FIXD vs OBDLink MX+: In-Depth Comparison Guide 2021

, March 16, 2021

Your car is your favorite toy after you grow up. Isn’t it? Now sometime you find it difficult to recognize a problem in your car.  But your car makes a strange beep, and you run to a mechanic immediately because you don’t have the time to test the car yourself. In addition, a normal checkup by a mechanic will cost approximately $100. I already reviewed FIXD few days ago.

The dilemma is often minor, and you just lament the lack of experience. But what if we tell you that you can save money and minimize mechanic trips without knowing about cars? So, here is a comparison between FIXD vs OBDLink MX+ tools to make your way easy. Only choose the one and take care of all your problems.

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Details of Product FIXD OBDLink MX+
 Car Compatibility  Compatible to cars produced after 1996 that runs on diesel And new model gasoline cars after 2008  Compatible with any model of cars. Works just fine with both Diesel and Gasoline.
 Protection  No external or internal protection  Battery Protection for overcharging and overvoltage
 Apps  Has Application for both IOS and Android  Apps for IOS and Android + Windows and 3rd party software
 Connectivity  Bluetooth  Bluetooth
 User Capability  Beginner or Self Service  Professional Mechanics
 Compatibility Port  obd2  obd2
 Smog Check  Premium Smog check  Available
 Data Checking  Live Data and Problem Check  Live Data
 Car monitor  Available  Available
 Number of Cars  Up to 5  Max 1
Engine and Transmission Code Yes Yes
ABS, Air Bag Code Yes Yes
Warranty 1 year 3 years
Where To Buy

FIXD vs OBDLink MX+: What is The Difference?

Both of them are Bluetooth connectable devices that will give you a full diagnosis of your car. Yet, they have some similarities. Both of them are different devices made by different companies and made for different targeted customers.

FIXD vs OBDLink MX+: What is The Difference?

What Is It?

FIXD:  Fixd is a device that is powered by software. Georgian Company FIXD Automotive distributes this. That provides you with actionable information about your car. This device provides information from your car into a phone or tablet, and you can send the details to the technician if Fixd finds any issues. Fixd is also a helpful tool for maintaining your vehicle while you are looking for service.

OBD2 MX+: OBDLink MX is a simple, cheap, hacker-resistant Bluetooth OBD connector that can convert your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or netbook into a sophisticated search tool, trip device, and real-time performance display. It provides an easy-to-use solution for all applications.

How to Use

FIXD: It’s easy to mount and use the gadget. Just insert the FIXD sensor under the steering wheel into the OBD-II port, and it automatically begins to run control of your engine. Your car should be a newer model released in 1996 or later for use with the sensor.

You need to install a dedicated app from any of the play store or app store. When you have finished downloading the app on your device, just open it and connect the sensor gadget with your phone. Besides, you can use this device using your Bluetooth option. And concurrently, five additional vehicles are allowed to detect problems with the same protocol.

However, when the connection is complete, you can start scanning the whole vehicle. And immediately, you’ll get the full report of your car with real-time status. You can use this knowledge either by yourself or by some auto mechanic to solve the issues.

Whenever your car needs a maintenance operation, internal or external fix, performance upgrade, oil change, or filter clearing, the app will show specific directions and appropriate reminders.

OBDLink MX+: The ergonomically built, compact form factor computer is packed without frustration and takes an average of three minutes to be assembled. The button on the back of your device enables and keeps the link mechanism secure: unlike most other adapters, MX+ doesn’t relay or use an easy-to-sensitive PIN for communications security. In order to connect to the computer, a possible intruder will have to access the device directly.

First, connect MX Bluetooth to your Diagnostic Link Connector. And it might be available under the dash near the driver seat. Check under the dash. When you turn your engine on, the power LED should start blinking. Now open Bluetooth settings on your phone and find the OBDLink MX.

Connect your phone with the device. Launch the OBDLink App and tap “Connect.” While pairing, you will get 3 options Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB. And Choose Bluetooth.

Once connected, tap on diagnosis to get a full report on your car.

What Is the Price?

FIXD: FIXD is fairly cheap than OBDLink. You can get it for almost half of the price of OBDLink MX+. One of the reasons this is cheap is because this is made for common people. Everyone is not a technological wizard.

What Is the Price

This device is made for all. Starting from small kids to elderly people who can use a smartphone can understand its functionality. This helps those who like to do things by themself for cost-cutting. You can check the official price HERE.

OBDLink MX+:  OBDLink is a high priced High tech device. This is a professional tool that is made for dedicated car service providers. You can’t let down a customer for saving some bucks where you can make a huge amount by giving your customer a little more details.

What Is the Price

If nothing, at least you will be able to make a better impression as a car professional. Though it is high priced, you should get one for servicing. Connect it to your office computer, plug it into a customer’s car, and make a bill that your customer needs to pay.

You can check their official site.

Money-back Guarantee

Sometimes we regret buying a product. We feel that I could have gotten something better if I was a little bit conscious or had the knowledge. Just forget those headaches. Because even they are state of the art products yet both of the company offers a money-back guarantee.

FIXD: No worries, you’ll get the full refund within 30-days if you’re not satisfied with their services. Also, they claim to give you a full refund.

OBDLink MX+: They took it a little more in length. And you’ll get a decent 90-days money refund policy and 3 years of professional parts replacement from the company.

FIXD vs OBDLink MX+: Which One is better?

Have you enjoyed the battle between FIXD vs OBDLink MX+ detecting tools? Though the question is which one is better. But our answer is to you which one you should buy. One of the direct replies to that question is to get FIXD. We are not just saying this like blowing air, but experts also recommend it, including good customer satisfaction.

OBDLink is a great tool, and we shouldn’t doubt its capability. You can use FIXD on up to 5 different cars and get the same reports. You can use your OBDLink in only one car, and that’s if you have two or more cars in your home, then why spend more money on the same thing.

Another point to check its usability. The interface on FIXD is very beginner-friendly. You will get the hang of it from your first use. OBDLink will need a deep observation from a professional to measure all points.

Now get your FIXD diagnostic tool from here.

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