Dodow Review [2022]: Does The Dodow Really Work?


I hear about Dodow sleep light all time and finally, I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? I had trouble sleeping and insomnia for more than 2 years. I have tried many medications, exercises and devices, but nothing works for a long time. So, I also purchased the Dodow to test is it scam like previous products. I used it for 2 weeks and my insomnia improved than the past. I fall asleep within 15 minutes every night and sleeps until morning without waking up. Its lighting and brightness are so cool that my sleeping room becomes pleasant. Also, I carried it during my trip and it helped me to sleep well after a hard time.

Do you have insomnia or sleep disorders? Many people are in the same situation. Also, I had insomnia for several years. Indeed, every night, when I sit comfortably under the duvet, it is impossible to close my eye. Of course, I ended up falling asleep, but it requires a significant effort. So I had to do a lot of research to find a solution. Today, I will present my experience with a gadget that revolutionized my sleep and it is the Dodow sleep device.

What is Reasons for Sleep Problems?

Nowadays, we have trouble sleeping and itis becoming increasingly common. They wake up a little rested or don’t sleep at all for some reasons. Below, I will present the reasons of sleeping problems.

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  • The lack of natural light. Although it seems like a paradox, a restful night begins in the morning. Exposure to sunlight, especially in the morning, allows us to sleep better at night.
  • Have we ever watched TV or regularly checked your cell phone, tablet and PC in the evening and then had difficulty falling asleep or sleeping? This happens because all these electronic devices release a flickering light that drives away sleep.
  • Drinking coffee for up to 6 hours before bedtime keeps us awake. The intake of coffee from the afternoon onwards causes a phase shift and an imbalance between the REM phase and the deep sleep phase.
  • We go home late in the evening after a whole day at work, or after commuting between work and our commitments and our children, prepare dinner, and then relax a little in front of the TV. We browse Facebook, jump on Instagram and when we look at the time, it is already past midnight.

What is Dodow?

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Dodow is the most innovative invention that trains your brain to fall asleep naturally and faster. It helps to sleep without sleeping medicines that will save your money and keep you healthy. Thanks to this gadget, falling asleep will be a pleasant and relaxing experience. It looks like a small, comfortable and simple LED device that is equipped with ring-shaped blue light. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries, so it does not require the use of power supplies and cables. Due to its wireless and compact design, you can carry it with you even when you travel for work or on vacation.

It helps to persuade the mind and promote workouts that promote healthy sleep patterns, which makes it the best of sleeping gadgets. Due to its relaxing blue light, you will feel the metronome as if it were a cognitive behavioral therapy that will help you improve your lifestyle. Also, the Dodow sleep light makes your sleep an enjoyable and rectifying experience.

Does The Dodow Really Work?

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Dodow is a good and natural gadget that allows you to fall asleep quickly without having to take sleeping pills. Here, I will explain how to works for me. It is easy to use because it can be activated 8 minutes or 20 minutes sleeping cycle, which ensures a calm environment to sleep well. It is wireless and works on batteries so it can be used on a trip, office, or vacation. Its hypnotic light helps to fall asleep and prevent the stress of staying awake. Also, the light lowers the breathing and heart rate to ensure restful sleep. I have used it for 2 months and still using it, so it makes a good habit of sleeping quickly without using the sleeping aid. It is affordable and replaces the sleeping medicines that save my cost in the long run.

How Does Dodow Sleep Aid Work?

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Dodow sleep aid device is useful both for children with poor sleep habits and for adults with daytime and nighttime sleepiness. It is a perfect device for insomnia treatment and avoids the consumption of stimulants that alter your body and that is economically available to all audiences. It is battery-powered and does not have an input for the charger. The batteries are undoubtedly long-lasting, although the option of connecting electrically with a charger will always be beneficial and desirable. Also, it has a blue light that provides a better environment for sound sleep.

Who Can Use Dodow?

Dodow is suitable for everyone who has sleeping disorders and wants to fall asleep faster. Also, children can use the gadget to relieve their insomnia problems. It has a round-shaped blue light, which increases and decreases according to our breathing. It has 2 modes session for 8 minutes and 20 minutes so you can enjoy better sleep with customized sessions. In addition, it is a completely natural gadget and has no side effects so that everyone can use it freely.

Does Dodow Help You Stay Asleep?

Dodow sleep device is a useful gadget to help us to sleep better. Its blue metronome light allows you to fall asleep naturally without having any sleeping pills. I fell asleep 3 times faster than the previous time, which is amazing. After a few days of use, sleeping disorders will automatically eliminate and that happened to me. Now, I don’t need the device while sleeping, but I use it twice a week for training my brain.

