EyeQue VisionCheck Review [2022]: Who and Why You Use EyeQue?


I hear about EyeQue all time and finally, I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? I feel very easy and comfortable to test my eyes. I had cataracts on both eyes and I changed the power of glass 4 times. The problem happens because i did not wear glasses regularly. As per my experience, it worked better than a doctor’s prescription and it saves my money and time. Also, I can observe my previous results and doctors can easily consult and prescribe medicines according to the previous report, which is necessary for every patient. I used it to test my whole family members and it gives me convenient and reliable performance.

9.6out of 10

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Most of the people’s eyesight becomes decreases with age. Because the lens becomes hardens and loses focusing on objects. As we grow older, we have to wear glasses with different powers. So, it is necessary to take care of our eyes and the EyeQue personal vision tracker makes this task easy. It helps to check our vision quality and condition through a smartphone. With all smartphones, it can be used easily and it provides accurate results than a doctor’s prescriptions. Here, I have shared my experience with the EyeQue. Let’s start from below:

Our Summary
EyeQue VisionCheck Review

EyeQue VisionCheck Review

Pros: It provides 100% accurate results and has MIT patented technology. Provides EyeGlass numbers within 8 minutes without uncomforted feeling.  Track overall results and share with the doctor if need. Works on Apple and Android devices without any hassle.

Cons: No faults and problems are seen.


What Is EyeQue?

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EyeQue is a vision screening device that helps to get full and functional vision within 3 minutes. The mini scope turns smartphone as a vision test without spending. It is patented with MIT technology to ensure a better viewing experience. Also, it shows 3 color lines that help to adjust its functions. You can adjust the green and red line to merge from the yellow line through a button. It has an axis, sphere readings and cylinder that provide accurate readings to get a perfect view.

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The eyeque personal vision tracker shares the results on the cloud storage so your optometrist can see it to prescribe you. It allows to check eyesight for several times that makes its functionality better. Also, it will help to diagnose and prevent disease according to the weekly and monthly results from storage. It provides 100 percent accurate result and everyone can use it.

Is Eyeque Accurate?

EyeQue is designed on MIT patent based technology and provides a very accurate result with a good wide spherical range and cylindrical range. We can test unlimited time so we can check several times to check its accuracy. I tested my vision 8 times in a row and it provided me the same results every time. Also, it has tested over 18000 people and they got optimized and accurate values to order eyeglasses.

How Does It Work?

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The eyeque personal vision tracker comes with a miniscope observe results through app. The miniscope is equipped with highly engineered silicone eyecup that ensures comfort placement. Below, I have presented how does EyeQue work step by step.

  1. At first, remove the sticker and attach the vision tracker with a smartphone.
  2. Put eyes on miniscope eyecup and hold it for few minutes with relaxation.
  3. Press the buttons on the screen to progress the test.
  4. Rotate eyepiece after completing each test. It requires 3 measurement tests for a quick test and 9 measurement tests for a comprehensive test per eye.
  5. Now, track the progress report and consult with doctors if need.

Who Can Use Eyeque?

The vision tracker device has no medicines and no side effects. Also, its silicone eyecup ensures comfort when we are testing our vision. So, it is 100% safe and suitable for all aged people because it has adult and kid mode. Generally, we faced vision problems after above 18 and it is recommended not to give a child as a toy. Also, you can use it anytime, any condition even if you have contact lenses in your eyes.

Top 5 Features Eyeque

The EyeQue has been more than 50000 times and 92 claimed that they got perfect glass prescription. Also, it can easily test your vision and anyone can use it without any difficulties. Below, I will share the top 5 features of the EyeQue that provide benefits in more ways. Have a look below:

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  1. Save time and money: After every 2 or 3 months, i have to consult with an eye specialist to checkup my eye condition and sometimes I miss the schedule of the doctor. The EyeQue vision tracker helped to test my vision and I sent the report to my doctor, so he easily prescribed me some medicines and a glass. Every time, the doctor charged 20 dollars per visit and i don’t have to pay this because I can check my vision condition and order glass from home.
  2. Accuracy: I tested it with my doctor’s prescription and they matched each one surprisingly. Its spherical reading provides a 100% accurate result and allows different methods of testing. SO, you can test your vision and order glass to get a better viewing experience.
  3. Fast and effective: It shows results through EyeQue Insight app, which is free for android and apple devices. Also, it shows EyeGlass Numbers within 8 minutes and it can be used everywhere. With the smartphone app, you can test unlimited time so you can test the vision of your whole family.
  4. No need prescription: Normally, we need a doctor’s prescription to order a glass, but the vision tracker saves your EyeGlass Numbers so you can order glass from home. Also, it provides a better result to color blind, deuteranopia, tritanopia and indicates the deficiency of color.
  5. Track results: It allows to hold previous data that helps a doctor to understand your eye condition. The data can be shown online or offline because it saves on phone storage. Also, you can share the data with doctors or optometrists to get advice. After all, the doctor can compare the results and give you better treatment.
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  • It provides 100% accurate results and has MIT patented technology. Provides EyeGlass numbers within 8 minutes without uncomforted feeling. Silicone eyecup provides comfortable eye placement and durable performance. With a simple, it can be used conveniently with proper vision care. No need doctor’s prescription and order glass online. Track overall results and share with the doctor if need. Works on Apple and Android devices without any hassle.
  • No faults and problems are seen.

