FIXD vs. ELM 327: What’s the Difference?


Car diagnosis is a challenging task. Every mechanic cannot do it properly. Nowadays, the OBD2 sensors make the tasks easier for the owner and mechanics. The OBD2 sensor is constantly monitoring all engine and light related systems of the car. In the market, OBD2 sensors are flooded with several models and versions. Among them, FIXD and ELM 327 are the best OBD2 car diagnostic sensors. In this article, I will show the comparison of FIXD vs. ELM 327. So, you can decide the right choice for your vehicle.

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Here is the comparison chart of FIXD vs. ELM 327 OBD2 scanner for your quick overview:

ELM 327
ELM 327
US, European, Asian
US, European
Operating System
Operating System
Android, iOS
Android only
Bluetooth, Wi-FI
Money back Guarantee
Money back Guarantee
30 days
Number of vehicles
Number of vehicles
1 year

FIXD vs. ELM 327: What’s the Difference?

FIXD and ELM 327 work to diagnose car problems but they have some differences. Below, I will discuss the difference point by point so you can understand the FIXD vs. ELM 327 comparison easily.

FIXD vs. ELM 327

1. What is It?

Let’s find out what is FIXD and ELM 327:


Where to Buy FIXD

FIXD is one of the compact and user-friendly car scanners on the market. It is popular because of its easy way of installing. Both car owners and mechanics can use it to diagnose car problems. In the smartphone app, it shows a complete report of the car’s faults. It can detect 7000+ potential cases of your vehicle. Also, it can be used on hybrid, gasoline, diesel cars. You can do continuous monitoring if you have seen a problem in your car. Its “Check Engine Light” detection makes it unique and the best from others.

ELM 327:

ELM 327

ELM 327 is a scanner that is used in car diagnose fault codes. It can be installed both in the vehicle’s systems and in its electrical sensors. It works with wireless technology that allows you to connect with any smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. Its size is compact and its weight is very low. So, you can transport it in a pocket. It allows you to view all the vehicle data in real-time, even when the car is moving. But it does not support Apple devices.

2. Features and Functionalities

With the features of FIXD and ELM 327, you can compare them. Let’s see below:


FIXD provides a wide range of features. I have rounded up all below:

FIXD vs. ELM 327: What’s the Difference? 1

  • It provides an instant alert with a detailed report while the vehicle is started.
  • Detects more than 7000 car potential problems with solution.
  • Alert servicing time to keep the car OK for a long time.
  • Easy to connect on car OBD2 port and anyone can use it through FIXD smartphone app.
  • It supports multiple vehicles up to 5 and compatible with all phones.
  • It provides a mileage report so you can recognize your car’s live condition.
  • It can be used in Asian and European cars without any restriction.
  • ASE Certified Mechanics are using the device to detect car problems quickly.
  • 30 days satisfaction guarantee with a 1-year service warranty.

ELM 327:

ELM 327 also provides amazing features to diagnose a car’s present situation. Let’s find out its features:

ELM 327

  • You can check engine RPM operation, freeze frame data, fuel pressure, airflow, car temperature and more.
  • Works with vehicles with EOBD, OBD, etc. port but do not support Asian models.
  • One scanner is for only a single car.
  • It is designed for professionals and technicians, not for beginners.
  • Well-suited with the latest and existing cars: Toyota,Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan and others.
  • It can read and correct the car’s faults using the “Check Engine light: from the car dashboard.
  • Get all the vehicle’s real-time data on your smartphone, but it is not working with iOS devices.
  • It can be used with OBD Car Doctor, Torque Pro, Torque Lite etc apps.

3. How to use it?

Car scanners are easy to use but be careful when connecting in the car’s OBD2 port. Let’s how to use both devices:


FIXD sends a report using Bluetooth technology to the smartphone. It is tricky but easy to set up. Let’s see how to do it:

Where Can I Buy Fixd Devices

  1. Take the smartphone and install the FIXD app.
  2. Active the Bluetooth and do not pair with FIXD forcefully. It will pair automatically.
  3. Complete the registration on the app with valid credentials and vehicle preferences.
  4. Choose the option “I have a FIXD sensor.”
  5. Have a look at the back of the FIXD device and note the number to enter the app’s code section.
  6. Now, connect the scanner to the car’s OBD2 port.
  7. It will pair with your smartphone automatically.
  8. Start your car and get results in real-time.

ELM 327:

The use of the ELM 327 is reliant on the car and phone being used at the time. I am using the Torque Pro app with the car diagnostic tool.

ELM 327

  1. Open the Settings menu, go to the WiFi option. Here, the ELM 327 option will appear, click on it or select it.
  2. When activated, the app will take the complete data from the vehicle’s control unit.
  3. It will ask for some supplementary data such as the car model and manufacturing year of the car etc.
  4. The vehicle must be turned on and locate the 16-pin OBD2 port.
  5. Then, connect the ELM327 device.
  6. It will instantly turn on the red LED light.
  7. Then receive data on the smartphone, tablet or laptop for the ELM 327 connection and activate it.

4. Pros


  • Instant diagnostic report with details.
  • Easy to connect on OBD2 port and set up.
  • Vehicle maintenance alert with servicing history.
  • Detects more than 7000 problems.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • Keep all data secured.
  • Connect up to 5 vehicles with separate reports.
  • Able to read the error code.
  • 30 days cashback and 1 year regular warranty.
  • Works with all the latest vehicles.
  • Designed and used by ASE certified mechanics

ELM 327:

  • High power in data transfer to phone.
  • Size is ideal and its weight is light.
  • Real-time vehicle data when moving.
  • Compatible with Android smartphones and PCs.
  • Keep the emission system working.
  • Read airflow, fuel and indication level.
  • Customized on the car dashboard.

5. Cons


  • Do not support diesel and electric cars.
  • Only work when the car is ON.
  • Not working on Windows phone.

ELM 327:

  • Not working with Apple devices.
  • Do not allow re-programming.
  • Works when the car is started.
  • Connection loss in long time use.
  • No warranty and guarantee.
  • Only allows a single car.

6. Where to Buy?

FIXD and ELM 327 have a fake version in the market. So, get the devices from my recommended source.


FIXD vs. ELM 327: What’s the Difference? 2

I recommend to get the FIXD from their official website. I have purchased it from here. They provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year service warranty. Inside the USA, they ensure free delivery with fast service.

ELM 327:

ELM 327 is based on local automotive stores. I recommend to get it from here. On Amazon, you will get the real product and all facilities. The Obdator is selling the ELM 327 on Amazon.

Final Advice

In the FIXD vs. ELM 327 comparison, you will clear about their performance. Now, you can pick the right car scanner device according to your demands. I recommend the FIXD car diagnostic scanner because it is appropriate for a newbie to pro. The ELM 327 is only for professionals, but it is not working with Apple devices.

Both work by connecting with the car’s OBD2 port. FIXD provides an instant report with continuous car monitoring. From the FIXD smartphone app, you can see the report of 5 vehicles where the ELM 327 only supports only a single car. So, get the right OBD2 scanner to keep alert while driving a car on the road or preparing for a long trip.

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