Ethernet Connected But No Internet: 6 Fixes To Try

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ethernet connected but no internet

Life is so much easier when the internet suns smoothly and good. But sometimes it is never that easy. A wired or ethernet connection should be simple plug-and-play. Sometimes though, this is not the case. There is a problem with ethernet connected but no internet.

While most people like the convenience of wireless connections, there are still wonderful advantages to having an ethernet connection. One of the most obvious benefits is that wired connections offer reliable connections and are less prone to interference from external factors such as consumer electronic products or weather. Thus, you get faster and better connections to download information or play online games.

That said, they can prove to be a headache in terms of troubleshooting. For instance, an ethernet connected but no internet. In this article, we’re sharing some tips on how to fix these specific issues.

How To Fix Ethernet Connected But No Internet?

ethernet connected but no internet

1. Turn Off Your Wi-Fi

Before you start to troubleshoot your device, try turning off the Wi-Fi on your device. If your device has access to both ethernet and Wi-Fi, it will always prioritize the former and you‘ll be able to know if it’s the ethernet cable or your connection that’s bad.

If ethernet connected but no internet  and you can’t still have access, check if you’ve disabled your ethernet. You can open Network Adapters on your desktop o laptop and check the name of the Ethernet Device Card. If you find a computer icon with an arrow, then your ethernet is disabled. Make sure to enable it.

2. Check If Other Devices Can Access The Internet

Another critical step is to check whether other devices can easily access the internet via the same ethernet cable. You can use another laptop or computer, even your smart TV to check if it can access the internet without any problems.

If other devices can easily connect, then the issue can be a misconfigured setting on your device. If other devices can’t also connect, then the issue would be on your network equipment. It can also be caused by a faulty cable. To check this, all you need to do is to use another ethernet cable and check if it connects properly to the internet.

3. Turn Off Your Modem Or Router

In general, a simple fix to a no internet connection issue is a simple power cycling of your modem or router. You can simply turn off the modem for about a minute. Then turn it back on and check if you can connect to the internet. If you still can’t connect to the internet by refreshing your modem or router then try the next method below.

4. Disable Security Software

Ethernet connected but no internet, unless there’s no internet access on multiple devices, then the issue could potentially be caused by interference from your antivirus software.

This is a common issue. In particular, the Avast free antivirus was reported to prevent numerous users from accessing the internet because of a glitch back in 2017.

Try disabling your security software and check if the problem still exists. That said, it’s advisable to disable nay 3rd party antivirus apps. It’s also beneficial to run a malware scan since a malicious app may be tampering with your network connection. This is usually the problem most internet users encountered. Be aware of the malicious apps and software to avoid any future problems on your internet.

5. Check And Update Drivers

The issue could also be caused by a faulty network driver. So, make sure to check your network card drivers manually. Or use applications that automatically check and install the most recent driver versions.

Go to your device manufacturer’s website or your computer settings and look for any updates for drivers. Download them, then try connecting to the internet again.

6. Check IP Address Settings

The last fixes you can try and hopefully provide a solution to ethernet connected but no internet. When you’re accessing a website, your device uses a DNS server to find the IP address of that website. Sometimes, these servers can experience issues and making it difficult to visit websites.

Thus, you may try diagnosing the network issue by making sure that the device gets a valid IP address. You can do this by changing your DNS server or flushing the DNS cache. Hopefully, you can now connect to the internet.


Why is my TV showing ‘connected to a network’ but having no internet connection?

If you see that other devices can seamlessly access your internet, then there may be an issue with your network adapter or device. If there’s no internet access on your other devices, then the issue lies with your router or internet connection.

What does it mean that a device is connected but has no internet access?

When you see this kind of error message, it means that your computer or device is properly connected to your modem or router, however, it can’t reach the internet. Thus, you won’t be able to surf online.


An ethernet connection but no internet is a quite common issue. Fortunately, there’s been some effective ways to fix this issue. In general, working through the list of ethernet troubleshooting methods above should be able to help you fix your ethernet connection issues! We hope that one of these fixes can provide a solution to the problem of ethernet connected but no internet.

If you think that none of these fixes works well with the problem, it is best to seek the help of a professional regarding this matter. Calling customer support can also be a solution to the problem.

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