Top 5 Key Features Of Dodow

It is extremely economical when it comes to helping you sleep, encourage a lifestyle that ends recurrent insomnia. The Dodow sleep aid device has lots of features that make it the ideal device for falling asleep. Here, I will share its top 5 features that help me to fall asleep quickly. Let’s see in more detail the top 5 features:

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  • Sound sleep: Sometimes, falling asleep quickly is a real challenge. You are not the only one suffering from sleep disorders. If you have insomnia or simply use your electronic devices before sleeping like your computer or smartphone, you could stay awake until very late. Then, you lose precious hours of sleep, which has negative consequences, both psychological and physical. Just turn it on, watch it and it with its metronome will do the job.
  • Improve health: It is highly effective as natural sleeping remedies. With it, you benefit from a natural sleep that will do the greatest good for your body.
  • Efficient: Unfortunately, most of us have tried sleep medication. You will no longer have to consume pills or drops that help you fall asleep. While saving money in the long run, it also helps to detoxify the body.
  • Compact and portable: Thanks to its attractive design and lightweight so you can take the device everywhere with you.
  • Anti-stress: Not only is it perfect for falling asleep quickly, but it also helps you to relax thanks to the synchronization of breathing.
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  • It is easy to use and start by touching the surface. The blue light improves sleeping quality. It is wireless and doesn’t require cables. Automatically shut down after 8 or 20 minutes session. No side effects on health and mind. It is compact and easy to carry anywhere.
  • The lighting angle is not adjustable.

How Long Does It Take To Work?

The Dodow has 3 levels of light intensity and 2 modes that help to fall asleep quickly. The first mode is for 8 minutes and the second is 20 minutes, it started working when it started. Just touch the Dodow sleep light surface and it is wireless so you can place it near you to get better performance. In the past, I needed 30 minutes to fall asleep and the device helped to make it within 13 minutes, where I gained more hours of sleep.

How To Use Sleeping-Aid Device?

It is very simple to use, and you just have to control breathing by inhaling and exhaling. It is a physiological mechanism that allows you to slow down the metabolism and secretion of the nervous system. Put simply, inhale, exhale and relax. Here, I have presented how I use it to sleep better. See below:

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  1. At first, I place it bright on a flat surface (bedside table, etc.) near you.
  2. Press the button to activate an 8-minute session. If press twice, the time will increase to 20 minutes. I set it for 8 minutes.
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  1. Now try to focus (requires zero effort) to synchronize my breathing with the device. When the light expands, it inhales and when the light shrinks, it exhales. I try to facilitate myself by observing the blue light.
  2. While I am following the light, my breathing becomes to slow down and my heart rate becomes lower gradually, which will lead to a drop in blood pressure, recreating the feelings of tiredness.
  3. It will turn off once the selected session time has expired.
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Is Dodow A Scam?

When I hear about the sleep aid device Dodow, I purchased it to test is it real or scam? It is very easy to turn on by simply touching the surface and it does not require a cable to run because it is powered. I had sleeping disorders for more than 3 years and I faced chronic insomnia, stress migraine, etc. The gadget’s blue light made my room pleasant and its brightness changed depending on my exhale and inhale. With the breathing exercise, I fell asleep within 13 minutes on the first day, which was amazing. I used it in both 8 minutes and 20 minutes mode and it shut down automatically when time ended. After all, I have to say that it is a real sleeping disorder relive device to fall asleep faster.

Where I Can Buy It?

If you have decided to purchase the Dodow sleeping aid, I will show you the safe way to get it with 100 days money back warranty. When I was finding the gadget online, I saw several platforms that were selling Dodow. But, I purchased it from their official website. Also, you can get a discount and a free offer on purchasing 2 or more gadgets. I bought 1 and got 1 free and the offer is still available now. So, don’t be late and save your money from unusual expenses.


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Frequently Asked Question

Here, I have answered some questions that people frequently asked about Dodow sleep light.

Is Dodow effective?

Dodow is effective and it helps to sleep 2.5 times faster than average. When we started breathing, its blue light’s brightness increases and decreases to train our brain and lower heart rate to sleep quickly.

Where is Dodow made?

80 percent of products are made in France and the UNILUX lamp manufacturer company made the sleeping aid. It is available in all around the world. It is invented by insomniacs who faced sleeping disorders for many years.

Does Dodow help you stay asleep?

Yes, Dodow trains our brain to fall asleep 2.5 times faster than average. The breathing exercise and blue lighting ensure a pleasant environment and lower heart and breathe rate to stay asleep till morning.

Does this product come with a money-back guarantee?

The company offers you a 100 days money-back guarantee from the purchase date of the Dodow luminous metronome if the product is defective or doesn’t work as they said.

Is it suitable for both the young and the elderly?

Dodow is a perfect ally for those who have a fear of the dark and it happens mainly to the children. Also, the elderly have sleeping problems and the device will help to sleep 2.5 times faster by breathing slowly and creating a pleasant environment. So, it is safe and suitable for both elderly and children.

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Final Thought

Dodow sleep aid device is an effective solution to fall asleep quickly. You can forget your sleeping pills and it does not hurt your body anymore, so try it to have a sound sleep. It has only blue color light and studies prove that blue light is perfect for releasing melatonin that leads to sleep quickly. It works on batteries and cannot be recharged, so after a few months, it will be better to change it even it works.

For the first time, I felt uncomfortable to breathe for 8 minutes and gradually, I adjusted with it. The breathing level becomes 6bpm and the heart becomes lower that helps to sleep and eliminate insomnia without medication. As you can see, there is not much wrong with reporting. I highly recommend the Dodow sleep light if you have trouble sleeping. You will finally be able to sleep soundly!

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