Does Photostick Remove Duplicate Photos? Here’s The Most Important Thing You Need To Know

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When backing up images to your PhotoStick, there will come a time that you will find duplicated. While data duplication becomes a reality these days, it is important that you shouldn’t ignore them. But the question is, does PhotoStick remove duplicate photos? Keep on reading and find out the answer.

Does PhotoStick Remove Duplicate Photos?

Fundamentally, the PhotoStick app scans your whole computer and then copies all of your photos into one location on the actual PhotoStick. When it comes across duplicates during the process, it will just copy the oldest photos and then disregard the others.

How To Skip Duplicate Photos?

Now that you know the answer to the question “does PhotoStick delete duplicates”, let’s take a look at how you can skip these photos.

  1. First, plug in your PhotoStick device and then install the app.
  2. Open the app
  3. Go to the ThePhotoStick Settings & options menu. After which, look for the Options tab and open it.
  4. Choose the radio box, labeled with “CONSOLIDATE ALL FILES INTO A SINGLE CATEGORY”.
  5. Last but not least, choose the Skip Duplicates checkbox.


Q. How to Choose the Right PhotoStick?

How to Choose the Right PhotoStick

Because of their popularity and amazing features, more and more PhotoSticks exist. This makes choosing the best PhotoStick becomes more difficult.

To make sure that you are getting the best option, there are some important factors that you need to take into account.

One of these factors is capacity. Good memory and storage are crucial. However, the right storage or capacity will depend on your needs. For instance, if you don’t have big files to store consider getting the minimum capacity which is 8GB. But if you have plans to store a lot of photos, you can have the 128GB storage option.

Besides capacity, you should also consider an excellent after-sales service. This is important to ensure that you don’t spend most of your time on your device just to figure out things. The warranty is another crucial thing you need to consider. If possible, opt for a PhotoStick that is backed by one year warranty or more.

When it comes to compatibility, it is also important that you check it. For sure, you do not want to fix compatibility problems all day long.

Q. Is It Possible To Use A PhotoStick More Than Once?

In actual fact, it is not a major problem if you own more than one device with useful information. It is because the PhotoStick takes care of all the needed backup, regardless of what computer you are using. When you make use of your PhotoStick on two or more devices for backup, know that it will organize not only your photos and other files like documents and videos for you.

Q. Can You Use A PhotoStick on Phones?

A PhotoStick is a versatile device. It is even compatible with all tablets, computers, and smartphones. A PhotoStick has a connector that efficiently works with Android and iOS devices as well as Windows, Mac, and Linux. But for you to use the PhotoStick on your phone or tablet, you will need to download the PhotoStick app first.

Q. How Do A PhotoStick Sorts Images?

There are many reasons to use PhotoStick. For instance, it sorts, searchers, and backs up every media file automatically. Such media files backup device easily shows and understands the duplicate photo and storing time. PhotoSticks are made in order to function at a very swift finding and sorting process, which is indeed a time saver.

It systematically sorts and at the same time organizes all media files in different folders. The moment you plug your PhotoStick on your device it will back up the media files automatically. Once the transfer process is completed, you can customize the setting if you are not satisfied with the automatic sorting system. In addition to that, you can access the backup files with ease and view your personal images with well-organized processes.


Does PhotoStick remove duplicate photos? Many people are seeking answers to this question. And we hope that today’s post answers it.

Know that the PhotoStick is not your usual external storage or flash drive. It is actually a unique device with great pre-installed software. Actually, this program will do all the work for you automatically, from sorting and transferring to scanning and retrieving. So, if you don’t have this device, be sure to get one most especially if you love taking photos.

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