Does Switching Out Of S Mode Slow Down Laptop?

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Does switching out of S mode slow down laptop? – This is one of the questions you’ll probably hear from people who activated the S mode. The S mode is a Windows 10 version that is streamlined for performance and security. However, it still offers a familiar Windows experience.

To answer all your questions about S mode, we have done all the research and come up with this guide. So before answering other questions, let’s first find out:

Does Switching Out Of S Mode Slow Down Laptop?

The answer is very simple. Switching out to this mode won’t slow down your laptop. This is impossible as all the features aside from the constraint of installation and down of applications will be added too on your S mode.One more thing, if you’re worried that your laptop will slow down, investing in Xtra PC is a good idea.

It is a portable and reliable device that will help in speeding up your computer. In fact, it is so powerful since it can increase the speed instantly.


Now that you have a that switching out of this S mode slow down is not true, let’s take a look at the other frequently asked questions about this mode.

What Are the Benefits of Windows 10 S Mode?

Microsoft said that the Windows 10 S mode can deliver predictable quality and performance. This mode can offer a lot of benefits that you surely don’t want to miss. With S mode, you do not need to make use of as much processing power and memory. Meaning to say, your laptop will work like new. Further, a laptop that runs Windows 10 S starts in under fifteen seconds.

On the other hand, your laptop will have longer battery life. Since it is a shed-down version of Windows, know that S mode uses 15 percent less power than helps in extending the battery life of your laptop.

Another reason to use the S mode is that it guarantees better security. Actually, you are only allowed to download applications from the Microsoft Store. This, in turn, will lessen the possibility that you’ll down and install bugs or malicious software accidentally that may put your laptop at risk.

But Microsoft recommends its users utilize the Windows Defender Security Center in order to protect their devices.

How to Switch Out Of S Mode?How to Switch Out Of S Mode

While you know the answer to the question, does switching out of this S mode slow down laptop, you can still switch out if you want, after all, the decision is all up to you.

Aforementioned, in order to boost the performance of your laptop and most importantly, security S mode will only run applications from Microsoft. So, if the app you are planning to install is outside Microsoft Store, then you should switch out of S mode, and here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open your laptop that runs Win 10 in S mode.
  3. Look for SWITCH TO WINDOWS 10 PRO OR SWITCH TO WINDOWS 10 HOME. Once you have found it, click on the link labeled with GO TO THE STORE. Be sure not to click the link below the UPGRADE YOUR EDITION OF WINDOWS. It’s actually another process that keeps you in the S Mode.
  4. Lastly, on the page that will appear in the Microsoft Store, tap on the GET button. Once confirming this action, you can start installing applications that are not available on the Microsoft Store.

What Type Of Processor Does S Mode Support?

The S mode can be installed on a laptop that has a Qualcomm Snapdragon, Intel, or AMD processor. To find out what type of processor your laptop is running, click the START button search for SETTINGS. From there, select SYSTEM followed by ABOUT. On the ABOUT page, next to the PROCESSOR, you can determine whether it is AMD, Snapdragon, or Intel.

Can You Use Firefox or Google Chrome While Using S Mode?

Unfortunately, no. When using S mode, your default browser is Microsoft Edge, whereas your default search engine is Bing. But keep in mind that you can access other search engines and browsers while you’re in S Mode.


Thank you for reading today’s post, hopefully, you’ve learned a lot from it. Please note that switching out of S mode is considered a one-way process. Meaning, the moment you switch out to S mode, you cannot go back. And that is a drawback for those who have a low-end laptop that does not run a complete version of Windows 10 well.

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