Why Does Your Phone Charges Faster On Low-Power Mode?


does your phone charge faster on low-power mode

The most asked question with phone battery issue is that “why does your phone charges faster on low-power mode?”

Most iPhones offer a proper battery life span according to their size and the capacity pack of battery, which life can be extended further using the “Low-Power Mode” in your iOS. The primary goal of this “Low-Power Mode” is to extend the life of your iPhone’s battery as possible through limiting the background functionality.

Since the iPhones are not fast charging like with smartphones, in about 30 minutes, they can topped up from 0 to 50 percent charged. So, switching it to the “Low-Power Mode” when your iPhone is on charge, will it help charge faster? Or it will give a negative results to the phones charging speed?

All About The Low-Power Mode On The Phone

Considered one of the basic features of every smartphone is the “Low-Power Mode”, that reduces the potency of optimizing the best outcome of the phone and it’s battery. Therfore if your phone’s battery is notifying running low, just turn it to the “Low-Power Mode” and this will shut off all of the unwanted activities of the features that is running at the moment.

While switching and running in “Low-Power Mode”, your iPhone’s system animation, brightness, background app, and other settings are being reduced. As well, some activities turn off the “Low-Power Mode” as many kinds of specific features backup that always support the battery active to reduce charge.

The “Low-Power Mode” definitely will not switch off the features running on the phone, it simply keep the important features like messages, phone calls, and the emails on active. “Low-Power Mode” also allows the user to customize the app used according to it’s needs and wants.

The charge will be faster if you choose to charge it in “Low-Power Mode” status. Therefore if you will be in urgent cases, charging your battery in “Low-Power Mode” will be done in short period of time compare to charging it normal mode.

Steps To Turn On Your Phone To Low-Power Mode

When the battery of your phone charge drops to 20% below, automatically the phone notification will alert you to switch on to “Low-Power Mode”. And then if you wish to switch on the power mode, and there is a selection to switch on the “Low-Power Mode” in notification, simply click it and it will auto turn on.

But you can manually turn it on any time base on your needs and situation. Take a look at here, to be able to manually switch on your phone’s “Low-Power Mode”

  • Go to the “Settings”
  • Search  the battery
  • Select the battery and enter
  • Scroll down and Select Low-Power Mode
  • Lastly, switch it on

Methods To Increase Speed Of Phone Charging

Check here some of the methods or ways that can help your phone’s backup more battery in case of urgent situation and in very short period of time could charges more.

  • Enabling the Airplane Mode
  • No to wireless charging
  • Switch off your phone
  • Through power bank
  • Through a wall socket
  • Use fast chargers battery

Each tips listed here can help more better in an urgent situation. Therefore you could choose your available option in your current situation.


Q. In what mode could your phone charge faster?

The right mode that allows your phone to charge faster is the low-power mode and the airplane mode which prevent or reduces other phone functions and features, example cellular network, radio services, animations, screen brightness, etc.

does your phone charges faster on low-power mode

Q. What is The Best Way To Charge a Phone Faster?

By the use of accurate, fast charge USB cable, turning on airplane mode, enable fast charging mode, are the best ways to charge your phone faster.


Indeed enabling “Low-Power Mode” on your phone while charging is very necessary as it helps the phone charge faster compared when you did not enable the “Low-Power Mode” feature. You can also choose airplane mode settings to charge your phone more faster; however, it is not ideal to switch it off unless the battery of your phone goes flat or empty.

With all these methods and reasons, you are now all cleared why does your iPhone charge faster on low-power mode.

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