How Do Automatic Door Sensors Work?


The most valuable things, intimate and personal bonds, are forged in a home. Home security is a profound and subtle matter to handle, mainly because it is the most sensitive for us. When we talk about home security, we want strong security systems that prevent us from suffering damage, theft and other accidents. Today, I will present the Homepolice24 door and window sensor that will help you to protect your house and valuables in real-time. Also, I have discussed how do automatic door sensors work. Let’s have a look below:

How Do Automatic Door Sensors Work?

Automatic Door Sensors detect human movements using their powerful sensor and send alerts on the phone. It is connected with the home Wi-Fi network and alerts us through their compatible app. They are powered by a home AC outlet or rechargeable battery. The sensors are simple to install behind the door and window.

How Do Automatic Door Sensors Work

The Automatic Door Sensor has 2 parts. Main sensor part is placed with the door or window unit and another part is installed on another part of the door or window. It detects the opening situation from outside and alerts you without making an alarm sound. So, you can come back to the house fast by taking the required steps. The sensors also alert you when any door or window is left in an open situation.

Homepolice24 Review: Why Do I Need This Sensor for Home Security?

The Homepolice24 has some unique and useful features that ensure our strong home security. Let’s have a look at these features below:

Homepolice24 Review: Why Do I Need This Sensor for Home Security?

Door and Window Opening Alert:

The Homepolice24 works when you are home and out of the home. When you or someone tries to open a door or window, it will alert you. Before leaving the house, we forget to close the windows. Homepolice24 alerts the opening condition of the window so that we can close them immediately. This alert keeps your home secure and safe.

24 hours-7 days Home Security:

After installing Homepolice24 in your house, it will provide a non-stop alert on your smartphone using our home network. You can have your home protected anytime, anywhere. It is also well-suited with closed doors and windows.

Real-time Alerts:

Homepolice24 can be controlled with the default easy to install app. The app supports almost all phones. You will get different alerts and your home doors and windows status.

Easy Installation Process:

Most of the automatic door and window sensors are difficult to install. But, Homepolice24 is stress-free to install yourself. Just slap the sensor with 3M tape on one side and add the strip to another side. Then connect it with your home Wi-Fi network and always stay aware of your home.

No Charges:

The Homepolice24 sensor does not require extra charges for alerts. Use it independently with a one-time payment. After a few months of use, you need to replace the battery. Also, it ensures you have a low battery alert.

Battery Backup:

You do not need to worry about your home security during load-shedding and blackout. The HomePolice24 has a battery backup system with 8 hours minimum non-stop performance.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of HomePolice24

HomePolice24 has several advantages and a disadvantage. Let me explain:

Advantages And Disadvantages Of HomePolice24

  • Your home security is in your hand.
  • Easily mounted behind the door and window.
  • 8 hours battery backup.
  • Remind low battery alert.
  • Fire retardant alert.
  • Woks when doors and windows are closed.
  • Alexa, google assistant and Siri support.
  • Limited stock

Where Can I Buy Homepolice 24 Door Sensor Security System?

It is time to protect our house from anywhere smartly. Homepolice 24 Door Sensor makes your office time and trip stress-free by keeping your home secured.

Where Can I Buy Homepolice 24 Door Sensor Security System?

It is available on the merchant’s website. I would like to recommend you to get it from here. You will get a 50% discount and free shipping from the merchant website.

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Final Thoughts

Homepolice 24 is the smart investment to secure your home with a real-time alert. It works as the doors and windows sensor. When someone tries to open your doors or windows, it will alert you instantly for your awareness. Here, I have answered: how do automatic door sensors work? It is essential for everyone to surveillance their house 24/7 from anywhere, anytime smartly. Its battery backup allows you to secure your house during load shedding. You can go through the HomePolice24 Review to discover more about it.

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