FIXD Review [2022]: Must Read Before Buy This Gadget


I hear about FIXD all time and finally, I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? Once my car stopped during the trip and my friend suggests me to use the device. The Fixd device device works fine and finds out the problems which are accurate than the mechanic’s diagnostic checkup. It shows a warning on the smartphone app if your car or vehicle has any technical issues. Also, it provides a detailed analysis where you can monitor the mechanical conditions of your car on your devices.

If you are one of those who likes to prevent uncomfortable situations, we recommend this application that can be installed on your smart portable device. Now clearing up your doubts and removing yourself from your insecurities will be easier if you have this vehicle scanner. Also, it is the precise tool for those drivers who want to keep the internal workings of their vehicles up-to-date and seek to avoid accidents due to unforeseen mechanical damage, being stranded on the street at the expense of thugs and other uncomfortable situations. In this article, I will share how the fixd car diagnostic helped me. Let’s dive into it.  

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Fixd Review 2021

Fixd Review

PROS: The FIXD sensor can be installed on any vehicle made in 1996 or later, and the free app allows you to monitor multiple sensors at a time. The app also alerts you when it’s time for general maintenance.

CONS: A few customers said that the sensor detected no problems, even when they were alerted about a light on their dash. Others had issues with connecting to WiFi or losing data from the sensor.

My Quick Overview Of Fixd (30 Sec)

FIXD is a device integrated with smart sensors that monitors the vehicle’s status and informs the users about the condition in smartphones through an app. FIXD will work as a smart assistance for your car. The device will monitor the vehicle’s status in real-time and guide you with easy instructions. You can even link multiple FIXD enabled vehicles to monitor more than one vehicle at the same time. 

What Exactly Is Fixd?

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FIXD is an innovative gadget that allows you to carry out a self-diagnosis of the car in real-time with its App and OBD2 system. It provides you with data relating to the problems that your car may have or has, also giving you information about vehicle history along with possible costs that you will have to bear.

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Thanks to the simple, intuitive interface and functionality, you can constantly keep under control the state of your machine, saving time and money. Also, it gives you a diagnosis of the problem and costs. You will avoid that the mechanic can cheat you). In addition, it works efficiently on all cars produced since 1996. FIXD is a good solution to be able to travel by car with tranquility, serenity and without problems even over long distances.

As contingencies can never be missing on a well-planned day. On the least expected day, the vehicle’s engine will present an unsuspected failure that will leave it stranded on the road at the mercy of adverse conditions. Who could foresee that the engine of your car will present an inadvertent failure? Now, if this detail is presented to you, you will have FIXD that will help you every day. The device will show you the error codes as well as cost estimate will be much lesser than before.

How Does Fixd Work?

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This vehicle scanner is a modern application that serves to throw diagnoses that detect problems of mechanical origin. FIXD device works with a system code reader of OBD2 protocols and it supports Bluetooth 4.0. It is a scanning tool that accesses the vehicle’s internal registry, detecting problems, failures and breakdowns that affect the operation of the car. The data is transferred from the application to the smartphone or tablet. Fixed analyzes under the app application system and OBD-II scanners. It allows us to know the conditions of the vehicle in real-time with an accuracy of data in a threateningly simple language about internal problems of the car when preparing budgets previously consulted with mechanics.

Does Fixd Car Really Work?

FIXD allows you to make a diagnosis of your car using its odb2 system and App. Remember that this handy tool indicates the car or vehicle problems so you can fix them quickly. I checked my car headlights on with the FIXD and it showed me that the catalytic converter made the problem and the mechanic suggested me fix it on repair shop.

This major issue is hard to find out which saves my money from a big accident. Also, it notifies when engine oil becomes heat and the oxygen sensor stopped working. The main advantage of the device is that you will stay safe from fraud mechanics. Because the FIXD OBD Scanner gives you a detailed history with a quick scan and you can do any type of repair. Most importantly your cost of repair and service fees on the repair shop will be less than ever

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What Kind Of Issues Does The Fixd Sensor Detect?

FIXD sensors notifies the user about the engine light and also informs how many problems have been detected. The device also provides a maintenance timeline. This works by providing the manufacturer recommended maintenance timeline so you know when you need a service. The algorithm of this device automatically determines the mileage and alerts the user so you always get the maintenance accordingly. FIXD has a continuous monitoring system that will allow you if it detects any problem. That means, you will have the notification instantly if a problem occurs. The sensor of FIXD also stores the history of the vehicles with the problem detected. FIXD multi-vehicle control remotely observes the health and status of other cars with a FIXD sensor. So, if you own multiple vehicles, it will be easier than ever to monitor all the vehicles with a simple device.  

Top 5 Features And Specification Of Fixd

There are numerous benefits to be found in using this innovative OBD connector technology as a diagnostic tool. Here, I will share the top 5 features and specifications of fixd device that helped me in many ways. They are mentioned below:

  1. Less flapping: When something happens to your car while you’re out and about, it’s never nice. You will have everything under control and avoid crashing with the mechanic.
  2. Save time: By achieving an effective diagnosis of vehicle failures using FIXD automotive, you save a lot of time in going to mechanical workshops. It should be noted that sometimes these evaluation processes do not find mechanical failure.
  3. Easy to use: Having an assertive diagnosis of your vehicle is an incomparable advantage that any driver will want to access at any cost. Having FIXD OBD2 as a fault code detector is the smartest decision for the user looking for the most efficient diagnostic tool.
  4. Protection: With the device, you can check the effectiveness it offers to determine in advance any mechanical damage that the car may have. And thus, it prevents you from exposing yourself and living the panic of being stranded on the road without knowing what is wrong with your vehicle.
  5. Save money: You will find that FIXD automotive will end up saving you good sums of money with each analysis that detects problems. It will provide you with information on what you are going to spend based on the problems detected. This way, you will avoid cheating from the mechanic.
FIXD Review [2022]: Must Read Before Buy This Gadget 3
  • It notifies when engine lights have a problem. It continuously monitors the vehicle engine and notifies when problems detected. With a simple app, you can check other vehicle’s engine condition that has the device connected. Everyone can use it to diagnose vehicle issues. Provide a vehicle problem history through the log menu. It runs from vehicle power, so it does not require battery and recharging. It can track the maintenance period and timeline for service. It provides 7000+ potential problems in real-time.
  • It doesn’t work with diesel and electric battery-powered cars. It only detects the problems of the engine.