Benefits Of Eyeque Personal Vision Tracker

EyeQue is an affordable and convenient vision tracker to check our vision anytime without anyone’s help. It has several benefits and I will share them below:

  • It can test our vision, prescribe the glasses and help to order online quickly.
  • We do not have to go to the doctor that saves our money and it can be used unlimited times.
  • It provides highly accurate results after testing vision because it uses the MIT-patented system.
  • Ensure glass numbers within 8 minutes, so we do not need prescription and order online quickly.
  • With the EyeQue smartphone app, we can track the previous result and show them to the doctor if need.
  • Kids, parents, men, women, elderly etc. everyone can use the vision tracker becasue it has no side effects.
  • Its silicone eyecup fits over everyone’s eye with better comfort and lasts longer.

How Do I Set Up?

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The EyeQue works with MIT patented technology and the EyeQue PVT app to find out vision error within a short time. It requires a user account and I completed it from eyeque.com. The registered account helps to record previous reports for future inspection. Then, I download the EyeQue insight app and login with a registered account. It has a silicone eyecup and I put eyes to the test vision and it shows EyeGlass numbers and the data is saved on the history log. Also, it has adults and kids mode so I use the vision tracker to test my whole family. I have tested refraction, color sensitivity, visual activity and contrast sensitivity.

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How Do I Use This?

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EyeQue is easy to use and I follow some instructions that I learned from several practices and mistakes. Here, I will tell you how I use it to test my eye vision.

  • At first, I open the EyeQue insight app and login with my credentials.
  • Then, I add the miniscope with a smartphone with the correct position.
  • After that, I place the eye in the eyecup and hold it until the test completed, which you can understand on the phone screen.
  • I swap their eyepiece after each measurements.
  • The quick test requires 3 measurements and the comprehensive test requires 9 measurements.

After completing the test, I save my data on my personal book, although the app records the history of all tests and measurements. I share the latest report and EyeGlass number to order eyeglasses online.

Is Eyeque A Scam?

While I was browsing the internet, I heard about EyeQue and it has MIT patented technology to track vision. I purchased it to test is the eyeque a scam or real? At first, i do not know how to use it and I have made mistakes. After a few days, I learned how to use it correctly. It is easy to use and provides 100% accurate result with EyeGLass number. The silicone eyecup is very comfortable to place eyes to start a vision checkup. The best part of the device is that it provides results within few minutes without the doctor’s help. It works through the EyeQue insight app that allows to check overall results and I shared report to doctors and ordered glasses many times online. After all, it is the best ally to keep vision measurements and eyes healthy with proper advice.

How I Can Buy It?

You can find several miniscope to track the vision test and all are not perfect and reliable. The EyeQue provides very accurate results within a short time because it is patented with MIT technology. I recommend to purchase it from their official website to get the original product and get better results with perfect EyeGlass numbers. Their official website address is

Visit Official Website

If your country has not included in their delivery system, you can order from Amazon, eBay and Walmart. The company offers 30 days money back guarantee if it is defective or has wrong issues. Also, I got 50 percent discount with 1 EyeQue and they provide more discounts with 2 or more purchases. So, you can select according to your needs and usage.

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Frequently Asked Question

People asked some questions frequently and I have answered some of them below:

Does EyeQue work for everyone?

It is a personal tracker so child to adult can use it and it has no medicines or harmful components. Even contact lens users and optic patients use it without any problems.

Is it easy to use and comfortable?

It is MIT patented and has silicone eyecup that allows to place eyes for a long time and you will not feel pain or discomfort for a single moment. With a simple EyeQue insight, it can be used easily through a smartphone.

Are children use it?

It has kid and adult mode so children can use it if they have eye problems. But, never give it to them as a toy. After using, keep it in a safe place and you can observe the results on the smartphone app.

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Final Thought

The eyeque personal vision tracker helps to track our eyesight with accuracy, so it is worth the expenditure. It is very simple and easy to use, just need a smartphone and download the EyeQue insight app. Its build quality is very strong and the silicon eyecup provides comfort when we place the eye on it to start testing.

Within 8 minutes, I provide EyeGlass numbers to order for eyeglasses online. By creating an account on the app, we can save all data for future inspection and doctors can easily prescribe medicines by reviewing records. Overall, it is an exceptional vision tracker to avoid any eye problems at the first moment so that you will have perfect eyesight.

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