FIXD vs. Veepeak: Get to Know Which is Right for You?


Properly doing car maintenance is a challenging job. In the service center, car diagnosis takes time and some problems cannot easily be diagnosed. The OBD2 scanners can find out all issues of your car. It detects speed, distance, emissions, mileage and many other parameters that help you to take service immediately. Installing them on the car’s 16 pin OBD2 port, you can get real time results. The FIXD and Veepeak is the special OBD2 scanner in the market. Here, I will present the comparison of FIXD vs. Veepeak so you can make the right choice.

Comparison Chart:

Below is the comparison chart of FIXD vs. Veepeak for your quick overview:

Supported Cars
Supported Cars
US, European, Asian
US, European
Suitable for
Suitable for
Beginners to professionals
Number of vehicles
Number of vehicles
Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps
Fixd app
DashCommand, OBD Fusion, OBD Auto Doctor App for iOS Torque Pro for Android
Money back Guarantee
Money back Guarantee
30 days
90 days

What About Fixd

FIXD vs. Veepeak: Get to Know Which is Right for You? 1

Fixd is one of the reliable car diagnostic and monitoring devices that can be used by everyone. It is connected to the car OBD2 port that is located in the car dashboard. The small sensor of the scan tool detects 7000+ basic to advanced problems of a car. It cannot solve the solution but detect the problem so that you can fix it soon. With the FIXD app, you can get a detailed report of 5 separate vehicles without any problems. All types of car issues can be diagnosed with the FIXD within minutes.

What About Veepeak


Veepeak is an OBD2 scanner that can read car fault codes, send the report through OBD fusion apps. Its OBDCheck BLE technology ensures low power consumption and high reliability. It can do smog tests, reset engine light, the real-time sensor reading with fuel economy estimation. Also, it can be used in all types of vehicles since the 1996 model. Using Bluetooth technology, it automatically pairs with a smartphone and sends alerts with detailed reports. It supports only 1 vehicle that is its limitation.

Similarities And Differences

FIXD and Veepeak car diagnostic tool works to detect car problems in the same way. They have similarities and differences in performance and usage. Let’s see below:



FIXD and VeePeak devices using the Bluetooth method to show reports on the smartphone app. Their Bluetooth is more powerful and fast than wireless connectivity. The auto-pairing system makes it convenient for all users. While sending a report by scanning, no data will be missed in the information.

Phone compatibility:

Both devices can be used from Android and iOS devices without any restriction. Fixd has its official Fixd app for both versions of smartphones. For the VeePeak, you have to install DashCommand, OBD Fusion, OBD Auto Doctor App for iOS devices. And for Android, Torque Pro is used to read the results given the VeePeak.

Design and construction:

The car scanners are compact so that you can move with them in your pocket. They are constructed with ABS plastic materials that ensure it’s long life performance.

Car diagnosis:

The devices have been working with US, Asian and European cars since 1996 model cars. They can reset CEL, check smog, send car problems with a detailed report, real-time data, monitor cars, read engine transmission codes and more.


Both devices have a 1-year service warranty on each purchase. If you face any problem within a year, you can get a solution from the manufacturer.


Let’s see the main difference between the Fixd and VeePeak car scanner:

Vehicle capacity and number:

Fixd can be used on 5 vehicles and I send a separate report for user better understanding. The VeePeak only supports a single-vehicle. It also works with all types of diesel, gasoline, electric vehicles. But the Fixd does not work with diesel and electric cars.


According to their performance and user experience, Fixd is better, although it is costly than VeePeak. Because, you can connect the Fixd on 5 devices. Also, Fixd is for both beginners and professionals, but VeePeak is for only professionals.

App compatibility:

Fixd has its default Fixd smartphone app that provides all data in real-time. The VeePeak has no default app, so you have to install different apps for iOS and Android. Sometimes, VeePeak stops sending a report on those third-party apps.

