Explore Air Review (2022): Easy to Control, Explore Air Gives You Eyes in the Sky


Drones have become the most important photography or videography tool, from business to the entertainment industry. Presenting a whole property in a single picture or capturing wildlife up close, they were just dreaming for us until the drone technology came into the play. The technology is still evolving, and some are taking it to a new height with cool features.

I recently came across the Explore AIR Review, the features it comes with had me on it. I had to take and test it; I used it for a while, and here is my review for one of the coolest drones I’ve ever used. Stick to the article if you’re planning on using an affordable, high-tech, and easy-to-operate drone that doesn’t fall short.

What is Explore AIR?


The Explore AIR is a high-tech drone at a very affordable price range that doesn’t fall short like other budget-friendly drones. It left me amazed when I saw that the manufacturer didn’t compromise on quality and features and still could keep it budget-friendly. The best part about the drone that grabbed my attention is the flight time and the fast charging capability.

Along with some great features, it also offers a compact design that will surely ease your movement, especially while traveling. If you’re a vlogger, a professional photographer, or a filmmaker, need a less complicated drone, the Explore AIR is the one you’re looking for. You’ll get a smooth ride to the horizon with a wide-angle photo or videography, and be able to control it with hand gestures.

What Is The Specification Of The Explore Air?What-is-the-Specification-of-the-Explore-AIR

There is a lot to talk about the Explore AIR specifications as it’s a package of solid features. Here are the key specifications of the Explore AIR that made it the most convenient drone for me and which for I recommend it:

  • The Explore AIR has a quadcopter design with 4 propellers that keep it steady on the flight.
  • You can control it with a dedicated phone app with Wifi along with the included 2.4GHz remote controller.
  • The kit types of the Explore AIR are RTF, and it has a 6-axis gyro sensor with an easy controller.
  • Special features of the Explore AIR are the 3D stunt, headless mode, Air pressure altitude hold, and Wifi FPV option.
  • It can move up, down, backward, forwarded, and free movement with a hot point following option.
  • There are 4 connectivity channels with a wifi control from 80 up to 150 meters to control it from a long distance.
  • You can capture at a 120° angle, and the tilting capability is 90° that helps you capture a plain landscape from the sky.
  • The flying time for this drone is 10 to 13 minutes, with the 1000 mAh 3.7 V Li-poly modular battery.
  • It weighs 0.4000 kg, and the product size is 7.87 x 8.66 x 1.97 inches, which means it’s really compact and easier to move.

Features of Explore AIRFeatures-of-Explore-AIR

Unlike other tech products, drones have to meet a high standard of features and benefits to serve the user, and they have to be precise. Here are the features of the Explore AIR that made me buy and try it out:

High quality photos and videos

Most budget-friendly cameras come with some impressive on-paler spec list for control, flying, and features, but they lack in picture quality. However, the case is not the same for the Explore AIR drone; in fact, it was the first thing in the first Explore AIR review that caught my attention. The 720P HD camera does its job quite well with a 120° angle lens and the 90° up-down tiltable design. It allows me to capture the flat without tweaking any options as I’m flying across the subject from above.

Longer flying time

Speaking of flying, the Explore AIR is a great tool to stay in the blue for a longer period and make a seamless shot. You don’t necessarily have to take the drone down before the shooting is over when you have the Explore AIR with you. It can easily get you around 10 to 13 minutes of flying time with a single charge on the battery. I get up to 15 minutes depending on how the surrounding is doing and which features I’m using.

Fast charging and modular battery

Let’s put, charging drone batteries is one of the most annoying things because they usually take forever to be fully charged. Therefore, people have to carry multiple batteries with the drone rig; but that’s not the case with the Explore AIR. The battery of the Explore AIR gets fully charged within only 1.5 hours, plus the battery is fully modular. So, you can still carry multiple batteries, fly it for over 15 minutes with a single battery, and you’re ready to go again within 1.5 hours! Convenient!

Long wifi controller coverage

Getting long-range wifi control is not a rare thing when the ridiculously expensive drones are considered. However, considering the Explore AIR price range, it has an unbeatable Wifi controlling range within the range. The regular wifi distance for the Explore AIR is 80 to 150 meters when you’re flying it, even in a concealed area. If you go open and clear for the remote receiver controller, controlling the drone is going to be buttery smooth.

