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, January 20, 2022

If you are looking for a fantastic and advanced smartwatch, whether to use your Android phone or iPhone, let’s enumerate the HealthWatch. I have got it for its unique features and 100% accurate performance. It has a health-tracking sensor for taking care of our health. It is very important to watch our heart rate, regularly measure blood pressure, count the calories we burn and the steps we take. I can do all this with your smartphone app. Here, I will present the HealthWatch review.

The smartwatch is a bit superficial for its round shape design. Anyone can wear the watch because of its adjustable straps. It presents all outputs in real-time.  Also, it allows me to see the notification and receive or reject the incoming call without taking the mobile out of the pocket.

What is HealthWatch?

HealthWatch allows me to track fitness goals and manage calls. It allows me to take pictures using the phone’s camera. All results are shown in real-time so that I can understand the present condition of my body. It monitors heart pulse rate, steps, burned calories, distance traveled, reminder, the oxygen level in blood and calculates sleeping time.

What is HealthWatch

The strap is adjustable, so anyone can wear it to track fitness. Has a classic design and display with IP67 waterproof protection. For more everyday uses, I can answer and reject calls on the smartwatch. Its standby time is 30 days in a single charge.

HealthWatch Key Features

HealthWatch offers a wide range of unique features and accurate results. Let me discuss the features that I have experienced.

HealthWatch Key Features

Track health data:

It has an innovative sensor that can track heart rate, steps, burned calories, distance, sleeping time, blood oxygen level, etc. I wear it every day to observe the overall health condition. It shows all results in real-time so that I can take action for quick recovery.

Call And Notification Management:

Receiving or rejecting calls from the smartwatch screen is an incredible feature of the smartwatch. Also, it presents the incoming phone notifications that keep me stress-free.

Large Battery:

I am totally surprised with its power management. After the full charge, I have used it for 15 days without any complications. Also, its standby time is 30 days, which is outstanding. It is the only smartwatch that has such a long-time performance.


It has adjustable straps for everyone’s ease. It has been recognized with the IP67 certificate for its resistance to extreme conditions. It can dive 1.5 deep for up to half an hour and is resistant to dust.

Control phone’s camera:

A few smartwatches have the feature. The HealthWatch allows me to snap pictures through my smartphone. Its picture capturing speed is faster than the others.

HealthWatch Review: What Can You Do with the HealthWatch?

I have experienced lots of performance on the HealthWatch. Let’s overview what I do with the smartwatch regularly.

HealthWatch Review: What Can You Do with the HealthWatch?

  • Track heart pulse rate and changes in real-time.
  • Calculate steps and burn calories after exercise.
  • Presents time of physical activity and deep sleeping time.
  • Control camera and songs on the smartphone.
  • Receive and reject calls without taking the phone out from the pocket.
  • Analyze motion and trajectory with high accuracy.
  • Adjust screen brightness.
  • 15 days non-stop run and 1-month standby time.
  • Find lost devices using the BT connectivity.

Why Should You Use the HealthWatch at Night?

I wear the HealthWatch all day long and do not leave it open without any reason. The reason is to check my sleeping quality and deep sleep level. Because, a sound sleep is essential for the next day’s performance. Below, I have shared some other reasons to wear the HealthWatch smartwatch at night.

Why Should You Use the HealthWatch at Night

  • Improve concentration on work.
  • Reduce headache and migraine problems.
  • Clean mind and thought process.
  • Recover body fatigue and weakness.
  • Track deep sleep time.
  • Monitor heart condition while sleeping.

The smartwatch tracks nighttime body activities so we can live a healthy lifestyle.

Is The HealthWatch Worth It?

The HealthWatch has some unique features that make it worthy to all aged people. It tracks overall health condition for 15 days in a full charge in the battery. All health data are 100% accurate. It can measure the oxygen level in the blood using an innovative sensor. I am using it as an alarm reminder, step counter and burned calories counter. It has IP68 protection that enhances its performance in all conditions.

Is The HealthWatch Worth It

The 1 inch OLED display provides HD quality view with low power consumption. It also helps me to observe my sleeping patterns that improve the sleeping quality. I can receive calls, take photos, etc., on the smartphone that makes it convenient for me. Overall, it is the perfect fitness tracker with advanced features.

HealthWatch Rating and Buyer Review

Buyers if the HealthWatch gives the positive review and rated as the best affordable smartwatches. Let’s see some users review:

  • I have used 3 smartwatches, but it makes me amazed with the accurate result. I tested the blood pressure level with it and compared the result with my pressure machine reading. The difference was only 1 digit in diastolic measurement.
  • I love to wear watches. The HealthWatch helps me maintain style and health activities. It makes my life easier with easy call and notification management. I like its display and touch quality.
  • I fell in love with the HealthWatch’s performance and 15 days non-stop working. Its Anti-lost option helped me to find out the lost watch.

How Can I Buy The Healthwatch?

HealthWatch is sold on the manufacturer’s official website. They offer a 50% discount so check it before purchasing.

How Can I Buy The Healthwatch

In the price range, it perfect for monitoring your vital functions. Every order meets free shipping worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Readout the answers to the frequently asked questions below:

Are blood pressure watches accurate?

Blood pressure watches are identically accurate and approved by authorized organizations. Its accuracy is depending on the system of our use and sensor.

Do any Smartwatches measure blood pressure?

The HealthWatch can measure blood pressure using its powerful sensor. The accuracy of the watch is reliable and it also measures the heart pulse rate.

Can Smartwatches measure blood pressure?

Yes, smartwatches can measure blood pressure because they have a built-in sensor to track health data. The result is 99.99 percent accurate.

Which watch can monitor blood pressure?

I have tried many smartwatches. I am satisfied with the HealthWatch and Apple Series 4 smartwatch. Its under-mounted sensor measures the BP rate.

What is Healthwatch Price?

The regular price of the HealthWatch is 89 dollars. They provide a 50% discount occasionally that make it worthy and affordable.

Final Verdict

Stay fit always needs proper measurement of health conditions and activities. In the HealthWatch review, I have to do with my real-life experience. It helps me to stay alert from several health problems. The best part of the watch is the accuracy, long standby time and call management option.

Also, it shows the BP results, heart rate, steps, distances, sleeping time and more. Its multi-functional performance helps to stay healthy with concern. It can be used in rough weather conditions without fearing damage. I think it is the best smartwatch to stay fit 24/7. So, get the HealthWatch and stay tuned.

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