Gx Smartwatch Review Update 2022: Best High End Smart Watch


This is the era of technology where it reaches its peak point & smartwatches are one of the most demandable & essential elements nowadays. If you notice carefully then you’ll see that there is barely any person who isn’t wearing a smartwatch. The reason is very simple, the latest smartwatches are not bound in their old features.

Now it becomes your digital personal assistant that continuously monitors your health condition, tracks your sleeping, and provides other basic features, such as calls, sms, social media updates & many more things. Read this GX SmartWatch Review to find the latest, premium & flagship smartwatch for yourself. 

What is GX SmartWatch?


GX SmartWatch is one of the best & latest hybrid-smartwatches available in the market. The best part of this watch is it provides better quality and more features at a very affordable price. The same features watch when you want to purchase from other regular brands, you have to pay 5x more. Let’s talk about the watch more briefly to know what it offers you. 

The first thing you’ll notice of this smartwatch is its fashionable, sportive, eye-catchy design. Its fashionable outlook makes it superior to others.  The watch is kind of your personal-health assistant that continuously tracks the condition of your health. It reads your blood-pressure, level of oxygen in the blood, pulse rate, heartbeat, etc. 

The watch tracks your electrocardiogram & you can watch your PCP by using the GX SmartWatch app. To give the users a luxurious vibe it uses quality material and components. The strap of this watch is made with silicone so that you get the best comfort. While designing this watch, senior customers are prioritized. That’s why it also integrated with GPS, mobile support, alarm for medications, & wifi.  

GX SmartWatch Features


Features of a product will let you understand the capacity of the product. Let me tell you the features that I have enjoyed with the Gx smartwatch. 


The GX smartwatch comes with super exclusive, eye-catchy design with high-quality material that makes it superior to others.


The smartwatch is IP68 waterproof & dust resistant rated. So you can use it in every condition without any tension.

Versatile display

Generally, the regular smartwatch comes with one common display and they won’t let so many options to the user to change them but the Gx smartwatch is completely different here. You can use multiple displays whenever you want. 

Monitoring health

Gx-smartwatch perfectly observes your health.  It reads your blood pressure, the level of oxygen in the blood, heartbeat, pulse rate, etc. 

Improve sleep

This is one of its finest features that I loved the most. Gx smartwatch tracks your sleeping record and lets you know the depth and quality of your sleep. It can exactly tell you when you were in light or deep sleep. 

Long-battery life

While going outside the charge of the smartwatch is one of the important factors that users are mostly suffering from. But the Gx smartwatch can provide you long time service because of its long battery life. 

Specifications of GX Smartwatch


  • CPU: (Nordic-NRF52832)
  • RAM: 64-KB
  • ROM: 512-KB+64-MB
  • Screen-size: 1.3-TFT complete touchscreen. 
  • IP68 water & dustproof resistant.
  • 300-MAH battery.
  • Magnetic charging-connector.
  • Notification & alarm-function.
  • Calorie & pedometer.
  • Health & sleep monitor.
  • Motion sensor.
  • Remote camera.

Uses of Gx SmartWatch


The uses of the smartwatch may vary from person to person but the core uses are almost the same for everyone. Here GX SmartWatch Review section, I’m going to show you some common uses of Gx SmartWatch. 

Time & Date

Watching time is a common use of any watch whether it is smart or not. It doesn’t need to be mentioned but then again as a basic thing, I can’t skip this matter while talking about the uses of this smartwatch. 

Independence Of Smartphone

One of the best parts of a smartwatch is it reduces the dependency on the smartphone by letting you operate the smartphone through the smartwatch. The Gx smartwatch allows you to control your smartphone without bringing it out of your pocket. 

Control The Mobile Application

You can control the apps of your phone by using your Gx smartwatch. This is one of the best uses of this smartwatch. Consider that you are doing physical activities or attending a meeting, you can see the update or notification through this smartwatch without interrupting your ongoing activity.  

Make/Receive Calls

By using the Gx smartwatch, you can make calls and receive incoming calls without bringing out your phone from your pocket. From the day I’ve started using this watch, I almost forgot when I pick my call through my phone. Because almost every time I’ve answered the call through my Gx smartwatch.

Get Notification

If you have a Gx smartwatch, you don’t have to bring your smartphone every time to check the notifications. In my opinion, it’s one of the most convenient and effective features of this watch. Now, I can quickly check the notifications of my phone through this watch with no time.

Monitor Your-Health 

Gx smartwatch is a superb device to track and record your health. It can read your blood pressure, the oxygen level in your blood, heartbeat, pulse rate, etc. From now I don’t have to go to the hospital to check my blood pressure, pulse rate, etc.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Gx Smartwatch?