Custom flight route system

As drone technology is growing, it is also becoming more user-friendly, and people are expecting more from it. Controlling the drone precisely on a pre-planned route isn’t an easy job unless you have a tailored flight planning module. If you do it manually, you cannot concentrate on the footage quality and the control panel simultaneously. With the Explore Air, you’ll get a custom flight route system to assist you with smoother and seamless footage. You can set a custom path for the drone, and it will follow that path on its own to capture the footage.

One-key return mechanism

Landing has always been an issue with most drones in the past; people even ended up breaking their drones, landing it. However, with Explore AIR, the landing has never been easier because it comes with the single-key return function. When you press the return button, the drone will return to its base where the controller is; and it’ll do it on its own. The drone will gently land on the ground without hitting the surface harshly because it’s optimized that way, a hands-free smooth landing.

Compact and foldable design

Preparing for a tour, a hike, camping, and taking the drone along to capture the moments? Packing the drone couldn’t be easier with Explore AIR because it has a compact and foldable design. You can fold the propellers and give it a small footprint and ditch the propeller guards to carry safely. It also comes with a nice and rigid cushioned case that will help you carry it without hurting the structure. The remote controller also has a clever design to fit in your hand without making it uncomfortable for you.

Easy and comfortable control

Controlling drones isn’t easy in general, especially considering that many production houses have dedicated drone operators on board! Nevertheless, that’s not entirely the case with the Explore AIR because it comes with an easy controlling feature. You can control the drone with the included remote controller or your smartphone over Wifi. Both the controlling options are super easy and convenient for the user; I often use it with my Android phone; It’s also available for iOS.

How High Can Explore Air Drone Fly?How-High-Can-Explore-Air-Drone-Fly

Flying the Explore Air and capturing the horizon can be a great experience because it flies higher than many average drones in the marker. If you’re tired of flying the existing drone that doesn’t fly more than 50 meters, it’s time to upgrade! The Explore Air can fly up to 150 meters high in the sky from the ground without losing connection to the controller.

It uses a high-frequency wifi signal with 4 connectivity channels to stay connected to the ground. You can take a whole mountain with a single shot from that height or make a stunning vlog or landscape shot from high above. People who have a very wide and long shot to take should love it with the long height and altitude hold technology.

How Does the Explore AIR Work?How-Does-the-Explore-AIR-Work

Although the Explore AIR comes with a ton of special features, the working process and controlling it is pretty straightforward. Here is how the Explore AIR works and how you can control it super easy and precisely, even if you’re new to it:


Before you use the drone, you need to assemble it following the included user manual. First, take out the propellers from the folded state; the two propellers in front are different; they need twists to open up. Now, take the propeller guards, screw them in place with the included screw in the box. Then, take the controller, attach the battery, or install the app, connect it with Wifi, and you’re good to go!


The controlling buttons are pretty much self-explanatory; press the start button in the middle, and it’ll take the flight! Press the left, right, up, and down buttons to move the drone around and after recording, press the landing button for lending. That’s pretty much it for the beginners; there is more to it, that’ll all come in as you keep using the drone.


Recharging the battery of Explore AIR is fast; it takes only 1.5 hours to fully charge it and gets you up to 15 minutes of flight. If you’re planning on heavy video production with it, consider getting an extra battery or more to keep up with a charging cycle.

Where Can I purchase the Explore AIR?Where Can I purchase the Explore AIR

Getting the right product means getting the right service, and there is nothing better than getting the product from the official site. I got my Explore AIR from the official website, and I’m satisfied with both the customer service and the product.

If you’re also planning on getting the Explore AIR, I’d suggest you get it from the Explore AIR official website. They’re even rolling out an awesome promo offer where they’re giving up 2 for free when you buy 3 from their site.


Making amazing photographs and photographs from an impossible viewing angle; that’s what a drone does for you. If you have the right drone to help you with film production, that’ll surely catch the people into the screen.

As you can see in the Explore AIR Review, cinematic shots from the drone are now possible within your budget. All the impressive features and options it has will blow your mind once you start using it. Impression, perfection, and preciseness that’s the words I’d choose to describe the Explore AIR drone.

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