Money-back guarantee:

Fixd offers a 30-day and VeePeak 90-day money-back guarantee. For getting the advantage, you have to get the Fixd from their official website and VeePeak from Amazon.

FIXD vs. Veepeak Pros Cons

Both devices are man-made, so they have pros and cons. Let’s discover them.

FIXD vs. Veepeak

FIXD pros
  • Real-time alert.
  • Servicing alert.
  • Engine warning light alert.
  • Maintenance history.
  • Support 5 vehicles.
  • Constant monitoring.
  • 7000+ problems detection.
  • Calculate repair estimates.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Mileage calculation.
FIXD cons
  • Not working on diesel and electric cars.
Veepeak pros
  • Real-time vehicle monitoring.
  • Clear engine light problems.
  • Support all vehicles.
  • Read engine codes.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Support custom car dashboard.
  • Calculate fuel consumption.
Veepeak cons
  • Working on a single vehicle.
  • No default app.
  • Sometimes

Fixd Features

The Fixd car diagnostic scanner offers a wide range of features. They are mentioned below:


Real-time detection:

When you start the vehicle, it takes a few minutes and sends a constant report on the smartphone app. If any faults are found, it alerts you to take action immediately. More than 7000+ problems can be detected instantly with it.

Check Engine Light:

Engine light indicates car problems. The device can solve the engine light issue with a perfect suggestion. Then you can tell the mechanic to service the point or replace it if needed.

Maintenance alert:

Our car needs service after running a period. The car scanner alerts the time of servicing so you can keep the car well. You can set mileage and monthly based reminders. Take service, which comes first.

Multiple vehicle control:

Fixd is the only car diagnostic device that can be used on 5 cars. It provides organized data so you can see the report of the cars separately. It provides your car health and current status on selected entry.

Supported vehicle:

It can be plugged in all the latest and old model cars since 1996. But, it is not working on diesel and electric vehicles. It can scan all vehicle’s engine problems completely so that no issues are left in the vehicle.

VEEPEAK Features

VeePeak professional car scanner offers the following features:


Vehicle monitoring:

VeePeak can monitor engine light trouble codes, reset engine light, check smog and more with perfection. The results take a few minutes to display on the smartphone app. The sensors provide an accurate reading of mileage, fuel condition, heating issues, etc.

Vehicle support:

The device supports all vehicles that have an OBD2 scanner and are manufactured after 1996. It can be used in gasoline, hybrid, diesel and electric cars. Also, you can use it for sedan cars, light trucks and buses where the OBD2 port is present.

Complete report:

It shows a real-time report of the car engine, fuel, car’s health and other issues. The report takes a few minutes to come, where a manual checking may take half of the day. It saves unusual expenses and valuable time.


It uses the Bluetooth system to connect with a smartphone and send vehicle reports. It is quite easy to set up but do it carefully. The 16 pin device will not work if any pin broke down. It has no default app to stay connected through the smartphone. So, get OBD Fusion, OBD Auto Doctor, DashCommand for iOS and Torque Pro for Android.

What is the Price?

The Fixd and VeePeak offer attractive pricing on their official website and Amazon. Fixd 1, 2, 3 packs charge respectively 59.99, 89.98, 119.98 dollars. VeePeak’s price is 32.99 dollars for a single unit. No discount offer is available in multiple purchases.

Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

Both devices come with a 1-year regular warranty. Fixd provides 30 days and VeePeak provides a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. They deliver the device worldwide free of delivery charges. If you see any fault with the devices, you replace or refund the OBD2 scanners.

Bottom Line

At the end of the FIXD vs. Veepeak comparison, both devices are good. From them, I recommend Fixd as the best car diagnostic sensor. It can be used in 5 vehicles, has a default app, no disconnection issues, sends real-time reports and alerts of cars.

Once it is installed in the car, you needn’t pay monthly charges again. On the other side, VeePeak is recommended by professionals. It has no defaults app, so you must have a third-party app to see its diagnostic report. Get the best one and track your car’s condition.

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