How Do You Retrieve Photos From Photo Stick In 4 Easy Steps?


The Photo Stick is a device that allows you to save a lot of photos. But like other storage devices, it is hard to deny the fact that it is also prone to data loss. So, how do you retrieve photos from Photo Stick? Would you like to know the answer? If so, then keep on reading.

How Do You Retrieve Photos From Photo Stick: Here’s What You Need to Do

How Do You Retrieve Photos From Photo Stick Here’s What You Need to Do

The Photo Stick app comes with a “BACKUP NOW” button. And when you hit this button, you will be able to back up your photos more rapidly. Here’s how to retrieve photos from Photo Stick.

  1. Firstly, download the photo stick software or app. And then install it on your device.
  2. Launch the app or software and tap on the BACKUP NOW button. After which, the scan will automatically start and backup everything while getting rid of duplicates.
  3. Once the backup process is completed, you can easily delete them from your device’s storage.
  4. At this moment, you can find those photos anytime, especially when you need them the most.


Q. Flash Drive vs. Photo Stick: What Is The Difference?

The Photo Stick is like a flash drive. As a matter of fact, both devices serve the same purposes by holding a lot of files simultaneously. On the other hand, the Photo Stick is made to do what other storage devices and flash drives cannot by looking for files for you, and it will save time and at the same time avoid the hassle of looking for and sorting pictures.

Q. How Many Pictures Can You Keep In Your Photo Stick?

When it comes to Photo Stick, there are different storage size choices that you can choose from. The usual size option is 8GB that, which can hold up to 3,500 averaged-sized videos and photos.

However, if you want to store more photos, you can either have 64GB or 128GB, which respectively hold 30,000 or 60,000 videos or photos.

But keep in mind that such storage numbers depend on usual file sizes. Meaning to say, you can fit slightly fewer or more files compared to those as mentioned earlier.

Q. How To Use Photo Stick

Like how you retrieve photos from Photo Stick, using or running this small yet useful device is pretty easy. The device is actually made to do almost everything on its own. The moment you plug your Photo Stick into the USB port of your computer, it will launch on its own. From there, your computer will give a notification that it is plugged in and all set to use, n

However, it is worth mentioning that every computer is different. Having said that, the process may differ from one computer to another; regardless, overall, the Photo Stick is so self-explanatory.

Q. What File Types Can You Find In The Photo Stick?

One of the most frequent questions, the software on Photo Stick retrieves and finds GIF and JPEG files from your device. With that in mind, the Photo Stick is capable of storing different varieties of files like tiff, AVI, BMP, MOV, and MPEG 4. But this device can’t retrieve those from your device. It means you will need to add such file types manually.

Nevertheless, there is no problem when it comes to compatibility when moving them from another device.

Q. Can You Use A Photo Stick on Your Phone?

You should be aware that a simple Photo Stick won’t work with a tablet as well as a smartphone. But that doesn’t mean there is no way for you to use this device if you don’t have a computer. You will need to invest in the Photo Stick mobile to achieve phone to photo stick transfer. So, if you want to backup videos and photos on your smartphone, consider getting this version.


How do you retrieve photos from Photo Stick shouldn’t consume most of your time; in fact, it is pretty easy. By following the steps mentioned above, you will not have any problem retrieving the most precious photos that you can treasure for life.

Nevertheless, for those who are hesitant to invest in a photo stick, please note that you can make use of it anywhere. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours now!

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