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Nowadays, home security is a must needed for all householders. I have used many security locks in my house and faced 4 times thief attacks in my house. So, I have chosen HomePolice24 because it protects the house in my absence. Also, I know when someone tends to break my doors or windows. By installing it near the door and window, I feel safe all day long. Here, I will present the HomePolice24 review with my personal experience with it.

It stands out for its advanced functionalities that send an instant alert. Also, it incorporates door or window sensors, a motion detector and a red light indicator. It works with the mobile application to stay alert with the security system from anywhere.

What is HomePolice24?

HomePolice24 is a unique home security system that protects your house in your absence. It detects the movement of any person, avoiding the presence of pets. By installing the security sensors in the door and window frame, it works for a long time. It can be managed from a smartphone app. Also, it sends an alert on the phone when anyone is trying to open the door.

What is HomePolice24

It works with a regular battery that goes for a long time. When the battery power is going low, it will remind you of the low battery alert to replace the battery. Its advanced protection technology keeps us stress-free.

What Are The Main Features Of Homepolice24?

Like all security devices, the HomePolice24 has amazing features. But, some features make it unique and better than other home security systems. Let’s point out the features:

What are the main features of HomePolice24

Constant home security:

Once installed the HomePolice24 near the door and window, it will alert you when detecting any home invasion. Its 24 hours random censoring provides extra layer protection of the house. If someone tries to break the security system, its instant alert allows you to take immediate action.

Get smartphone alert:

The HomePolice24 can be controlled by a smartphone app. It works on a home Wi-Fi network and you will get an alert if you have a data connection. So, always keep the data connectivity ON. It sends different types of alerts that help to understand the risks. Both iOS and Android phones are supported by the device.


The device is designed to send a notification when someone is trying to break your door or window forcefully. It sends a door opening alert on the smartphone so you can take the necessary steps to detect the problem. The reminders keep you safe and secure from unexpected damage. Also, it presents a low battery alert, so replace the battery to stay secured.

Easy to mount:

It is mainly mounted on the frame of doors and windows. With adhesive tape or screws, it can be attached on the frame. Its color is white, so anyone cannot see the device from the outside. That included extra level security for your house.

Movement sensors:

It has door and window movement sensors that detect the forced entry and alert you. Also, it provides different alerts using the sensors so you can understand the overall condition. Without any monthly fees, stay protected for an unlimited time.

How To Install Homepolice24?

Most of the security systems are difficult to set up. But, the HomePolice24 is easy to set up in the door and window frame. Let’s follow how I set up the device in my house:

How to install HomePolice24

  • At first, I use a two-way adhesive tape and attach it to the door or window frame.
  • Then, take the device, insert the battery and mount it on the frame.
  • Now, Open the play or app store to install the HomePolice24 app on my smartphone.
  • Connect home Wi-Fi network with the security device.

After the setup, it sends a constant alert on the smartphone.

How Does a HomePolice Door Sensor Work?

The HomePolice24 is working as a movement detector sensor using its magnet and switch. It is installed with the screws or adhesive tape on the door or window frame. Install the app to get a constant alert on a smartphone. The app does not require special requirements or charges to use.

How Does a HomePolice Door Sensor Work

It does not create a sound alert but provides an alert on a smartphone. So, connect the device with a home Wi-Fi network and turn on your phone’s data connection to stay connected. It sends several types of alerts so you can understand the situation. When someone is trying to break a door or window, it constantly sends an alert so you can call the security team to take action.

Why Do I Need HomePolice 24 Door Sensor for Home Security?

I have purchased the HomePolice24 for its unique features and useful reasons. Let’s discover the home security system’s benefit:

Why Do I Need HomePolice 24 Door Sensor for Home Security

  • It provides enhanced security when I am outside of the house.
  • It sends an alert on a smartphone when a stranger wants to break the door or window.
  • The home security sensors deliver different notifications to understand the real situation.
  • Its real-time alert prevents me away from dangers.
  • I do not need instructions to set up and I have used two-way adhesive tape to install the device.
  • In fire retardants, accidents, etc., it delivers alerts to take immediate action.
  • With a regular battery, it works for several months.

For this reason, I have bought and recommended the HomePolice24 for home security.

What Do Verified Buyers Of Homepolice24 Think?

I have covered some verified user’s reviews on HomePolice24. Let’s see them below:

  1. It has changed my security level. My wife and I are working in a Bank. My house becomes empty maximum time in a day. I have faced theft and robbery attacks the previous year. The HomePolice24 helps me to come out from the issues. Now, I am feeling safe anywhere.
  2. I am so lucky to have such a nice security device. Considering its price with discount, it is the best in my sight. Also, it protects my house and sends a constant alert on my phone. Then, I can take action to prevent accidents. Another thing is, it is very simple to set up and operate.
  3. I have purchased the device by seeing it from my neighbor. It really works as home spy security. Its different notification helps to realize the home situation and take action. I never see a disconnecting issue on the security device.

Where Can I Purchase The Homepolice24?

HomePolice24 has limited stocks and is only available on the manufacturer’s official website. I have already picked up the security device from here. 50% discount and other offers are given by the manufacturer occasionally. So, never be late and grab the device at an affordable price.

Where Can I Purchase The Homepolice24

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, I have answered some frequently asked questions about HomePolice24.

Does it support battery backup?

The HomePolice24 is working with a regular battery. With the battery, it can run for 8 hours when the power is gone.

Do house alarms work when power is out?

If your house security system has no battery backup, the alarms will stop working. The HomePolice24 is equipped with batteries that provide service at power outages.

Final Thought

If you don’t feel safe in your home, life can never be fully relaxing. The HomePolice24 alarm can deter intruders. In the HomePolice24 Review, I have shared its overall performance. It is a powerful home security system that provides random service without any problems. Most of the home security systems are high in price, but it is affordable with discount offers. With a smartphone, you can keep your home secured from unexpected accidents.

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