Why Do You Need Antivirus Software If You Have A VPN?


Today as technology improves, most internet users ask, do you need antivirus software if you have a VPN?

Yes, both antivirus software and VPN (a virtual private network) are needed to protect your devices and your privacy for the reason that VPN protects data through encryption and hides online activities. In contrast, antivirus software keeps the device safe from malware and other threats.

A VPN defend your identity online and transaction from third parties through redirecting your data by a VPN server, keeping your actual IP address as well as the websites you are browsing in the process.

VPNs are important for making you safe browsing online; however, they don’t function the same as the antivirus software application. An antivirus software program will protect the device by preventing viruses and malware from taking over the system of your device, analyzing, stopping, and identifying any possible threats. A VPN is essential, but your device is still vulnerable to viruses or malware without a good antivirus application. So giving deeper reasons why do you need antivirus software if you have a VPN.

Antivirus Software With A VPN

How To Select and Test Antivirus Software With A VPN?

When selecting antivirus services with a VPN, check on the following criteria:

Detection Results For Malware

Make sure that every antivirus program software can detect every potential threat. Do this by analyzing the results from various lab tests, such as AV-Comparatives, AV-Test, and others.

Features of VPN

Ensure that the included VPN in the antivirus software package is user-friendly, secure, reliable, and useful. To do this, take a detailed look at the included features on the VPN and the technology used to create it.


To be able to find tools with the most reliable features for security from malware threats, check the offered attributes in security. That consists of real-time protection, firewall, and other features.

The Quality Of The Whole Package

Look and check at the combination of the VPN feature and the antivirus software, specifically if it’s a good solution. Also, consider the cost by assessing whether they are good value for the amount of money.

What To Check For In An Antivirus Software With VPN?

Are you seeking antivirus software that also comes with a VPN? Here are the significant factors to consider.


It is important to decide on a combined solution that gives outstanding cyber security for the price that fits your budget. Because most of the antivirus software’s with a VPN tend to have more expensive price plans. So ensure that it is worth paying a bit extra.

No Data Caps

Check out for these data caps, as other VPNs with antivirus impose programs limits on how much could be uploaded and downloaded. Fortunately, some VPNs with antivirus offer unlimited data. If you choose VPN over light web browsing, avoiding these data caps is the method.

The Protection Capabilities

An antivirus itself is essential. The best antivirus software program will go with a great suite of safety features, including anti-phishing protection, the best malware detection rates, and real-time scans.

Extensive Features

Make a closer look at the features included VPN has to give. It is recommended to look for a decent number of servers as well as good security features. Other users want a VPN to detour region blocks on worldwide content. This is achievable, albeit not more antivirus VPNs are suitable for the job.

do you need antivirus software if you have a vpn

What Is The Variation Among Antivirus And A VPN?

The antivirus software secures devices from viruses or malware with real-time protection and a scanning device for possible suspicious activity. In contrast, a VPN redirects and encrypts internet traffic to keep every information safe from anybody who might be spying around.

The VPN ensures that your ISP (internet service provider) and the government don’t know the activity or things you did online that something an antivirus software can’t do. Online privacy is important, especially in a country with strict censorship otherwise, if your everyday routine includes delicate activities like political activism,  investigative journalism, etc. Still, practically anybody will benefit from using a VPN, from those who access geo-restricted content to those who require encryption once working on an unsafe public connection.

Both VPNs and antivirus software are essential as cyber security tools created to protect every device and privacy. So far, they serve very different functions, so it is strongly recommended to use both an antivirus program and a VPN.

The Disadvantages Of Using An Antivirus Software With A VPN

Through its definition, an antivirus software program will prioritize its antivirus function over other added features it offers. Because of that, a VPN with an antivirus program offered will possibly be limited than a consecrated VPN service. Check out the main disadvantages of using a VPN and an antivirus solution:

Limited Security Features

If you prefer to use the joined package of an antivirus and a VPN, there’s a high chance that you won’t be able to enjoy the full functionality of the VPN’s security features. There might not be a kill switch or a possibility to switch between different tunneling protocols.

Less Servers

On the adverse to the independent VPNs, those enclosed in an antivirus package come with fewer servers in various locations and don’t allow to select which server to connect to manually. Moreover, provided servers frequently neither support torrenting nor otherwise, great for unblocking the streaming content.

Data Caps

The Antivirus VPNs prefer data caps to impose, which means they are not right for anything heavier than normal internet browsing. And also, VPN connections with the combined apps are slower than the standalone VPNs.

Even though it is most recommended to use both a VPN and an antivirus program, some other users prefer to use only the most needed and required.


If you wish to use a VPN  that comes with an antivirus program, many outstanding selections are out there. All the same, the VPNs on antivirus software packages differ in what they offer and what they will price you. These said features range from limited options to fully-fledged VPN services.

The antivirus software program is essential for cyber security and VPNs. They encrypt traffic and hide online activities. Maybe acquiring a two-in-one VPN and antivirus combo is the best choice for you? And now you know why do you need antivirus software if you have a VPN.

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