Enence Review (Update 2022) – Is It Worth Buying?


Muama Enence is a translator tool that has the capability of translating multiple languages. This device has been designed to simplify the conversation among people who don’t speak or understand foriegn languages.

Many of us frequently visit different countries for vacation, travelling, business purposes and so on. But we find difficulties communicating with the locals of several countries in their language. Fortunately, in such cases, Muama Enence comes in handy.

Are you excited to know more about this device and how can it help you? Well, stay with us in this Enence Review article and you will get to know every detail related to Muama Enence. We also have added the information where you’ll get it at a reasonable price.

9.8out of 10

Ease of Use9.9

Value for Money9.8




Quick Summary of Enence Review

With the progress of technology, having a gadget that can speak any language is definitely helpful. What if you get an interpreter tool that is compact and delivers fast and accurate translation of 40+ different languages?

Yes! For faster communication, a digital interpreter like Muama Enence with so many features is very essential. Just by pressing one key and talking to the device, you will have your desired translation. So, have a try on the Muama Enence and stop struggling with foreign languages.

Product Summary
Enence Review

Enence Review

Top Features:

  • Compact & classy
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery
  • Two way communication
  • Accurate & fast translation
  • Multiple language support

What Is Muama Enence?

Muama Enence is a portable two way voice translator that will help you to understand any unknown languages within a few seconds. It provides you with an accurate translation of more than 40 languages. Basically, it helps to remove the miscommunication and keeps your conversation smooth and convenient.

What Is Muama Enence?

The shape and size is similar to a MP3 player. Thus, this handy device can be carried anywhere and fits easily on the palm of the hand.

So, with this Muama Enence, you don’t need to struggle to understand other languages while traveling to different countries. Moreover, with proper internet connection, this little gadget will work anywhere across the world.

How Does Muama Enence Work?

Now, you may want to know the way of using this device. Keeping that in mind, we have come with this section.

  • Basically, this small translating device needs access to an application that works with it.
  • When it’s connected to the app, it will take input from the user.
  • The input words or phrases are transferred to the app using Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Next, using the internet, the app translates the particular input words to the desired language selected by the user.
  • When the input language is translated successfully, the app transfers the translated language back to the speaker of the device.
  • And finally, the user gets to know the desired language from it.
  • Muama Enence is compatible with almost all iOS and android devices.

Features & Benefits

Muama Enence offers the latest and advanced features for communicating with anyone across the world. Let’s check out those features and benefits that you will get from this Muama Enence.

Features & benefits

Compact & classy

The simple and sleek design of this innovative translator tool can be fit anywhere in your backpack, coat pocket or side pocket. The device is so slim and light weight that it will not weigh you down.

Long lasting rechargeable battery

The most amazing benefit of this translator tool is that the app doesn’t consume much battery power. With a single charge, you can run this device for three to four days. Also, you can separately charge the external speaker and microphone as they have a separate battery.

Two way communication

Muama Enence is engineered with a two way voice translator. That means, it can easily translate from one language to another one and vice versa. Thus both sides can clearly understand each other without any hassle.

Accurate & fast translation

It’s important to have a quick conversation while buying groceries, ordering food or in business meetings. Here, Muama Enence does this job successfully.

Muama Enence is capable of real time translation, which translates accurately within 1-3 seconds. You don’t have to make the conversation longer as the device is super fast and accurate.

Multiple language support

Muama Enence supports over 40 languages and is capable of translating multiple languages at the same time. So, you will get a variety of options to translate in your desired language.

It’s really awesome to have a shortcut when you don’t have spare time to learn several languages for communication purposes. So, from my opinion, carrying a Muama Enence in your pocket while walking around will definitely make you feel safe.

Specifications of Enence Instant Translator

  • Battery: 3.7 V 750mA rechargeable batteries
  • Volume: Integrated intelligent noise reduction
  • Voice recognition distance: 2m
  • Mode of operation: Button
  • Network: 2.4G WLAN or hotspot
  • Optical resolution: 1200 dpi
  • Highly compatible
  • Longer battery life
  • Great sound quality
  • Real time translation
  • High accuracy in translation
  • Can’t recognize incoherent speech
  • Need proper internet connection

How to Use Enence?

Using the Muama Enence is simply easy and fast. Just following some steps, you can easily operate this device. Here, I will let you know the process step- by- step how to use Enence.

