Fixd VS Hum: What’s The Difference 2021?

, December 27, 2020

A car diagnostic is necessary for every car owner to reduce unusual maintenance costs. After the 1996 model cars, there is an OBD2 port in front of the driver seat and dashboard. Today, we will compare two OBD2 scanner devices Fixd VS Hum. After reading this comparison, you can select the best one for diagnosing your car.

The FIXD is manufactured and sold by the FIXD manufacturer. And the HUM is marketed and sold by Verizon. Both provide basic and premium service, although they have some major differences in features and use. Your concept will be clear after reading the FIXD Review.

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Comparison Chart:

If you want to compare the best one from the FIXD and HUM at a glance, you can check out the comparison chart below:

Details of Product Fixd Hum
Language English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, German, French, and Italian English and Spanish
Battery No No
Mobile Apps Yes Yes
Operating System Android and iOS Android and iOS
Connectivity Bluetooth Bluetooth
ABS, airbag Codes Yes No
Live Data Yes Yes
Warranty 1 year 1 year
Money back Guarantee 30 days 30 days
Where To Buy

Fixd Vs Hum: What’re the Differences?

The OBD2 scanners make the car diagnosis easier. FIXD and HUM are the most used car diagnostic readers in the market. Their working mechanism is the same but has a difference in features and technology. Check the differences below to pick the best one.

Fixd VS Hum

1. Features

Both FIXD and HUM are enriched with some unique features. Let’s discover their features and compare which is the best car diagnostic reader.


Here, I have presented the amazing features of the FIXD device. Let’s see below:


Detect over a thousand issues: The FIXD is a lightweight device but can detect 6000+ vehicle problems, which is more than enough for a car owner and professional. Here, you will find all minor to major problems that will keep your vehicle fit for a long time.

Estimate cost: In engine problems or car accidents, the device will show you the problems with the estimated cost. The cost that the car scanner provides is nearly accurate when you measure the cost with an expert mechanic. Also, it tells you the labor cost and parts price, which seems 90% accurate to me. In some countries, car servicing and maintenance are costly.

Fast scan: It can scan the whole car engine quickly, which will take more than a couple of hours if you do it manually in a service center. The FIXD takes only 1 minute to show all issues on the app screen. You need not go to a specific place to detect the problem. Just plug it on the OBD2 port and connect through the smartphone to check the problem.

Support multiple vehicles: Most of the OBD2 car scanner only supports a single car and shows the single report only. The FIXD allows you to check about 5 vehicles with a single device. The reports will be shown separately with vehicle number so you can find out each report easily.

Random monitoring: The FIXD is a very simple device, but it presents the TPMS diagnosis that makes the monitoring more accurate. This feature makes it more popular than other car scanning devices. Beginners and professionals can easily operate the device without any prior knowledge.


HUM is a diagnostic reader that has incredible features. Let’s see them below:


Detect error codes: The HUM can detect vehicle running history, crash reports with details, find vehicle location, speed and mileage. It ensures a stable report so you can understand the car problems at the primary stage so you can take steps.

Detailed alert: It presents detailed alerts, including DTC that is helpful for both users and mechanics. When you start your vehicle, it sends a quick report on the HUM app that prevents many problems during trips.

Support a vehicle: With the HUM OBD2 scanner, you can only scan a single car at a time. The app only allows you to login with a single account and a single vehicle. It can be used with Google Assistant that ensures premium service.

Lots of functions: It provides an instant alert when your car has problems. When the time of maintenance has arrived, it alerts you in the meantime. Also, it tells you the time of engine oil change, engine light condition and all function errors so that you can fix the issues immediately.

Easy to use: HUM is very easy to set up and use without any professional help. It is connected to the OBD2 port in your car and connects with the smartphone. In the app, it presents all problems separately with details so anyone can understand the real issues.

2. Number of Vehicles

Both devices can provide a detailed report on the smartphone app when the car engine is started. The diagnosis takes several minutes to complete. Both devices support a number of vehicles and check them out below:


The FIXD OBD2 car scanner can be linked up to about 5 vehicles at once. It sends all reports with separate data so anyone can find out the vehicle problems to solve. It will never create problems on 5 vehicle usage, and I did not face it while I was using it on 4 vehicles.


HUM can be used on a single vehicle that has an OBD2 port. It does not support multiple vehicles and create a problem when you replace it with another car.

3. Stability

FIXD and HUM provide stable performance at all conditions. But their performance has a big difference because both diagnose vehicles in the same way using different technology. It makes a difference in stability.


FIXD is connected to the car’s OBD2 port and shows a report on the smartphone app. You can add up to 5 cars at once and it provides detailed, separated data. It is lightweight and made with ABS material, so there is no risk of breaking due to a sudden fall. Its OBD2 port pins are also strong enough and send faster signals.


HUM is also connected to the same OBD2 port and sends output in a speaker and smartphone app. The speaker should be added separately and it automatically added with the scanner by pressing the call button for a few seconds. Its quality is good and made with high-quality construction that ensures its long lasting performance.

4. Price

FIXD and HUM are officially sold on their manufacturer’s website. FIXD requires a one-time payment and HUM takes monthly charges. In this section of pricing, HUM is costlier than FIXD.


If you get the FIXD from their official website, you can get it at 59.99 dollars. Sometimes, they declare discount offers, so you have to keep eyes on their latest updates. With the single purchase, you will acquire a 1-year service warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee.


HUM needs monthly based charges and it is 14.99 dollars per month. The devices cost only 29.99 dollars for one time. It is more costly than FIXD and other OBD2 scanner devices. They take charge of health maintenance, assistant support and more. In some countries, they charge taxes and fees on the HUM device.

5. How to Use?

FIXD and HUM have different using methods. Below, I will show both of them step by step:

How to Use


Anyone can use the FIXD and setup without making any errors. Let’s see the full process:

  1. Add the FIXD sensor on the OBD2 port of the vehicle carefully.
  2. Get the FIXD app on your smartphone and register the account with details.
  3. Turn on the Phone’s Bluetooth connectivity and pair the FIXD scanner.
  4. Enable all reminders and select the “I have a FIXD sensor”.
  5. Collect the code from the device backside and enter it.
  6. Then a blue light will be blinking and you will notice the alert on your smartphone.
  7. Give a name and I recommend to use your vehicle number.
  8. It takes 5 seconds to start after the engine starts.

Now, check all issues and get instant alerts of your vehicle.


HUM is extremely simple to set up on the vehicle by following these steps:

  1. Add the HUM on the car’s OBD2 port and start the car engine.
  2. Place the HUM speaker in the correct position and tap the ON button to start.
  3. Turn your smartphone’s Bluetooth ON and you may have pre-installed the HUM app.
  4. Now, press the green button for 5 seconds on the speaker until it blinks with blue light.

Now, it will send all alerts on the app and make a sound alert through the speaker after starting the car.

Fixd Vs Hum: Which Is Better?

At the end of the Fixd vs Hum comparison, FIXD is better and recommended than the HUM. You can buy a FIXD car diagnostic reader from the link below. Although HUM provides health monitoring, assistance support and vehicle tracking, it charges monthly about 15 dollars.

Fixd Vs Hum: Which Is Better?

The HUM device cost is 30 dollars with a speaker. On the other side, FIXD is only 60 dollars and provides onboard live detection and TPMS monitoring that makes it better and cheaper than the HUM. Also, you can add FIXD in the 5 cars and HUM in the single-car, so FIXD is extremely reasonable and compact for both car owners and professionals.

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