FixMeStick Review [2022] – Does It Really Work?


It is hard to find a computer user who is not affected by a virus or malware software once in a lifetime. If you use external hard drives or internet connection on your Pc, there is a high possibility of getting infected with viruses and malware. After being attacked by malicious software and viruses several times, I’ve used a couple of renowned anti-virus software for my computer.

Unluckily, after using the antivirus software, my computer is still affected by viruses that crash my computer’s operating system. Then I started research regarding this matter. After extensive research, I found this “FixMeStick” super amazing virus-removing device.

Basically, it’s a Linux-based USB device that kills all the viruses and malware from your computer. I have been using the device for almost 1 year, during this period it protects my computer from all types of viruses and malware. This is the reason I’m writing this FixMeStick Review so that you can learn everything about this device.

My Quick Overview of FixMeStick (30 Sec)

FixMeStick is the best solution to eliminate the virus and malware from your PC. This device comes with the advanced technology of 3 leading cyber security companies.

Kaspersky, Avira, and Sophos – are the mastermind behind FixMeStick. They enriched the device with the latest technology and allowed it to wipe off any virus or threats from the PC.

The gadget is compatible with Windows and macOS. You just need to plug the device into the USB port. The tool will start working automatically.

Introducing FixMeStick

FixMeStick is an advanced anti-virus device that keeps your Windows and macOS Pcs viruses and malware-free. Basically, it’s a Linux OS-based USB device that is bootable and self-updating.  Where the renowned anti-virus software failed to fix any virus or malicious software-related problem, FixMeStick works absolutely fine. For example, if your computer is rendered unbootable due to the operating system tampering with viruses, FixMeStick will help you solve the problem instantly.

Introducing FixMeStick

This is possible because this USB device is designed to work with damaged OS registry values and core files. Moreover, this USB anti-virus device is programmed with three powerful anti-virus software to eliminate every single virus from your Pcs. It uses the intelligence of Kaspersky lab, the massive virus database from Avira, and the effectiveness of the Sophos.

With the combination of all these three powerful anti-virus software the FixMeStick effectively scans any infected system and quickly recovers the system. When the device starts scanning, it can easily detect any malicious-browser-add-ons, adware, malware files that hide in your system. Once the device identifies the issues, it removes them quickly and provides real-time protection to your Pcs OS system. As FixMeStick is a self-operating device, you won’t need any other optional drivers or software for it. It works by itself.

Main Features of FixMeStick

FixMeStick comes with so many advanced and unique features for its user. Down this FixMeStick Review section, I’m including some of these stunning features that I’ve enjoyed by myself.

Main Features of FixMeStick

Equipped with Three Anti-Virus Software:

This is the main strength of this FixMeStick anti-virus device. It uses the technology of the leading three most powerful anti-virus software. The USB device uses the intelligence of Kaspersky, the virus database from Avira, and the effectiveness of the Sophos to eliminate the viruses. Because of the combination of these three powerful anti-viruses software you get an excellent virus removal performance.

Support and Compatibility:

FixMeStick is operated by a Linux-based OS which only requires 512 MB ram to support this USB device on your computer. If your Pcs has a minimum of 512 MB ram then the device effectively runs with any windows or mac OS. To eliminate the virus completely, the device has the capability to work on any cold or warm boots.

Instant Action

FixMeStick starts working instantly when you plug the device into your PC. The expert technology of this stick will remove the viruses that were unable to eliminate by the antivirus you used before. In addition, FixMeStick will remove the latest threats as well.

Run with Damaged Operating System:

This is the most unique and signature future of this anti-virus device. It is programmed in a way that if your operating system core files/registry values are damaged by viruses, it’ll still work on that OS. Besides, this USB device can bypass the storage if that is infected with ransomware.


FixMeStick is a very small and portable device that is very easy to carry wherever you like. Unlike other USB devices, it’s very small and portable and you can keep it in your pocket or bag easily.

Live Support:

For any kind of queries, you can contact their customer care service and get instant live support from a knowledgeable tech person. You can easily communicate with them through live chat or calling options with their mailing support.

What is the System Requirement of FixMeStick?

Well, FixMeStick is designed for the latest PCs and is compatible with the older versions as well. The device supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11. That means you can use this device with almost all OS versions of windows. The device doesn’t support Octane and RAID storage systems. You should have at least 512MB of RAM to use FixMeStick. Unfortunately, FixMeStick is not capable of decrypting files encrypted by ransomware.

Benefits Of Using FixMeStick

My personal opinion about this device is, people who have a computer should go for this device to enjoy its outstanding benefits. Here in this section, I would like to show you some of the benefits of this device that I’ve enjoyed these days.

