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, March 16, 2021

According to the International EMF project led by WHO, Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure can lead people to multiple health issues. It can cause anxiety, stress, nausea, loss of libido, headaches, migraine, fatigue, insomnia, even depression leading a person to suicide. EMF can especially be dangerous for pregnant women causing congenital diseases and other issues to the unborn baby.

Cellular phones, smartphones, televisions, and other smart devices are the biggest enemies of people in EMF emission, and we must face them properly. The EMF protection stickers are now more popular than ever with the awareness against EMF among people. But the question is, how do EMF protection stickers work, and do they really give you results? In this article, I will talk about the EMF protection stickers, how they really work, and the best options.

What Is EMF Protection Stickers?

Almost any electronic devices you have in your home emit EMF, including your microwave oven, energy meters, power lines, Bluetooth devices, even computers and phones. The EMF protection stickers or patches work against the harmful EMF radiation from your devices. They stop the electromagnetic field wave your device is creating around while you use it. You can create a shield using an EMF protection sticker against the magnetic field wave that causes you headaches and other health issues.

Do EMF Protection Stickers Work?

To learn Do EMF protection stickers work, you must understand the process it takes for the job. When you’re talking with someone over the phone, the phone is emitting harmful radiation around your brain and causing harm to your brain cells.


With an EMF protection sticker, you can reduce that emission level up to 99% and reduce the radiation’s harmful outcome. It blocks the radiation signals to your brain and keeps your mind cool, and helps you do better.

3 Best EMF Protection Stickers Reviews 2021

Using an EMF can be a true blessing to lead a better and healthy life. Multiple studies and scans have shown that you get less radiation exposure to the human body within 1 meter using good EMF stickers. Here are the most popular and the best EMF protection stickers in the market that I’ve used and found them useful:

1. SmartDOT

The smartDOT EMF protection sticker is a truly revolutionary product that makes the world an EMF protection move. As soon as I heard about the SmartDOT a while back, I had to try it, and I did. The results were amazing, although I had to wait a while to understand a significant change in my health issues. It does make a shield against the radiations around the electronic device as it claims.


I used the device, had an amazing experience sanitizing the harmful radiations from my devices. All my smart devices, electric lines, and meters now have SmartDOT on them because I don’t ruin my family’s mental and physical health. The manufacturer tests the devices independently to reduce the Electro-stress symptoms, and I’m witnessing its results.

SmartDOT Features:

  • It weighs only a gram with only 1 millimeter of dimension and has a great esthetic look to it as well.
  • I find it esthetically pleasing while attaching to a phone, laptop, or TV while I’m also getting protection against EMF.
  • The structural description includes Magnetic sheeting sandwiched between waterproof Acrylic Vinyl.

2. PureGoods EMF Protection Sticker

The PureGoods EMF protection sticker works with almost all the electrical devices that we use, including TVs, phones, laptops, and so on. It works like a charm because it doesn’t only block the Electromagnetic Field around the device, but also emits negative ions. The Negative Ions are the best thing to have if you want positive energy in your body.

PureGoods EMF Protection

It states that the device can emit negative Ions between 1500 to 2000, which caught my attention lately, and I decided to use it. I used it on my Cell phone and found that it does have a positive result when I talk for a long time. Plus, the company has certifications worldwide for their products that made it more reliable for eliminating the hazards with wireless technology.

PureGoods Features:

  • The PureGoods EMF protection sticker protects your devices from the electromagnetic field up to 99%.
  • Other than the EMF protection, it also emits negative ions at a higher level between 1500 to 2000 for making the user feel even better.
  • The package comes with 10 stickers in a pack, and each of them weighs only 0.16 ounces, and the size is about an inch.

3. LVFEIER Security Pouch

Putting mobile phones in the pocket after using them has a vast harmful aspect, and that’s the radiation issue for the heart or reproductive organs. The LVFEIER security pouch brings a solution to that issue by blocking the radiation up to 99% when you keep your phone inside the pouch.

LVFEIER Security Pouch

I heard about it and found the device more practical than any other devices that are working as EMF blockers. The best part about this product is that it also works as an RFID security pouch that protects me from cyberattacks. It’s an excellent product for pregnant women as it makes your phone safer to use for the baby and yourself.

LVFEIER Security Features:

  • The LVFEIER security pouch design is esthetically compelling with a great texture and accommodates standard phone sizes.
  • It blocks Electromagnetic radiations and can protect the phone from cyberattacks and information leakages by disconnecting it from the network.
  • Your phone will get a full guard inside with a velcro enclosure and high-shielding fabric out shell protecting you from EMF and EMR up to 99%.

Where Can You Use EMF Protection Stickers?

The EMF stickers work with any electrical and wireless devices like computers, tablets, cellphones, microwaves, wifi and Bluetooth devices, power lines, MRIs, and so on. You can stick them with included adhesives, or put the device inside the pouch if it fits inside.

Final Thought

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) is one of the most dangerous things on the earth’s face that causes extensive damage to human health. You can use EMF blocking stickers and pouches for the best of your and your family member’s health to lead a life without fear of getting radiation issues.

The devices I’ve mentioned here represent the process of how do EMF protection stickers work in general and which one you should go for. If you’re using it only for mobile phones and need RFID protection, go for the LVFEIER security pouch. However, if you need extended EMF protection only, getting the PureGoods EMF Protection Sticker would be my suggestion.

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