Dronex Review 2022: Best Selfie and Recording Device Within a Budget


Taking images especially from the bird’s eye view is so tough. Selfie sticks may help you in a way, but for a proper view and crystal-clear picture, you need a helping hand. The good news is now, technology made a great helping hand for recording or taking images from far away. Yes, I am talking about the Drone, which is a great device for taking images or recording video.

In DroneX Review you will get a proper idea about this amazing device. It is a tiny device that is lightweight and easy to carry. The drone has great stability with multiple modes. With a 720p resolution camera, this drone’s maximum flight time is 8minutes. You can easily operate the drone from 70M far away and the maximum speed is 49mph.   For further details keep reading this article.

What Is Dronex?

In a simple word, DronX is a foldable device that helps to take images and recorded videos from a bird’s eye view. You can easily get 720-pixel high-resolution quality pictures along with the recorded video. With this quality, it is possible to shoot at 30fps.

What Is Dronex

This drone is capable of taking steady shots. It has great stability that helps to take photos even in strong wind or air. The capturing mood is so quick that it can record quickly moving things very clearly.

DroneX has a built-in app that makes the device easier to control. I can easily connect with my smartphone and choose any mode from my device. This app also helps to avoid collision with any objects in the air.

Do you know the best point of using DroneX, instead of other cameras? I can easily take photos of those things where it is impossible for me to reach. The device has an app and it easily connects with the wi-fi. Besides, I can shoot for 8 mins with this tiny quadcopter.

The device uses a 3.7-volt lithium battery which is only 22 grams. Also, you will find the gravity sensor in this device that helps to control the device easily.   This unique design DroneX comes up with a small pouch that has one USB cable and 4 blades along with a screw.

Specification of DroneX

Before using DroneX it will be best if you learn the specifications. At a glance, you will learn all about this device very easily.

Specification of DroneX

  • 4GHz of radio frequencies
  • Activated Wi-Fi FPV
  • 7V 500mAH with a Lithium-ion battery
  • Best for indoors & outdoors
  • Need 60-70 minutes to charge
  • 6-axis gyroscope
  • 8 mins of flying time.
  • Steady control maintaining range is 80-100m
  • LED lights.
  • Quadcopter Size: 20x15x3.2cm
  • 70 Meter Range.
  • 720P Resolution.

Special Features of DroneX

DroneX is one of the best alternative devices for taking selfies & other videos from far. This device has some special features. In DroneX Review I tried to put some core features of DroneX.

Special Features of DroneX

Battery Life:

A drone is nowadays one of the latest technologies for recording video or taking pictures. This device comes with a lithium-ion battery which is 3.7-volt along with 500mAH. The battery weight is only 22 grams. For flying and recording or taking pictures it will give you eight minutes. For charging, you only need 1 hour and your device is ready.

High-Resolution Camera:

This is one of the core features of DroneX. The high-quality camera is basically designed to offer a stable video output. The drone has a 0.3-megapixel camera with an adjustable angle. Through this angel, you can easily control & FPV. To get a clear record this DroneX has a 720P resolution.

Another great feature of this device is, it has the capability of live streaming videos. By connecting this device, you can easily get live videos on your tablet or smartphone. You can also view them in real-time.


The DroneX Review will be incomplete If I do not mention the stability of this device. In strong air or wind, this device can easily cope up. No need to worry about that. Though the wind is strong you can record videos or take a good picture with DroneX.

Built-in Modes:

Multiple modes exist in this quad device. Such as circle flight, return to home, spiral flight, or tap fly. Through these modes, you can take some fantastic aerial shots.

Built-in Modes


Controlling a drone is not as tough as people think. Even if you are a beginner you can easily control this quadcopter. This device has two buttons to take off and land. After unboxing and setting the Drones, tap on the take-off button. It will start flying in the air. By pressing the land button, you can land the quadcopter smoothly.


Whenever I hear about the drone, it crosses my mind that the weight will be heavy. But the amazing thing about DroneX is, it is approximately 85 grams. This is so lightweight, and you can easily carry it in your backpack.

Speed & Range:

The maximum speed of the DroneX is 49mph or 22m/s, which is much faster than other drones with the remote control the average range you will get around 70m. It has a 2.4GHz wireless remote-control system. The FPV distance is almost 50 meters and the controlling range is around 80 meters.

How To Use Dronex?

If you are in this part, that means you are already curious to buy this amazing device. Using this device doesn’t need any professional device. You can simply use it through your smartphone or tablet. Here I will add a step by step process to use DroneX through your smartphone.

How To Use Dronex

  • First, you have to download the related app that supports DroneX.
  • Now power on the drone.
  • Go to the smartphone settings and select wi-fi. From wi-fi, settings connect the drone’s wi-fi network.
  • Now go to the app that you downloaded for DroneX and follow the instruction of configuration, calibration, and set up process.
  • When your app is fully connected with drones now start flying.

This is how you can easily use the DroneX through your smartphone or tablet.

Pros of DroneX

Pros of DroneX

Some Pros of DroneX are listed here. You can see how this drone provides advantages.

  • Flight Speed is Convenient.
  • Sleek & aesthetic design
  • Easily Capture wide angles.
  • Ensure excellent stability.
  • Perfect HD Camera for video & photography.

Cons of DroneX

While using it I get some cons of this device also. Here are the listed cons of DroneX.

  • Limited in the online store.

Where Can I Purchase The Dronex?

Where Can I Purchase The Dronex

You can purchase this amazing product from their official store. They are now giving free delivery with a 50% discount. Also, they have some package deals on their website. The seller package is Buy 3 Get 2 Free. So, hurry up and buy this package to get a 50% discount from their store.

Final Thought

So how was my DroneX Review? I tried to cover all the info about this drone. When I first heard about the DroneX, I thought there are so many technical terms that I need to use while taking pictures. But when I started using it, this was so much fun.

Through this device, I can capture panoramic views and record the video for 8 minutes. With 720p resolutions, this unique quadcopter is one of the best drones. It is easily foldable and anyone can control the device through the app.

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