GlowBowl Review – Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight 2022

, January 20, 2022

I hear about GlowBowl all time and finally, I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? I bought GlowBowl because I often get up at night to go to the bathroom and no longer wanted to disturb other people’s sleep. I must admit that the device amuses me a lot! Also, it quickly became essential. Now, as soon as I open the bathroom door, a soft light comes on. You can then see clearly in the bathroom without hurting your eyes.

9.7out of 10

Ease of Use9.7
Value for Money9.5
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It is the perfect gadget for children and adults who have Nyctophobia, the fear of the dark. You will no longer need to accompany your children to the bathroom several times a night. It has 13 colored lights to choose from the one that most appeals to you. In addition, the device is also equipped with an air freshener that leaves your toilet fresh and clean. Here, I will share my experience with glowbowl fresh and how to works for me. So stay tuned!

Product Summary
GlowBowl Review

GlowBowl Review

Pros: It is easy to operate and fit all bathrooms. Easy to clean so you can reuse it. Ensure a pleasant smell in the bathroom. Eliminate the fear of the child in the dark. Affordable and long-lasting.

Cons: The battery doesn’t last longer as expected. Replace the air freshener after finished.

What Is GlowBowl Fresh?

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GlowBowl is a gadget that transforms your toilet into a bright and pleasant experience. It is equipped with a replaceable deodorant and LED light that allows us to overcome phobia by transforming this traumatic experience into a pleasant moment. You will gain precious hours of sleep because you do not need to accompany your child to the toilet every time he has to do his needs during the night.

Thanks to the motion detector with which the WC luminaire is fitted, you don’t even have to worry about activating it. Indeed, the glow bowl toilet light turns on itself. The device can cover approximately 10 meters, so even if your toilet is at the end of the corridor, the LED will activate automatically. The soft light does not harm the eyes and it generates a relaxed atmosphere.

Its LED has 13 different color lighting with among others red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, etc. It’s a great way to start working on your children’s fear of the dark. They will be able to go to the toilet themselves and learn to fight against this fear, which is so frequent!

How Does Glow Bowl Work?

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The glowbowl fresh is suitable for all types of toilets, regardless of the shape of the toilet bowl. In addition, its motion-activated detection system is really advanced and can detect you from a maximum distance of 10 meters. You do not need to turn it off when leaving the toilet, and the WC light will turn off itself after a while.

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The toilet light only works at night. It detects the brightness of the room and lights up if necessary. This saves you batteries. Besides, these last well, you won’t have to change them often. The WC light comes in the form of a small device, not at all bulky. You can even take it with you. This could be practical if you rent a house on vacation so that your child does not lose his bearings. The Glow Toilet luminaire allows you to choose between 13 colors. But you can also set it in “All” mode so that it changes color every 4 seconds.

Does Glow Bowl Fresh Work Or Not?

According to my user experience, the GlowBowl really works and it has carousel mode that allows changing light colors with 13 different colors. It is more amusing than ever so children can stay free from fear at night. The glow bowl toilet light is very vibrant and it will not disturb my partner. Also, it has an air freshener that helps to eliminate bad smells from the bathroom. The LED motion sensor activated the light when I open the bathroom door and shut down automatically when the door closed. Its 5 levels of dimming allow adjusting the brightness for a better feeling.

Top 5 Key Features of GlowBowl Fresh

The Glowbowl automatically aromatizes the bathroom and other rooms every 4 seconds when it is activated in fragrant mode. It is the best investment in discreet night lights that do not interrupt the sleep of those who live near the bathroom. It has many features, but I will share the top 5 features of the glowbowl fresh that I have experienced. Have a look below:

  1. Help overcome the fear of the dark: I am brave and do not suffer from Nyctophobia, but what will happen if it occurs with my children? The toilet light helps children to defeat their demons and lets me sleep peacefully at night.
  2. The feeling of cleanliness: Thanks to its integrated air freshener, the WC light gives me a feeling of freshness that helps to relax. I replace it when the smell does not comes out.
  3. Functionality: The motion sensor allows the light to turn on automatically, without a switch. It does not work in daylight, so I need fewer batteries than average.
  4. Economic and accessible: Easy to use, this gadget is accessible to all. It is a great gift to give to others who have children.
  5. Sleep better: I no longer need to turn on the lights to go to the bathroom at night. So I can avoid waking up my partner!
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  • It is easy to operate and fit all bathrooms. Easy to clean so you can reuse it. Ensure a pleasant smell in the bathroom. Eliminate the fear of the child in the dark. Affordable and long-lasting.
  • The battery doesn’t last longer as expected. Replace the air freshener after finished.

What Makes It Different From Other?

You will find lots of bathroom gadgets and devices in the market. The GlowBowl makes its position in the first place for some unique features that make it different from others. It has a LED light that provides 13 different colors and the tone of the light is so pleasant that it will not disturb sleep. With the 5 levels of dimmers, the light brightness can be adjusted according to needs. Also, it has a motion detector sensor that automatically lights up when we enter the bathroom. It was cleanable and the air freshener eliminates the bad odors from the toilet to ensure a pleasant environment. For these reasons, it is outstanding from others.

