Eyebrow Master Review 2021: High Quality Eyebrows Contouring Pens

, June 23, 2021

You can create a new look by using the Eyebrow Master liner on your eyes. Women love to do makeup on their faces for a new look. Among all the makeup, the eyes are the most attractive part. So, people always search for the best pencil liner. I will share the experience on Eyebrow Master Review of what differences I get after using this liner.

9.7out of 10

Ease of Use9.7
Value for Money9.7

Applying any other eyeliner to eyes is dangerous. Because anytime the liner can be slipped away and damage the eyes. But, you can use the Eyebrow Master without any tension.  Because of its static contour, I feel safe while using it. Also, this liner is water and sweat proof and lasts for 12 hours. 

Our Summary
Eyebrow Master Review

Eyebrow Master Review

  • The thin and delicate liner helps to make a gorgeous look on your eyes.
  • Eyebrow master lasted for 12 hours and there is no melting or damaging of the liner.
  • It is waterproof and ensures smooth contour on sweating.
  • You will get four types of shade on this Eyebrow master including tint colors.
  • For static and fast contour liner this eyebrow master has four types of Forked Tip.

What is Eyebrow Master Review?

The Eyebrow master is a pencil liner that makes you look like a princess. When I saw this liner, I was worried. Maximum liners melt away due to hot weather. Also, when the liner gets in touch with the water, it starts melting. But the Eyebrow Master is safe in this area.

Eyebrow Master Review

This Eyebrow Master pencil liner lasted for almost 12 hours and it is water and sweatproof. I have a thin brow, and I was worried like other liners it would not fit on my eyes. But it has four forked tips and tint color. That color makes them look gorgeous in my eyes. 

Also, It can make a perfect outline by holding the liner at a 45-degree angle. I can get my favorite color at less price. The price is enlisted in another section. Recently they are offering a discount on those Eyebrow masters. Also, as a regular consumer, I get the warranty offered with money back for 30 days.

What Features Does Eyebrow Master Have?

Normally every single eyebrow liner has some common features that everyone sees. But when you choose the Eyebrow Master, without using it you will not feel what features it will give you. 


So, after using this Eyebrow Master here I put listed some features. 

  • The thin and delicate liner helps to make a gorgeous look on your eyes.
  • Eyebrow master lasted for 12 hours and there is no melting or damaging of the liner.
  • It is waterproof and ensures smooth contour on sweating.
  • You will get four types of shade on this Eyebrow master including tint colors.
  • For static and fast contour liner this eyebrow master has four types of Forked Tip.

How Do I Use The Eyebrow Master?

Though the Eyebrow Master-art looks like an easy process, when you start applying on your eyebrow, you will feel how difficult the process is. For the first time when I applied the Eyebrow master on me, the eye looked like an art area.


 After researching some sites, finally, I was able to collect some guidelines. Among all the instructions, there I added a simple guideline for you.

To get the perfect shape on your eyebrows, the Eyebrow Master is the best one. With four colors and four forked tips, you can easily make beautiful art on your eyebrows.

  • Before applying the Eyebrow Master, first, brush your eyebrows so that the eyebrows will be aligned.
  • If your eyebrows are thin, you can make an outline around the eyebrows and then fill up the outline. For a stunning look on your beautiful eyes, this is perfect.
  • Now, choose the liner you want to apply to your eyebrows and stand in front of the mirror.
  • Hold the Eyebrow master steadily and apply it gently on your eyebrows.
  • After applying the eyebrow, lift your brow to check if the arch or the line is ok or not.
  • You can also remove it if the line or contour is not ok on your brows.
  • Finally check the eyebrows and adjust it to get a stunning look on your eyebrows.
  • You can apply the color inside in the same way.

When I tried, I just hurt my eyes. So, make sure you are careful enough when you apply it to your eyebrows. My eyebrows are thin, so first I draw an outline then fill up the outline with this liner.

How Much Does Eyebrow Master Cost?

The pricing of the Eyebrow master is different from place to place including shipping charge. But in their authorized store there is a fixed universal rate. When I chose to buy one Eyebrow Master, I purchased it by spending $66. 


Later, I found out that 2 eyebrow masters can be purchased for $44 per unit, and for three eyebrows masters you only need to spend $37 per unit. Also, as a regular customer, I get some extra benefits. 

Such as three years warranty by spending an extra $12. Again, each purchase of the Eyebrow master offers a 30 days money back option. The eyebrow master also gives a refund to the customer who keeps the liner intact, if there is any problem.

Particularly I am so pleased with their service, especially the pricing classification. Recently they are offering 50% off on their products. So, you can get the Eyebrow master at a very reasonable price.

Where Could Eyebrow Master Be Purchased?


To purchase the Eyebrow Master, you can visit their authorized site. This site will give you the perfect and authentic liner to use. Also, you can visit the online store for purchasing this product. But for the best purchase, you visit the hyperstech store. In this store, you will get the Eyebrow Master at a reasonable price with quality.

Frequently Asked Question

There are many queries about the Eyebrow master. To meet the thirst here are some questions and answers added for your convenience.

Is it a good idea to shave your eyebrows?

Shaving your eyebrows is not a good decision, as this may lead you to permanent damages. Also, you may not get an accurate shape. For this, you can use the Eyebrow Master to keep your eyebrows in a shape.

Is it suitable for light-colored eyebrows?

The eyebrow master has different types of shade. You will get light and deep shade on the list. So, if you apply the eyebrows master on the light-colored eyebrows, it will be suitable for light-colored eyebrows.

Is it waterproof and sweatproof?

By applying the Eyebrow Master, you can keep the liner up to 12 hours. It is completely waterproof and also sweatproof. For all-day use this one is flawless.  


To get a stunning look at the eye, women can use the Eyebrow master. Some women have thin brows and they are worried about looking gorgeous. After reading my Eyebrow Master Review they will feel relieved about their eye look. The Eyebrow master lasts for 12 hours and one of the best waters and sweatproof eyeliner.

Earlier when I used other liners, my eyes looked horrible due to low quality. Also, when I used those liners, I was unable to wash my face with water. But, now I know that this eyebrow master will not ruin my face as this liner is waterproof. Also, it helps me to get a gorgeous and dazzling look. So why not buy this amazing product when I can get so many benefits. 

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