Google Android Tablet Case: 3 Things To Know


Google Android Tablet Case

Falls, drops, and spills are just some of the few unfortunate events that could damage and ruin your Android tablet. If you’ve ever lost your grip and fumbled helplessly as you try to save your Android tablet from crashing to the ground, then you know how important it is to protect your device. This article shares a few things to note when you Google android tablet case and are looking for the perfect one.

Know Your Google Android Tablet Case Model And Dimension

When Googling Android tablet cases, you initially include the model of your device. This is to ensure that the ones you’re looking at will fit your tablet.

Finding covers for popular Android brands like Samsung is relatively easy— whether you’re looking for the ones sold by Samsung itself or from 3rd party manufacturers.

However, if you have a lesser-known Android tablet, then the search can be more challenging. In this case, you’ll often come across ‘universal’ cases. These universal covers can protect and fit your tablet but may not accommodate its particular design.

When you have no choice but these general solutions, you want to measure your android tablet and check with the case seller or from the size information provided on the website.

Different Types Of Google Android Tablet Case

Google Android Tablet Case

With the popularity of tablet cases, consumers have several options to choose from. This is where things can get a bit trickier if you don’t know what you want. So, we’re listing some of the most common types of android tablet cases available today.

1. Folio Cases

Folio cases are the most preferred option for tablet users. Folio cases are flip-open cases that help protect your tablet’s screen and open like a book. Folio cases provide handy features such as slots for your cash or card. But for Android tablets, it is mainly favored since it can double up as a stand for your device.

It also supports the wake-sleep function of most tablets—allowing your tablet to automatically sleep when you close the front flap and wake up when you open it. Also, some folio cases feature magnetic closures to keep the covers securely closed.

Other than that, some types of folio cases also feature an attached keyboard that can be connected to your Android tablet via Bluetooth. This can transform your tablet into an alternative laptop when working.

2. Tough Cases

Tough cases offer extra protection for your Android tablet. Most of these cases are tough, sturdy, and shock-resistant that can protect your device when you accidentally bump or drop it somewhere.

Take note, however, that these cases are typically bulky and weigh more than the basic or normal tablet cases.

3. Basic Cases

If you want something that does not hide the sleekness of your Android tablet, then basic or slim cases are your best option.

Due to their thinness, they are lightweight and enhance the sleek design of slim tablets but offer minimal protection. That said, these cases do offer protection against scratches and survive a few falls.

If you prioritize design over protection, then these cases are best.

4. Jacket Or Sleeve

If you’re looking for protection when traveling but don’t really need it, then a tablet jacket or sleeve is your best option. A tablet sleeve or jacket is lightweight and doesn’t extra weight on your tablet. They act as temporary protection when transporting your tablet in your bag.

Understand The Different Materials Used For Google Android Tablet Case

Other than the different design types, tablet cases can be made out of several materials. We listed some of the common materials used in manufacturing Android tablet cases.

1. Plastic

Plastic is everywhere. And thanks to its value, flexibility, and durability, plastic is a top pick for most tablet case makers. That said, not all plastics are created equal. And you have a variety of options.

However, the two most common types of plastic used in tablet cases are polycarbonate (PC) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). PC is rigid while TPU is more flexible and slightly softer. Most tablet cases use both materials whereas TPU plastic is often added as bumpers and other protective elements to a case.

2. Silicone

Think of silicone as a distant cousin of plastic. It’s crafted from bases of petroleum and silicone which creates a more flexible and softer material than most plastics. This makes it an excellent shock absorber while feels comfortable in your hand.

Silicone is one of the most common materials used in tablet cases and is available in various designs and pops of colors.

3. Leather

For those looking for a classy and sophisticated look on their tablet, a leather case is a nice option to have.

This material is more common in folio cases. While you can find pure or synthetic leather materials in a tablet case, leather is often used as a part of a hybrid design. This means that the interior of the Google android tablet case can be made of TPU while its exterior features a thin layer of leather.

4. Wood

With the world being more focused on eco-friendly materials, Google android tablet casemanufacturers are now experimenting with wood materials for their cases.

This type of material offers a handcrafted and organic charm to your high-tech device, making it extremely unique. Bamboo is the most popular choice for wood tablet cases and protects against scratches. That said, it may chip or crack if dropped.


Are Android tablet cases worth it?

Yes. They are worth it in terms of protecting your phone from drops, scratches, and drops that can occur often.

Also, in general, Android tablet cases are quite cheap when compared to the device that they protect. Also, there’s a range of tablet cases that are lightweight and doesn’t change the form factor of the device at all. So, there’s really no question that they are truly worth it.

Do cases cause tablet overheating?

Modern android tablets don’t tend to overheat quickly. Also, tablet cases are not commonly known to cause overheating tablet.


There’s no sure way of making your android tablet 100% protected with Google android tablet case. However, if you want to avoid spending hundreds of dollars on repairs, it’s best to take preventive action to protect your tablet. And you can do that by choosing the best Android tablet case you can find.

Just make sure to follow the above tips when buying an android tablet case online to ensure that it fits your needs.


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