Before purchasing any product, I want to know the benefits of that particular product and it helps me to compare it with my needs. It is an easy way to choose the right product. Now here in this section, I’m going to include some benefits that I have enjoyed. 

  • GX smartwatch is very lightweight & you can comfortably wear it for a long period of time.
  • The watch comes with IP68 water & dustproof that allows you to use it in every condition. 
  •  Its long-lasting-battery life ensures uninterrupted service for a long period of time. 
  • Once you connect the watch with your android/ios device, it will provide you all the notifications of your smartphone and allow you to make/answer calls.
  • The HD-retina display size is perfect for reading any massages.
  • Help you to track your health and improve your sleep. 

Why Is The Gx Smartwatch So Popular?


The GX SmartWatch is popular among people for many reasons, let’s find out these features and reasons that make it popular. 

Long-lasting-battery backup

The Long-lasting-battery backup facility is one of the main reasons that make it highly acceptable among the people. Think about the situation that you’re exercising & tracking your activity through this watch. Along with that you’re also listening to songs or doing any other activity. But all of a sudden the battery of your smartwatch is dead.

How frustrating would that be? Well, Gx is completely different from other watches here.  It has a huge 3-5 days of battery life that varies on the uses, and it only takes one hour to fully recharge via USB cable. This is why it becomes my companion everywhere. Wherever I go it goes with me and because of its long battery backup, it actively connects with me always. 

Real-time heart-rate monitoring

The Gx smartwatch continuously tracks your heart-rate while you are doing your activity. For example, you are exercising, your heart rate will increase & you can see it on time on the display of your watch. From my curiosity, I’ve compared this watch with the real clinical tools and its output is 99% similar.

Compatible for android & ios both

Usually, smartwatches are compatible with one individual platform either it will run with the ios operating system or an Android operating system. But the Gx here breaks the boundary, it can run with both operating systems. I’ve used it on my android and ios both devices and it connects and works with both devices perfectly.

Easy to operate

GX design for everyone. Either you are young or old, it is perfect for all. All of its dynamic features are so easy and simple that everyone can use it. 

How Much Does GX SmartWatch Cost?


At first, when I heard about this smartwatch I thought it would be a minimum of 300 to 400 dollars product. But it surprised me a lot that the product is now available on its official site for just 99$ during this 50% promo time. Its regular price is 198$. But you can save your 100$ and get this product for just 99$ as long as the promo is going.

  • Very powerful, long-lasting & durable-battery.
  • Easy operating.
  • Very innovative & eye-catchy design.
  • HD-retina Full-touch-screen display.
  • Fitness tracker.
  • Health & sleep monitor.
  • ECG on the wrist.
  • Limited stocks.
  • The discount it gives is available for only a few days. 

Where Can I Purchase The Gx Smartwatch?

No matter, wherever you are in this world. You can easily purchase the Gx smartwatch from the Gx smartwatch manufacturer’s official website. Another good news is there is currently a promo offer going. During this offer, you can purchase the watch with a huge 50%  discount and the shipment is completely free. So if you have any plan to get this product then this is the appropriate time. For your convenience, I’m going to add a link below that will directly take you to the Gx smartwatch official site. 

Frequently Asked Question

While reading this GX SmartWatch Review, there are some questions that are traveling in your curious mind. Just look at the below section and get the most desirable question that you’re searching for. 

Can the Gx Smartwatch work under bad weather?

Well, the Gx Smartwatch is made with sturdy material & it has IP68 waterproof protection, so you can easily use it under bad conditions. 

If I switch countries, will the Gx Smartwatch show the time accordingly?

Yes, while you’re roaming other countries, the GX smartwatch will show you time accordingly.  

What does the Gx smartwatch customer reviews say?

The Gx smartwatch customer opinion is it is one of the best smartwatches by its design & function.  

Is there GX SmartWatch Review UK?

The Gx smartWatch Review UK covers everything you need to know about this product and people of the UK are currently using this smartwatch like a hot-cake.

Who makes the Gx smartwatch?

The “Hyper-SLS-LTD” is producing this product. 

Is the GX SmartWatch Affordable?

Compared to other smartwatches available in the market the GX SmartWatch is 5x less priced while it is providing super quality & features.

GX Smartwatch Review: Final Thoughts

After reading this GX SmartWatch Review, you know everything about this product. Now if you’re looking for my suggestion then as a user of this product, I can tell you that it’s a divine product.  Due to its superb quality and innovative features, it is getting huge popularity in the SmartWatches niche.

So if you have a plan to get one then this is the right time to get one. As the company offers a 50% discount currently on its product, it won’t be wise to miss the opportunity. If in case you don’t like it, you can always return it and get back your money in 30 days.

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