Fixd Vs Carista: Which is Better for You 2022?


When it comes to diagnostic apps that can be used for modern vehicles, Fixd and Carista are two of the most known names in the industry. While both can be a great option, there is still strong competition as to which is the best: Fixd vs. Carista.

If you’re in the market for a tool that can help you diagnose your vehicle but can’t decide whether you should opt for Fixd or Carista, then read on.

In today’s article, I will compare these two brands so that you can easily choose the best that will fit your needs.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Fixd vs. Carista: A Complete Comparison

Coding and Customization

Fixd vs Carista - Coding and Customization

Fixd is primarily a diagnostic application. Actually, it doesn’t provide much other than advanced and basic diagnostics. Thus, if you want to achieve customization for your car, then you can never go wrong with Carista.

Coding with Carista is available for Skoda, Seat, Volkswagen, Toyota, Mini, Audi, BMW, and Lexus. Keep in mind that you will be able to customize a wide range of features depending on the model of your car.

On this app, when you launch the customization tab, you’ll have customizations that are designed for your car.

OBD2 Functions & System Diagnostics

On Fixd, the advanced diagnostic is only accessible for Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Ford, and Chrysler. Carista, on the other hand, is for Volkswagen, Skoda, Toyota, Scion, Seat, Lexus. Mini, Infiniti, Cupra Audi, and BMW.

Both Carista and Fixd are able to clear and read codes from your car’s engine. What’s more, they are capable of accessing improved codes from TPMS, airbag, transmission, as well as other systems on your car. But it is worth mentioning that the advanced diagnostic is only available when you subscribe to the premium option.

Carista, however, has one month free to perform an advanced diagnostic on supported cars. Nonetheless, with Fixd, you will be able to assess the severity of the problem. It will give you a comprehensive report of the problem.

Furthermore, you will be able to see the engine live data in general on Fixd and Carista, but the freeze frame details are only accessible in the former. But when it comes to emission checks, it is free on Carista, but you will need to pay to access this feature on the Fixd. By the way, please note that the live data feature on Carista greatly depends on how the application supports your car. For instance, while live data isn’t accessible on Audi S1, you can have it when you are using Audi A8.

Reset Functions and Advanced Functions

fixd vs carista - Reset Functions and Advanced Functions

Fixd doesn’t come with a reset function. But it comes with maintenance tracking with its Active Car Health Monitor. The adapter of Fixd constantly tracks your car and at the same time sends details to the application when it comes to maintenance schedules. For repairs, Fixd offers a mechanic that you can call. The automotive specialist will offer you second opinions and, more importantly, walk you through different DIY car repairs or maintenance.

Another great maintenance function that you will surely love about Fixd is the problem forecast. This feature will offer you information regarding possible problems in the future. Meaning to say you will be able to take action in order to prevent the existence. As a matter of fact, this is beneficial in prolonging the lifespan of your car.

Carista, on the other hand, supports different service resets and maintenance depending on the model and make of your vehicle. Also, it offers maintenance for common resets like battery registration, EPB service, indicator reset, and more.

Fixd vs. Carista: Which One Is For You?

As you can see, Fixd and Carista have different great features, and this makes choosing the best one quite difficult. But keep in mind that the right option will depend on your car, need, and even budget.

Nonetheless, if you want to assess beyond more than your vehicle’s engine and yours is Honda, or Chrysler, you can buy Fixd. Besides offering access to advanced diagnostics, you’ll have maintenance schedules that are conveniently delivered right to your mobile phone. It is also the best option if you want to have a detailed report as well as mechanic help. This will save you on the labor expenses by sending you info regarding the confirmed fix and estimated amount to resolve the problem.

On the other hand, Carista is for you if you have Mini vehicles, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Lexus, Nissan, Toyota, Cupra, and Infiniti. If you have one of these vehicles, know that Carista gives superb features to your car. Lastly, it guarantees a cheaper subscription. It means if you have a tight budget and own any of the previously mentioned vehicles, Carista is definitely for you.

Hopefully, after reading this Fixd vs. Carista post, you have already decided which one to get.

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