Fixd Installation Guide

Fixd provides a complete diagnosis of your vehicle and sends the collected data in simple and non-technical language to your App, where I can read them directly on the screen of your device. Let’s see together how I installed it in my car.

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  • At first, I insert the odb2 socket under the steering wheel of your car under the dashboard there must be an obd2 attachment for that socket, be sure to locate it and place it there.
  • Then, download it for free and I haven’t done it before from the App Store to your device. Enter the required credentials such as name and surname and complete the registration. Remember to enter the code of your written obd2 socket that will find on the label on it.
  • After completing these steps, the App will be configured with the device and vehicle.
  • It is completed to monitor the condition of the car in real-time.

How To Use Fixd?

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Using FIXD device is very easy and all you have to do is follow the steps below to use the scanning application:

  • Check well to find the code reader. You should start by inserting the FIXD into the bottom of the vehicle’s steering wheel.
  • Download the application for free from the App store on your smartphone for your Android and iOS device.
  • Proceed to fill out the registration forms that appear and enter your personal data that will be requested. Then record the number of the FIXD socket that you will find on the label.
  • Wait for the setup between the obd sensor and the app to complete.

It is time to use the FIXD automotive to perform the general scan of the state of the vehicle.

Is Fixd A Scam?

I have been driving the car and SUV for more than 10 years and my friend told me about the fixd car sensor. Based on his suggestion, I purchased it for testing is it scam or real? It saved me from unexpected costs and fraud mechanics by detecting accurate problems. Once I had the engine lights problem during my trip, the device detected the reason and I told the mechanics to change the damaged parts. He looked at me as a stranger and asked how I knew it. I can say that it will save your money and time by informing the right problems and make your vehicle tip-top in condition.

How Much Does Fixd Cost?

Well, here comes the most interesting fact. After knowing the features of this device I thought the gadget may cost a lot. FIXD is available at a very low price range. A single FIXD will cost you only $59.99. If you purchase a pair of FIXD, you have to pay only $89.99. This deal is available with free USA shipping. Finally, the Best Value combo of FIXD is Buy 2 Get 1 Free that is available at only $119.98 where you will have a total of 3 devices. This deal will be recommended if you are planning to gift this gadget to your closed ones. The manufacturer offers a 30 day money back guarantee for all the deals. 

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee And Warranty?

Yes, the FIXD manufacturer company provides shipping and a money-back guarantee. They offer you the possibility of being refunded within 30 days in case the purchased product is defective. Also, they offer 1-year limited warranty on every device. Inside the USA, they deliver products within 2 or 3 days. If you are from the outside country, it will take 7 to 12 days to get this device.

Where I Can Buy It?

FIXD is cheap, convenient and affordable to all. I recommend getting it directly from the official website of the manufacturer at an exclusive, limited and discounted price that you can only have after clicking on. Also, I purchased it from their official website and the link given here. I got 1 free with 1 purchase so you can take this offer or purchase more for more discounts for saving money.

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FIXD Review [2022]: Must Read Before Buy This Gadget 5

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

Here, I answered some frequently asked questions about FIXD.

Is it necessary to charge the FIXD device?

FIXD runs from car power, so you need not recharge it and when you start the car, it started working itself. Also, it consumes low power and the car battery will not drain.

Can fixd be used on multiple cars?

Yes, you can use a FIXD device with several vehicles, but I do not recommend to use it in multiple vehicles. You should use one device per vehicle to get accurate reports. If you have many cars, you can purchase more fixd devices according to your needs.

Does the Fixd sensor device need to be charged?

FIXD sensor provides notification of engine problems and powered by the car battery. Mainly, the sensor does not require recharge and never drain your car battery.

Do you need to remove the Fixd from your car if you are not using it?

If you are not using fixd for cars, remove the device from your vehicle. If you want to connect it with your car, you can because it takes less power from the car battery, which will not create battery issues.

Does FIXD have a monthly fee?

No, FIXD has no monthly fee. Become a FIXD club member is free and you should pay for maintenance and parts purchasing for your vehicle.

Is the FIXD app free?

Yes, the FIXD app is free for every users and Android and Apple device users can use the app for an unlimited time. But, they will charge for parts replacement and maintenance.

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Final Thought

This fixd car diagnostic device keeps a close relationship between economy and comfort for the user who wants to connect their application from their smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 with a diagnosis in real-time. It is really effective and fulfills the characteristics promised to its users and I got this. It can be concluded that it is a fairly useful and efficient obd2 connector. The only thing is that it works exclusively with the application installed on the smartphone.

So, you have to keep the mobile with battery for the OBD2 sensor to be active. Besides that, it does not allow making phone calls while it is turned on and the obd system is deactivated when the phone is turned off. I would say that it really works and that it can help you solve many unpleasant situations.

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