GlowBowl Fresh Benefits

Glowbowl has lots of benefits and it is a perfect gadget for children and adults who has dark phobia or nyctophobia. It will eliminate the fear of its effective performance of lighting and refreshing air. Let’s see the benefits of GlowBowl fresh.

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  • The Glowbowl is equipped with a LED light that provides 13 colors lighting and it changes after every 4 seconds. So, you can feel a pleasant and calm environment in the bathroom. Also, the lights have a soft tone that will not disturb your partner that happened in normal light.
  • It has a motion sensor that allows you to activate and turn off the light when you open and shut down the bathroom door so the battery will perform for a long time.
  • The 5 levels of dimming allow you to customize colors of the light according to your needs and reduce battery usage.
  • It comes with an air freshener that reduces terrible smells from the bathroom and ensures a pleasant environment.
  • The device is perfect for children who have a dark phobia and fear is common to them. The phobia will end up passaging with time and age.
  • It is incredibly easy to clean because its casing is waterproof and will not corrode.

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How to Use Glow Bowl?

It is easy to set up and use without the need of any experts or technicians. The WC light is an excellent investment that will help our child to fight his fear of the dark. To make the task even easier, I share how I set up and use it.

  1. At first, unpack the WC light fixture and install the included air freshener. Then, open it, place the air freshener in it and then close it.
  2. Once it’s done, use the fixings to install your toilet light in your bowl. Use the “All” mode to change the light automatically and the lights change colors after every 4 seconds.
  3. Now, enjoy the experience in a top atmosphere with a pleasant smell.

How Do I Clean The Glowbowl?

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After using the Glowbowl for a month first time, I was confused about how to clean it because of it always in the bathroom. Then, I got help from the support center and I will share the process of cleaning here. It can be cleaned with all types of household cleaner. I put the GlowBowl under slow running water for several minutes and properly clean all sides. I never used detergent or soap because it can be cleaned without these things and if you want to use, you can. After cleaning with water, I wipe it with a microfiber cloth or rejected t-shirt cloth to dry it. Then, I connect the batteries and add it in the previous place.

Is Glowbowl Fresh A Scam?

When I hear about the GlowBowl that will make the bathroom pleasant, I have purchased it for testing is it a scam. After installing and using it for about a month, I have to assure you that it really works and not a scam. Let’s discover why. It has a changeable air freshener that keeps the bathroom always pleasant by releasing the fragrance. I use lavender air freshener and you can add your favorite one. It has a LED light that has 13 colors and changing after every 4 seconds is amazing, which makes the bathroom vibrant. Also, the motion sensor automatically helps to light up and shut down when the bathroom door is opened and got out of the bathroom. I can easily adjust the brightness and clean without any problems.

Where I Can Buy It?

I bought the GlowBowl from their official website because they offer 30 days money-back guarantee. The address of the official website. You can see lots of online shops are selling this item, which would be fake, so I recommend to purchase from the official website or trusted online shops like Amazon, eBay and Walmart.

Visit Official Website
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The delivery time takes 7 to 12 days outside of the USA and 2 to 5 days inside the USA. I purchased 1 glow bowl and get 1 free, which was marvelous. If you purchase 3 or more, you will get extra free and save your pocket. I am happy with the glow bowl and it is worth the cost.

Frequently Asked Question

Here, I will answer some frequently asked questions about GlowBowl fresh.

What colors are included?

It has 13 vibrant LED colors and they are blue, purple, yellow, white, red, aqua, pink, orange, green and more. The colors automatically change every 4 seconds in carousel mode.

How do you change the color of a glow Bowl?

It is very easy to change the color of a glow bowl, just press and release the button to change the color. The LED blinks after 4-5 seconds and you will confirm that color has changed.

Is GlowBowl Fresh easy to clean?

GlowBowl is waterproof and easy to clean because it is constructed with a water-resistant seal that can be cleaned as daily utensils cleaning. I never face any problems after washing it.

How do I get into the dimmer mode?

Get into the dimmer mode is very simple. Press the dimmer button and the light will turn on. Then, hold the button and the 5 dimming levels help to change the level of brightness according to your needs.

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Final Thought

GlowBowl is easy to use and to set up, and the WC luminaire brings you comfort and serenity while spreading a pleasant odor in your toilets or your bathroom. Also, if your children are afraid of the dark, this is the solution for them to start overcoming their phobia. The glow bowl toilet light is affordable and durable, representing bill savings for the consumer to assess worthy. Its led lighting is extremely economical and stable.

It is safe to use so it does not pose any danger to the smallest children in the home. Remember that the light runs on batteries. You will have to change them after a few months and batteries are cheap and affordable. The air freshener does not last forever, you will also need to change it after a while and it is not a big issue. I strongly recommend the glowbowl fresh to keep your bathroom fresh and pleasant.

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