FlexSafe Review 2021 – Is it easy and safe to use?


I hear about FlexSafe all time and finally, I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? I purchased the portable bag during my holidays and it was surprisingly amazing and I packed it in my travel bag easily. Its 5 layers secured design provide durability and protection. Also, it has nickel lock and RFID materials that have code to protect belongings from cyber-attack and theft. I have to say that it protected my cash, camera, smartphones that I have been left in the hotel room.

Going on vacation, being outdoors, or simply traveling by car or other public transportation such as the subway or bus, poses a risk that an abuser will try to take advantage and valuable belongings. Nobody wants to go on vacation to be scared but to reach a state of total enjoyment and relaxation. This is the ideal time to meditate and recharge our batteries to get away from disturbing thoughts. Here, I will share my user experience with the flexsafe portable travel safe and how it protected my belongings during the trip. Let's dive into it.

What is FlexSafe?

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Flexsafe by aquavault is a portable bag where we can store and move your personal assets, smartphones, purses, wallets, documents, keys, jewelry. And everything we consider of great value, protecting them from theft, wherever we are. The flex safe is really durable and is characterized by being the most affordable, economically speaking option on the market. Its 5 layers of protection make it anti-shock due to accidental and deliberate breakage. It is inviolable because it has a high precision lock that withstands scratches and cuts from knives or other sharp weapons.

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With this safe, we will not have to invest in expensive security systems. The moments of panic will long go with the safe that provides the mind relax so that the bad feelings can disappear. Feel protected at home, in the car, when traveling on vacation, playing sports or traveling on public transport. Whatever the situation, it is ideal for transporting or leaving it in unknown areas that require protecting your most valuable objects and documents.

How FlexSafe Works?

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Flexsaf is the most innovative, safe and convenient portable case which looks like a small portable bag. It allows you to carry all personal belongings such as smartphones, wallets, keys and iPads with extreme comfort, protecting them from any theft. The flexsafe portable travel safe works like a security guard because it has been designed for any situation that attracts potential robbers in the home, on vacation, when playing in the field and public transportation.

The safe helps to eliminate any kind of paranoia by finding serenity without having to engineer yourself with useless and expensive tricks. With its belt loops, we can easily use anywhere and it ensures protection from water so your valuable things will safe and dry. Also, its 5 layers of strong protection prevent from cutting with blades or other metals so you can stay tension-free.

Is It Easy And Safe To Use?

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The FlexSafe is safe to use because it is the most innovative and accessible solution on the market that I have seen so far. The portable bag helps to store our personal belongings such as a smartphone, wallet, tablet, keys, etc. without having to worry about thieves. It is equipped with RFID protection which ensures that nobody can open it except you. With this bag, your belongings are protected against wind, rain, sand, water, fire, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions. I'm getting carried away, but you got the idea! Also, it has five layers of materials that prevent all types of external attacks and cannot be torn or even opened with a blade. Its double-locking system only opened by the user so we can stay safe and secured everywhere with the FLexSafe.

Why Should You Choose FlexSafe?

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You should choose the flexsafe by aquavault for multiple benefits and advantages that provide extra security and protection. It is made with 5 layers of nylon material, which gives it a hardness against blows, struggles and cuts made by sharp weapons. Also, it has a nickel alloy lock that provides extra security with codes and you can change and reset the code easily. The portable travel safe has RFID blocking materials that prevent hackers from cyber-space their smart and digital equipment.

It has a comfortable and lightweight design that makes it easy to travel with it everywhere. You can attach it to your bicycle, umbrella or any structure that has a handlebar. Also, it has a large compartment where you can store a large number of objects such as cell phones, tablets, jewelry. It ensures protection against water and unexpected falls to keep electronic devices, high-value objects and essential documents safe.

Top 5 Features Of FlexSafe?

Flex Safe is designed precisely to protect and help users to eliminate the fear that could overwhelm us when you feel insecure. Here, I will share top 5 benefits of the flexsafe portable travel safe that I have experienced. Let's have a look below:

