-Fi connection is quite difficult.
  • The Wi-Fi Calling will delay the transferring of And the user will experience a delay for about one or two seconds.
  • In Wi-Fi, calling your data/information will be on threat and unsafe if you use an unsecured network.

Remember that you are in a phone call; if you move away from strong Wi-Fi coverage, the current call may not directly divert to your cellular connection. Other devices could transfer phone calls, so better to check your telco provider to determine if the in-call handover supports your phone.


We all know that this Wi-Fi calling service is quite new, reliable, and cheaper than other calling services. This latest technology is probably changing the image as people shift it for business and personal use. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of these Wi-Fi Calling services, you will know what needs to be done. To determine the possible problems to occur on your end and your operator’s end.

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