Ecoheat S Review: The Revolutionary Portable Ceramic Heater!


In winter, the low temperatures are a real drawback and I have fallen sick several times. For that reason, my wife brought the Ecoheat S to keep the room temperature in balance. After using it for several days, I felt good in the room. I prefer the portable heater for the guaranteed warm environment in the room.

In this EcoHeat S review, I will share my feelings and thoughts about the portable room heater. Snow is beautiful to look at, but low temperatures can negatively affect health, which worsens when night falls. To combat this, there is nothing like having EcoHeat S. It will be a guarantee of warm moments wherever you are.

What is Ecoheat S?

EcoHeat S is a portable ceramic heater that has a patented comfort system. The ceramic construction absorbs the heat and keeps the outer part always cool. Its blowing technology has a calibration that gives you a penetrating airspeed. The cylinder-shaped design gives it a premium look.

What is Ecoheat S

I feel up to 98-degree Fahrenheit temperature from the portable heater. Using the modes, control the room heating performance. It has an LED control section on the top that makes its operation easier.  It does not require a specialized place to use and ensures a wider heat supply. Also, it is perfect for heating all sized rooms.

Ecoheat S Special Features

The Ecoheat S is the safe and best portable room heater for its special features. I will share those features from my real-life experience:

Ecoheat S Special Features

Heating modes:

The Ecoheat-S heats up the room in different modes and speeds. The strong heat, fan and medium heat and oscillation mode provide personalized performance. These modes make its use convenient to me by adjusting the room as I want.

Warmup room quickly:

The portable heater can warm up a room up to 98-degree Fahrenheit. So, the extreme cold weather in the room will be eliminated quickly. The heat is not so high that it is unbearable, like summer scorching sun heat. Also, its smooth heating process helps to keep the room temperature at the average level.


No toxic elements are used in the Ecoheat S so that it can be placed anywhere. Also, it does not produce radiation, UV rays, gases, etc., that provides a good working environment. The ceramic construction of the Ecoheat S provides heat-proof operation.

Wide-angle heating performance:

It provides heat by rotating at 70-degree that covers all corners of a room. This feature ensures a vast cooling performance. So, any sized room can be heated-up within a short time.

LED control switches:

The Ecoheat S is incorporated with a LED control panel on its top part. It shows the heat level in digits to understand and adjust the temperature level using the control buttons.

How Simple Is It To Use Ecoheat S?

The use of EcoHeat S is simple as plug and play. Let’s see how I used the portable heater to warm my rooms:

How simple is it to use EcoHeat S

  1. Pick up the portable heater and place it on the flat surface near you.
  2. Power up the heater from the stable power source.
  3. Then, set the mode according to my needs.
  4. After warming up the room, turn off the heater.

Its auto oscillation ensures a balanced temperature in the room. On the control panel, all functions are easy to manage. Its ceramic construction makes it heat proof and I can easily move the heater while running. Its dimension is 21 cm x 14 cm, so use it anywhere without any problems.

What Do I Like About Ecoheat S?

The total performance of the Ecoheat S amazed me. Below, I will show my likings about the portable room heater.

What do I like about Ecoheat S

  • Heat absorbing ceramic coating.
  • Adjustable modes to control heat and oscillation.
  • Warm-up a room quickly.
  • Cover a room with wide-angle heating performance.
  • Bright LED control panel.
  • Smooth heat supply up to 98-degree Fahrenheit.
  • Goes with any sized room.
  • Portable and lightweight, so easy to transport.
  • No harmful elements are used.
  • Save energy and bills.

What I Don’t Like About Ecoheat S?

The following things are missing in the Ecoheat S:

  • It is not suitable for open space and large auditorium type rooms.
  • One design, One Color.

Where Can I Purchase The Ecoheat S?

If you have decided to purchase the EcoHeat S, I recommend to get it from here. From the official link of the EcoHeat S, you will get up to 50% discount.

Where can I purchase the EcoHeat S

No need to worry about delivery charges because it is free. To make the room warm in harsh winter, I highly recommend the gadget to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s see the answers to the commonly asked questions about the EcoHeat S.

Who Can Use EcoHeat S?

It can be used by anyone, anywhere because of the portable and sleek design. Where temperature is very low, the gadget can warm the room environment using its advanced features.

Does EcoHeat S Have Safety Features?

EcoHeat S provides auto-off safety to stop overheating. Its tip over protection prevents overcurrent issues. Also, it does not produce radiation, UV rays etc., and harmful elements.

It Is Safer Than Most Portable Heaters?

Most of the portable heaters are bulky and produce extra heat. But the EcoHeat S is tiny but warm the room up to 98-degree Fahrenheit and designed with heat-absorbing ceramic materials. So, it is safer than others.

Final Thought

The small heater provides reliable and ultimate performance like premium heaters. In the EcoHeat S review, I have rounded up its performance according to my 2-month experience. It has the over and safety protection that makes it convenient for me.

The 70-degree angle performance warms up the room equally. Its 3 modes allow me to adjust the heating level easily. From the top LED panel, the heater is easy to control. I suggest to get the EcoHeat S to keep yourself warm in the cold winter for its outstanding performance.

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