How to use Enence

  • Firstly, you need to download the application operated by Enence from the Google play store or Apple store.
  • Turn on the translator device by pressing the power button.
  • Using Bluetooth connectivity, you need to connect the app to Muama Enence. Not to mention, for using this device, you need a proper internet connection and your location information must be turned on. Also, you will be asked for microphone access permission.
  • As Muama Enence doesn’t have any display, you need to select the languages for translation from the dropdown menu of the app.
  • When you want to translate any sentence, words or phrases, just press and hold button “A” and speak to the device.
  • Next, release the button and wait for the interpreter to convert to the desired language. It usually takes a few seconds to translate. Once done, the conversation partner will be able to listen to the voice translation in their native language.
  • When the button “B” is pressed, your conversation partner can speak to the device for further translation.
  • After the “B” button is released, the device will automatically convert the spoken words into your understandable language.
  • Furthermore, the device lets you scan any menu and it will interpret every word into your selected language.

Super easy and simple, right? Just press and hold the button. Speak to the device and you are ready with the translation.

Is Enence A Scam?

We all know that learning a new language all of a sudden is pathetic and tiresome. In fact, many of us don’t get time to learn a new language before travelling. And in many cases, local people can’t talk fluently in English.

In such situations, having conversations with foreigners who don’t speak or understand your language is very tough. Thanks to Muama Enence for translating any desired language without any trouble. To facilitate communication with non-natives or foreigners, a digital interpreter like Muama Enence is very essential.

But before investing your money, you must judge what features this device has and how well it performs. For clearing your confusions, we are adding some customer opinions that would definitely make your decision easier.

Is Enence a scam

What Should Look for Before Buying Enence

It is essential to consider some factors while buying, so that you make a good purchase. The following factors will help you to choose an excellent Enence to ease your communication.

Language support

Many translators come with a variety of features, but they lack the most important thing which is multiple language support. They can translate a few common languages and it might become useless to you. Hence, always check how many languages the Enence can translate.

Accuracy of translation

If the translator tool delivers wrong translations, it will become totally worthless. A good quality Enence must have the capability of interpreting the sentence with correct meaning. Otherwise misunderstanding might take place between the conversations.

Battery backup

This translator tool is mainly used when travelling or going around other countries. Obviously, you will not get the chance to charge your device here and there. Therefore, a strong battery is necessary to enhance your travel experience.


If the device is not compatible with your mobile, then definitely it’s not a sensible investment. So, before buying, check whether the device is compatible with your mobile to work with.

Quality of speaker

For understanding the translations, the quality of the microphone and speaker must be good and clear. Or else it would be difficult to understand what it said.

A good and high quality Enence must have the mentioned features for providing the best service to you.

What Comes in the Box?

The packaging includes a translator device, USB charging cord and a user manual. Generally, the translation device is the main component and it has a slim body. By using this device you will get the voice translation instantly.

You need to use the adapter of your smartphone to charge Muama Enence using the given cord. For any help or instruction, you can read the user manual. Also, it will give you all the information regarding the manufacturer.

Where Can I Order It?

It’s always preferable to buy anything from an authentic store. If you are willing to buy authentic Muama Enence at a reasonable price, you can visit here.

On top of that, this store is offering a 50% discount per unit. And free shipping is included on every order. Furthermore, you will get a 30 day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the service and product. Amazing! Right?

So, without wasting any time, place your order and communicate with anyone on this planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Muama Enence?

The manufacturer of Muama Enence is Yusea.

Does Muama Enence need wifi to work?

Yes! For translating any language using Muama Enence, a proper internet connection is mandatory.

How good is Muama Enence?

If you struggle to explain yourself or face any communication gap while talking to the foreigners, then Muama Enence can be a blessing.

Is there any refund Policy?

Yes, you will get a 30 day 100% money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the gadget.

How long will it take to receive Enence ?

Actually, the time required for the parcel to be delivered depends on the particular country and region. Sometimes, the delivery might be postponed due to the customs.

How much is the shipping cost?

Luckily you will get a free delivery across the world on all orders of Muama Enence.

Does the Muama Enence require a smartphone to operate?

Yes, Muama Enence requires a smartphone to run the whole system.

How to connect the device with the smartphone?

Using Bluetooth connectivity, you can simply connect the device to your smartphone.

Is Muama Enence excellent for travellers?

Of Course! For travellers or tourists, Muama Enence can be the best option, if you find difficulties to communicate with foriegn languages.

Final Thought

Although there are so many wireless translator tools, only a few can be compared to its features and price. Hopefully, reading this Enence review article, you have got a clear idea whether to buy a Muama Enence or not.

For any international destinations, business meetings, shopping, travelling and communicating with foreigners, Muama Enence will make your way easier.

Just carry Muama Enence in your pocket and travel every corner of the world with confidence.

9.8out of 10

Ease of Use9.9

Value for Money9.8




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