Does Ginger Help With Headaches? How It Works?


does ginger help with headaches

The roots of ginger give numerous health benefits. The most common and useful benefit is that ginger roots treat headaches. So how does ginger help with headaches? The ginger has this natural oil that contains a chemical blend that treats headaches, vomiting, and inflammation.

Ginger increases levels of serotonin, which acts as a chemical messenger once the headache occurs. Increasing serotonin levels could help headaches by reducing inflammation and tightening blood vessels.

The headache symptoms could be reduced with the help of ginger and lessen the frequency of your headache and migraine attacks. The different and simple ways to combine ginger into your daily diet. Try and check any of the following simple ways:

does ginger help with headaches

Take Ginger As A Supplement

The research positive and promising side on the beneficial effects of ginger for headache used supplements that contained ginger compound or simply dried ginger. Thus, ginger supplements are the form of ginger to ease the pain of headaches and the pain of migraines.

The regular dose is 550 mg of a capsule at the beginning sign of a headache. This regular dose could be repeated twice or just once. Ginger supplements are available in food stores, online, and pharmacies.

However, it’s not common, to some individuals who take ginger supplements can experience mild side effects, including:

  • Flushed Skin
  • Rash
  • Throat Or MouthIrritation
  • Diarrhea
  • Heartburn

These listed side effects are more possible when you take higher doses of the ginger supplement.

does ginger help with headaches

Applying Ginger Oil To Your Temples

A gentle massage to your skin using ginger essential oil will decrease or get rid of the pain. This is most effective with people suffering back pain and arthritis; however, ginger essential oil also helps to reduce the pain of headaches. For tension headache or a migraine attack, try to massage gently with the diluted ginger essential oil into your forehead, back of the neck, and temples once or twice every day.

The soothing scent of the ginger oil could reduce nausea that occurs together with migraine. Put a drop of ginger essential oil on a gauze pad, cotton ball, or tissue and inhale its soothing scent. You could also add a drop or two of ginger oil into a steam diffuser or warm bath.

The essential ginger oil can be purchased in grocery stores, online, or pharmacies.

Chew On A Ginger Lozenge

The ginger lozenges typically contain a small amount of ginger extracts or ginger powder. The study shows that ginger can lessen symptoms of nausea due to pregnancy, after surgery, or other sickness causes. Ginger lozenges also cure symptoms of nausea which is caused by painful migraine.

These ginger lozenges are a good option when you don’t like drinking tea and taking pills. Try chewing on a ginger lozenge once your migraine occurs at first starts for you to feel nauseated.

In taking this ginger lozenge carefully follow the dosing instruction found on the product’s packaging. Typically two or three times a day to ease stomach upset. You could purchase ginger lozenges in supermarkets, pharmacies, and even online stores.

Include Ginger To Your Meal

Including ginger in your meal is one more way to benefit from the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects of ginger. Try to add dried ginger powder or fresh ginger for food dishes flavor, but expect their flavors to be slightly different after adding ginger. The best thing is that even the ginger is fresh or dried, they might be slightly different; however, they still have the compounds that cure or reduce headache and nausea.

Try including fresh ginger in your favorite salads or simply mix it in a shrimp and stir fry cook. Ginger can be a tasty add-on to your chicken soup, some kinds of homemade cookies or cake, and grilled salmon.

The Risk And Side Effects of Fresh Ginger

Eating fresh or dried ginger seldom causes bad side effects unless you consume it too much. Consuming too much ginger will give you an upset stomach that will give symptoms such as heartburn and gas. A burning sensation will also occur when you eat a lot of ginger.

Once you suffer from migraine-related nausea, you might find that eating ginger will worsen your symptoms. Ginger lozenge or sipping ginger ale is a better option.


Q Is fresh or dried ginger safe to take by a pregnant woman?

Yes, it is definitely safe to take fresh ginger while pregnant. On the other hand, dried ginger should not be taken during pregnancy because of the higher concentrations levels of the two active compounds such as Gingerol and Shogaol. The effect is three times more compared to the fresh gingers. And recommended consuming fresh ginger in moderation.

Q Is consuming ginger safe for our kidneys?

Ginger is known as an excellent herb that can improve the useful attributes of our kidneys. Gingers are helpful, especially in food digestion, help improve blood cleaning and increase the flow of your oxygenated blood towards your kidneys.

Q Is ginger safe for my 1-year-old baby?

For your 1-year-old baby, ginger works amazingly for their upset stomach or intestinal gas problems that your baby is having. Once you introduce new foods to your baby, their delicate tummies are going to get a little exhausted. Ginger is best as a natural remedy that helps their delicate tummies.


The study on ginger for painful headaches is quite limited but likely promising. Check that the best proof is the ginger supplements; however other forms also help reduce or cure headaches. Taking much amount of ginger increases the chance of side effects like upset stomach and heartburn.

But you notice that your painful headaches are becoming more steady or even more severe, better to see your doctor right away. So that your doctor will evaluate your symptoms as well as recommend accurate and effective treatment.

Try also to talk to your doctor or the pharmacist before taking your ginger supplements to ensure that it does not affect your other medications. With this, you will be free from other worst side effects.

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