Benefits Of Using FixMeStick

Helps in Emergency Situation:

Usually, when your computer is infected with viruses or malware it won’t allow you to install any antivirus software. In such situations, FixMeStick works absolutely fine. As the device is bootable and self-operating, viruses and malware can’t stop it to execute its function.  You just need to plug it on your Pc and the rest of the task it does automatically.

Capable to Work with Damaged OS:

There are some viruses that tamer your OS and don’t allow you to access the system. In such situations, the regular anti-virus software can’t work on your Pc. This is where the FixMeStick is a specialist, it works on your damaged OS and eliminates all the viruses, and allows you to work effectively.

No External Drive or Software Required:

FixMeStick is a bootable, self-operating device. To run this USB anti-virus device on your Pc it doesn’t require any kind of external drive or software. So operating this device is completely hassle-free and easy.

Advanced Anti-Virus Device:

FixMeStick is not like other regular anti-virus tools. It’s different in its features and functionalities. It uses the technology of three renowned anti-virus software to eliminate viruses completely from your PC.

What Customer Says About FixMeStick?

I have done some research and studied over 300+ customer reviews and feedback to learn about this device. After analyzing all of their reviews and feedback, if I conclude a  summation then I must have to say that people love this device. They said with this device they can easily remove all the viruses and malicious files from their Pc.

What Customer Says About FixMeStick

some people also claimed that it works on their Pc which OS is damaged with viruses. People also say that before using this FixMeStick anti-virus device they used a lot of anti-virus software. But it works better than all the others. Even when other anti-virus fails it works effectively and efficiently. As a user of this device, I also love all the functions and features of this anti-virus device.

Is Buying Fixmestick Worth The Money?

Before investing your money in anything, it’s wise to investigate if that is capable of delivering the value of money you’re spending. In this regard, I think FixMeStick pays 10x more than it cost. As I have been using this anti-virus device for almost one year without any doubt I can assure you it’s one of the best.

Is buying FixMeStick worth the money

The device uses the technology of three popular anti-virus software. With the combination of these three softwares, it becomes the unbeatable one. Besides, the specialty of this device is it works on the damaged OS also.

This means if any virus damages the OS, this bootable antivirus device, easily works with that Pc and allows you to operate your task. If you consider the features and facilities it provides, you will easily understand the money it costs is very less than the value it provides.

Exceptional Money Back Guarantee

FixMeStick provides its users one-month money-back satisfaction guarantee. This means during this 30-days period if you’re not satisfied with its service, you can return it and get back your money. Remember, the 30-days countdown starts from the shipping date.

How Much Does FixMeStick Cost?

FixMeStick comes with two different variations for OS versions. There are individual versions for Windows PC and macOS with a different price range. The variants come with a 30-day trial, 1-Year Home, and 2-Year Home deals. The 30-day trial will cost you only $9.95. You need to spend only $59.99 for the 1-Year Home deal that provides unlimited scans with a 3-PC license. Finally, the Best Deal of FixMeStick(2-Year Home) includes a 5-PC license with unlimited scans. This deal will cost you only $89.99. All of the deals include a money-back guarantee so you can test the products.

Where I Can Buy It?

The most appropriate way to purchase this device is to get it from its official site. I have purchased mine from the manufacturer’s official site and it’s been one year, I’m using the device without any problem. So, I’ll recommend you to get the device from its official site.

This will help you to avoid fake products and get the original official product. Besides, when you get the device from its official site, you’ll receive a 30-days money-back guarantee. To help you in easy access to the FixMeStick official site, at the end of this section, I’m adding their official link.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Here in this FAQ segment, I’m including some answers to these questions that people frequently asked about this device.

How Long Does Fix Me Stick Take To Run?

It takes a couple of minutes to start once you plug the device into your computer’s USB port. The device takes 2.5 hours to completely scan 80% of the computers. It will instantly start the action to remove the threats and the viruses.

Does The Fix Me Stick Work On Cell Phones?

Actually, the answer is no. Because the device is dedicatedly designed to work with your computer Windows and Mac operating system.

Does Fix Me Stick Work With Windows 10?

Sure, the device works absolutely fine with the windows 10 operating system. Besides, it also effectively works with the previous versions of windows.

Is The Fixmestick For One-time Use?

No, you can use the FixMeStick unlimited times during your subscription period. FixMeStick can be used for 3 PCs with a 1 year of duration. You can extend the subscription once it’s over.

Final Thought

Now that you’re at the end of this FixMeStick Review, you know what to do with your Pc when it’s affected by virus or malicious software. With the combination of 3 powerful leading anti-virus software, you can eliminate all the viruses and malicious files from your computer.

FixMeStick is capable of working on damaged PCs and it easily bypasses the drives of your computer that are infected with ransomware. As the device is bootable and self-operating, it can automatically run with your Pc without any external drive or software. Even if your computer operating system is damaged, the device still works fine.

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