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  1. Ultra-security: FlexSafe is made up of 5 layers of material made travel safe to be long-lasting and resistant to any type of forcing or laceration caused by cutting weapons. In addition, it is equipped with a double certified system of hinges and nickel alloy lock that prevents hands from entering it.
  2. Digital theft protection: It ensures ease and lower risk of being caught in digital thefts, which is a growing trend in all over the world. With RFID protection, it prevents potential thieves who use digital systems from stealing my bank details.
  3. Lightweight and compact: The design of this portable bag is ultra-light and spacious that allows you to carry your smartphone, camera, jewelry, key documents and much more without having to use additional accessories. Also, I attach this portable case to your bicycle, umbrella or any type of handhold that gives me greater safety and flexibility.
  4. Protection: FlexSafe protects my electronic devices and cards because it is water-resistant and weatherproof. Also, it reduces the risk of my sensitive devices breaking from being dropped.
  5. Extra features: It has belt loops and mesh pocket allows to use the bag anywhere, anytime. The code of the alloy lock can be changed and I changed and reset it several times. Also, its nylon fabric ensures a firm grip to handle it easily.
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  • Protection of goods against unexpected theft in bags or luggage. Digital security and RFID protect equipment and personal details from the safe. Lightweight and easy to carry it anywhere, anytime. Resistance to external agents that ensure protection from corrode and damage. It provides a stress-free trip so we can avoid theft and loss.
  • It is not 100% waterproof, so it is not recommended to submerge it fully, but it is splash-proof.

How Many Items Can I Store Inside The Flexsafe?

FlexSafe has 2.94 liters storage capacity so you can store 2 smartphones, passports, wallets and cash together. In addition, you can customize according to your needs. Its interior lining is made with nylon and RFID blocking material that provides strong protection from cyber theft and water splash. It has 2 extra pockets on the side where you can put small items.

Does Flexsafe Features Different Varieties Of Colors, Rather Than Black?

Yes, FlexSafe offers different colors so that we can match your style. Mainly, we see the black color and it is available in Digi camo, lavender, navy blue and aqua blue colors. All colors are the same in quality and resist theft with ultra-protection.

Is It Have A Warranty Benefits?

Yes, FlexSafe has a shipping and money-back guarantee. Sometimes, there are a few defective finished products that the manufacturer must assume. If that is your case, don't worry, because the flexsafe portable travel safe has these situations covered with a replacement or cash on the delivery guarantee, depending on your preference. If the delivered product is defective, you can contact the customer service center who will kindly provide you with your refund or in case of a defect, and they will replace it within 30 days from the purchasing date.

Is Flexsafe Scam Or Legit?

When I see the FlexSafe on Shark Tank, I purchased it to test is it scam or real? After using it during my trip, I got lots of benefits so I can confirm that it is not a scam. It has three-digit combo lock that can be changed if need. The anti-theft security system protects valuables like phone, bank cards, passports, keys, jewelers etc. Also, it has 5 layers of construction and RFID materials that prevent theft and scanning data from bank cards, passports or phones. It has bet loops that allows to lock it in chairs, strollers, bike handlebars, boats and much more. In addition, it is splash and cut-resistant, so I keep my stuff secure.

Where I Can Buy It?

If you are interested in purchasing Flex Safe, I recommend to order it from their official website and the address. You can find the same bag in the local market and some online shop, but they are fake products. Also, you can buy it from Amazon or Walmart because they offer 30 days money-back guarantee that is mainly provided by FelxSafe manufacturer.

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To get the special discount, simply press the quantity of two in the purchase section to open a window with an automatic discount option. I have purchased 2 bags and get 1 free, which was surprising to me. By spending a small amount, you will significantly reduce the risk of having to pay a greater amount in the future, saving not only money but also time.

Frequently Asked Question

Here, I have answered some frequently asked questions about flexsafe by aquavault.

Is it fire-resistant or water-resistant?

FlexSafe is not water-resistant and it cannot be submerged in the water, but due to its 1680-D ballistic Denier nylon construction, the interior valuables become a day at rain. Also, it can protect from low fire occurrence, but in high range fire areas, it cannot resist the valuables.

Is it heavy?

The weight of the FlexSafe is only 240 grams which are convenient and easy to carry. So, it is not heavy and can be hanged with the bike handlebar or luggage handle easily.

How do I reset my flex safe?

It is very to reset the nickel alloy lock. Push the button and set it to 000 then set new code. If you feel unsafe, contact customer support. The codes can be accessed through PC and smartphones.

If I have queries about Flexsafe, where and whom should I contact?

If you have faced any issues with the FlexSafe, simply contact with customer support and the details are included in the box. Their customer support is reliable and helpful.

Can I store inside of it my two mobile phones?

Yes, you can store 2 mobile phones inside the FlexSafe. But, i have no extra pocket inside so you have to keep two phones together. Also, it protects your phones from unexpected falls.

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Final Thought

FlexSafe is an ultra-modern system that meets our comfort and safety needs. It provides security against snatches and digital thefts. Also, it has high protection against atmospheric agents and falls. We can take it with us because it has belt loops to hang with somethings and mesh pockets to keep belongings safe. After all, we have serenity and joy of eliminating potential fears. But it is not 100 percent waterproof but is nylon surface ensure splash protection. After all, making vacations and travel more comfortable and less worrying, when flexsafe portable travel safe is counted as a security system.

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