6 Free Antivirus Download for Mobile Nokia


Today’s article will discuss some of the best free antivirus downloads for mobile Nokia. So, if you are a Nokia phone user and want to make sure that your device and important data are both safe, then you’ve just visited the right place.

Read on and get to know more about the different free antivirus for mobile Nokia. Make sure to carefully read every antivirus listed below for you to make the right decision with ease.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

The 6 Best Free Antivirus Download for Mobile Nokia

AVG Antivirus

Free Antivirus Download for Mobile Nokia: AVG Antivirus

One of the best free antivirus download for mobile Nokia is the AVG antivirus. This software comes with a photo vault that is capable of encrypting files so that they cannot be taken hostage by ransomware and accessed without giving your permission.

On the other hand, the VPN connection will hide the information and location of your device from internet trackers and adware. While AVG doesn’t come equipped with real-time protection for malware, it is worth mentioning that it has deep scans that can help in locating issues on your Nokia device. This helps in getting rid of junk files. As a result, your device will run faster and, most importantly, scan websites as well as inform you if they contain malicious links or files.

NetQin Mobile Antivirus

This free antivirus download for mobile Nokia will offer reliable protection against infections, hackers, and malware. It will even make sure that your mobile phone is running at its maximum potential.

By downloading this antivirus, you will be able to protect not only your device but also yourself and your loved ones from digital offenders like programmers.

NetQin Mobile is specially made to protect devices from spyware, trojans, and infection assaults. Another great thing about this antivirus is that it will offer a continuous guarantee. Last but not least, NetQin Mobile works as a reinforcement and is capable of restoring contacts. If your phone is stolen or lost, this antivirus also comes in handy.


Bitdefender will scan your Nokia phone for malware that might have gained access to your device. However, it doesn’t come with phishing filters and safe browsing features in order to stop attacks. But this shouldn’t stop you from using Bitdefender as it comes with an autopilot that will effectively scan your device, which is enough to catch any threats before they become major problems.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to make use of the autopilot feature; rather, you will need to start and stop the scans manually. When you install, Bitdefender will then dive deeper into your files on your storage to make sure nothing hides anywhere.

With the Bitdefender free antivirus, you will not be able to experience any lag. It is because there are not a lot of advertisements that will get in the way. The only downside of this software is that it doesn’t come with an anti-theft tool and a VPN that other software possesses. Nonetheless, if you don’t need such additional features, then Bitdefender is highly recommended for your Nokia phone.


Free Antivirus Download for Mobile Nokia: Avira

Avira is another free antivirus that doesn’t only work for Nokia mobiles but other Android devices as well. The free antivirus download for mobile Nokia will protect your privacy. It will even block malicious websites and apps.

With Avira, you will also get to enjoy a free VPN for 100MB every single day, among others. Besides the free option, Avira is also offering paid plans. With such plans, you will be able to install a premium mobile application. You will also get VIP customer support which is extremely beneficial, especially if you are dealing with a problem with the software.


Sophos is a free antivirus that can block calls and filter text messages coming from a malicious link. It also comes with a QR scanner that checks every link to ensure that it is safe before you connect and allow files to download.

The anti-theft tools of Sophos will allow you to access stolen or lost phones remotely to reset passwords and wipe data. These tools will send text commands to the culprit and track where the current location of your device is.

Sophos, on the other hand, also comes with a system scanner. This scanner is responsible for checking other security problems with your Nokia phone. What’s more, it will help you in securing them.

Like any other free antiviruses on today’s list, Sophos is not loaded with advertisements. Having said that, you will get distracted and deal with a very slow device.


This security program for mobile comes with a data shield that is capable of protecting contact information, photos, and other important and confidential files or documents from being swiped and seen by hackers and unauthorized applications.

Avast will stop malware before it can completely attack your phone. This software also blocks a phishing scheme. It is very easy to use as most of the tools are shown on the dashboard center and front.

During security and virus scans, you will not be able to deal with a serious slowdown with Avast. It even comes with web protections that can help you determine dangerous sites known to attract malicious files and then downloads afterward. It is a superb way to prevent threats and other viruses from infecting your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Nokia Phones Safe?

Nokia phones are secure. They deliver the fastest and most regular security and software updates among other Android brands. With a Nokia phone, you can rest easy knowing that your device comes with three years of monthly updates. There are also two sets of complete operating system software upgrades that have built-in security growth.

Is It Okay To Install An Antivirus On Nokia 5?

Remember, android engineers don’t recommend using any antivirus for regular use of a device that runs on this system.

But if you visit untrusted websites download anything from unsafe resources on the Nokia, it is highly recommended that you install a quality antivirus.


Installing antivirus software on your device is a good idea as it can protect you and your files from unexpected problems. So, if you are using a Nokia mobile, don’t hesitate to install an antivirus. Whether you prefer a paid or free option, you must choose the best and most reliable antivirus.

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