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I have been searching for technology for a few months that help to automate my home appliances. After using a lot of home automation devices, the HomeNETIX conquered my mind. It allows me to control the home appliances such as lights, TVs, fridges, ACs, etc., from outside. Its smartphone compatibility makes it convenient for all users. In this article of HomeNETIX review, I will cover everything about the smart gadget.

9.6out of 10

Ease of Use9.5
Value for Money9.6

It allows me to control everything in real-time through an application. The app supports voice commands. I can control the appliances automatically and manually. Its weight is very light so you can easily install it anywhere at home. The coverage range of the smart home device is 26 ft.

Product Summary
HomeNetix Review

HomeNetix Review


  • Appliances support
  • Voice command
  • Recommended scenes
  • Screen time limitation
  • Performance

What Is HomeNETIX? – HomeNetix Review

HomeNETIX allows me to transform the household appliances automated so that I can live my life smartly with stress-free. It is a complete universal system that has no restriction in use. I have connected all appliances within the 26 ft area. It is working with TV, Air conditioner, Air cooler, Lights, etc.

What Is HomeNETIX? - HomeNetix Review

The preset mode allows me to monitor the house conditions, pets, etc., easily. It works through a home Wi-Fi network and can be paired with the HomeNetix smartphone app. No need for the expert’s help to set up and customize.

HomeNETIX Main Key Features

The smart home controller arrives with unique features. I will present those features that I have got. Let’s see them:

HomeNETIX Main Key Features

Appliances support:

I forget to turn off the AC, lights or fan when going outside. The HomeNetix allows me to control the appliances from anywhere. TV, refrigerator, fans, lights, etc., home appliances can be controlled with a single click. Get access to the devices anytime.

Voice command:

From the HomeNetix smartphone app, I apply the voice command to control my kid’s TV watching time. It helps to turn ON/OFF all appliances instantly. Just say the line and see the result.

Recommended scenes:

The option allows me to turn on and off lights, fans, ACs according to the timer setting. I use the sleep mode that adjusts the AC temperature by measuring room temperature. So, I have a restful and stress-free sleep.

Screen time limitation:

It allows me to set the appliance running time so adolescents cannot spend time in front of the TV screen all time. I put the time in watching TV and it turns itself off after ending the period. Also, it presents how much time they watched TV or used a fan or other appliances.


It works with a home Wi-Fi network and smartphone app. Android, Alexa and iOS devices are supported with the smart home controller. I have connected all appliances in the 26 ft area with the HomeNetix.

HomeNETIX Review: Why Do I Need HomeNETIX Remote?

I have forgotten to turn off my house’s lights many times and after arriving at the office, I remember that. It is the wastage of electricity and money. Also, it offers a wide range of benefits that make it worthy for everyone.

HomeNETIX Review: Why Do I Need HomeNETIX Remote

  • It is the only solution to turn off the lights, fans, etc., from the office or outside. I turn ON the dining room light before entering the room to avoid the fear of darkness.
  • All connected appliances are easily controlled by the gadget from the smartphone. So, I can easily adjust the TV watching time and control kids with limited entertainment.
  • The sleep mode keeps the fan speed, lights and AC temperature according to room condition. Its preset modes allow me to manage all appliances in an organized way.
  • For these benefits, we all need the HomeNetix remote.

How to Use HomeNetix?

HomeNetix works with Wi-Fi connectivity and a smartphone app. Its setup process is very simple. Let me explain it:

How to Use HomeNetix

  • Connect phone with data connection or Wi-Fi network.
  • Turn ON the HomeNetix remote device.
  • Choose a remote theme.
  • Synchronize the gadget with the phone.
  • Go to the setting and configure.

Now, control all appliances from a single place and make the home into an intelligent center.

Home Netix Rating and Benefits

HomeNetix turns the home into a smart home. I virtually control every appliance in my flat. I have been controlling my home appliances with the gadget for 3 months and my experience is amazing. Also, I never worried about turn ON/OFF lights, fans, etc., using switches. The full control is in my hand. It offers benefits to all users and let me share them:

Home Netix Rating and Benefits

  • It can cover all appliances within a 26 ft room area.
  • Lightweight and sleek design so it can be placed in any small place.
  • Compatible with Alexa, iOS devices and Android-based devices.
  • Reduce electric consumption and bills.
  • Allows controlling all appliances with a voice command.
  • Smartly control appliances from anywhere.
  • Preset modes provide multiple user experiences.
  • Limit screen and recommended scene mode ensure a super controlling experience.
  • Works with Home Wi-Fi network and smartphone app.

Home Netix Rating and Benefits

  • Control appliances from anywhere

  • Android, iOS and Alexa compatible

  • Preset, sleep and pet modes

  • Lightweight and sleek design

  • Easy to connect with appliances

  • Voice command support

  • Reduce electric bills and usage.

  • Only control from the smartphone

  • Available in a single color

Where to Buy Home Netix

To control all appliances from a smartphone, the HomeNetix is the best option. If you have decided to purchase the smart home controller, I recommend you to get HomeNetix from here.

Where to Buy Home Netix

I have a 50% discount offer and are available for 30 minutes after opening the link. So, hurry up and get the gadget to make your home into a smart home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, I have clarified the frequently asked questions about HomeNetix.

What Is the Best Smart Remote?

The best remote allows you to control home appliances within the average range. It can be used through the smartphone app from anywhere.

How Do You Use Universal Remotes?

To use universal remotes, switch ON the home controller gadget and sync with the smartphone app. Customize with modes and configure settings to get perfect results.

What are the Benefits Of a Universal Remote?

The universal remote allows you to control all appliances from outside. You can operate them from a smartphone. Also, it helps to turn off lights, fans etc. after leaving them running unwillingly.

What Is The Best Universal Remote?

The best universal remote is the one that provides multiple options to control home appliances with easy operation. Also, it should be operated from any type of smartphone.

Is the HomeNetix App available for both iOS and Android?

Yes. The HomeNetix app can be installed on iOS and Android-based smartphones without any limitations. Also, the device supports Alexa devices.

Final Thought

In the HomeNETIX review, I try to share my overall experience with all its features and benefits. I am confident with the device and make my daily life easier. Because, I can control connected appliances with voice commands. Within the 26 ft area, all appliances can be connected. It works with a Wi-Fi network and the smartphone app makes its usage convenient. Get the HomeNetix right now and enjoy its full potential advantages.

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