FIXD vs BAFX: An OBD-II Scanner Showdown



Investing in a good OBD-II or OBD2 scanner to keep in your trunk or glove box can help save you time and money on car repairs or upkeep. Because the last thing you need is seeing your car’s check engine light flickering. Let us know which is best among FIXD vs BAFX.

Short for Onboard diagnostic scanners, OBD2 scanners plug directly into the access port on the driver’s seat and tap into your car’s computer system. This device can tell you whether that flickering light is caused y something like a simple problem of gas cap replacement or an expensive replacement of a faulty catalytic converter.

That said, if you’re looking for an affordable OBD2 scanner, two of the best options you have are FIXD and BAFX diagnostic tools.

FIXD vs BAFX: An OBD-II Scanner Showdown


Let’s check out the differences of these two below:

FIXD Overview

FIXD is considered one of the best OBD2 car diagnostic tools out there, designed to monitor car health and diagnosing issues. The FIXD sensor is priced at $59 and comes with a dedicated, free FIXD app. Once you connect the device to your car, you’ll receive real-time updates about your car.

The data displayed with the FIXD app is user-friendly and easy to understand than other scan tools. It features a mix of visual and text data that makes it easier to understand what’s going on inside your car.

In addition, the FIXD scanner also comes with added features like Automated Maintenance Alerts. This way, you will never have to forget a filter or oil change. It also features Multi-Vehicle Health Monitoring which allows you to add multiple FIXD sensors to every car you have and monitor health and diagnose issues in real-time.


  • Comprehensive OBD2 scanner
  • Great value and transparent pricing
  • User-friendly app
  • Translates over 7,000 engine codes into easy-to-understand terms
  • Valuable features
  • 1-year warranty + no-risk money-back guarantee


  • Only reads transmission codes in certain models and makes
  • Doesn’t allow custom encode vehicle
  • Doesn’t read all engine codes including Airbag, ABS, and proprietary codes

FIXD is most suitable for amateur DIYers and everyday drivers who want a “hands-on” approach to caring for their cars and saving costs with at-home maintenance and repairs.

BAFX Overview

BAFX is a brand offering a wide range of products, ranging from outdoor equipment to electronics to pet supplies.

The BAFX scanner is a cheap, plug-and-play scanning tool that allows you to read and understand check engine problems, get readings on your emission, check air-fuel ratio and so much more.

That said, what you’re buying is only the interface that plugs into your car. Unlike the FIXD scanner that comes with its own app, with BAXF, you need to download a 3rd party app to access your car’s diagnostic data.

Some configuration will be required between the BAFX scanner and the app, which could be problematic for the less technically inclined people.

BAFX is compatible with all OBD2 products. Also, it comes with useful features such as real-time monitoring, diagnostic code descriptions, and automated maintenance alert like FIXD. Unfortunately, since it’s relying on 3rd party apps, these features will be entirely dependent on the app you use.

Also, most apps will only give you basic information. This means you still need to pay to unlock advanced features for more comprehensive diagnostics.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Compatible with 3rd party Android and iOS apps
  • Works with all OBD2 protocols
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • Limited Function
  • Interface only and requires 3rd party apps for full functionality
  • Actual cost may be more expensive, depending on 3rd party app you use

BAFX is suitable for drivers who are technically inclined and want the flexibility of choosing from 3rd party apps to access and monitor their car’s data.


What’s the best BAFX app?

The most popular 3rd party OBD2 app for BAFx is OBD Fusion. It costs $10 and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Other popular apps include Carista and Torque Pro.

Do I need to remove the OBD2 scanner when my car is parked?

No. You can leave the device plugged in without worrying about your battery draining.


In the end, which OBD2 tool is best will ultimately depend on your needs.

The BAFX reader is cheaper than FIXD but will require a 3rd party app which will still cost you basic or advanced diagnostic capabilities.

Meanwhile, the FIXD sensor already comes with a free app, offering a great mix of features and value for everyday drivers that allows you to understand your car in plain English.

That said, FIXD is the clear winner. With its transparent pricing and comprehensive features, FIXD offers the best overall value, making it easy to diagnose car issues in your car right away and avoiding costly repairs right from your fingertips.

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