How To Backup iPhone Manually


So, you are planning to backup your iPhone, but for some reason, you don’t want to do the task automatically, no worries, because we’ve got your back on how to backup iPhone.

Backing up your iPhone manually is not as difficult as you think. In fact, with just a few tweaks you will be able to do it.

Read on and learn how to backup your iPhone correctly and successfully.

How To Backup iPhone Manually: 3 Methods To Consider

Method 1: Backup Using iCloud

This is perhaps the easiest way to backup your iPhone. Since it will be done manually, expect that it may take some time. But you have nothing to worry about because, when done correctly, the outcome will be worth it.

To do this, begin by opening your iPhone and then go to the SETTINGS of your device. After which look for the “iCloud” menu. As an iOS user, for sure you know that this is where all iCloud information is kept and the toggles for which info is saved to your cloud account anytime your device is plugged in. Tap the “iCloud” menu and look for “iCloud Backup” on the screen. Be sure to turn it on to see the following menu:

how to backup iphone

As you can see in the picture above, the menu has a toggle that will allow you to control whether to backup your iPhone to the iCloud account or not and the option to start the backup manually at the moment.

Remember, as long as your account has sufficient space, after pressing the button, the process will start. And as mentioned. This may take some time, so be patient.

Method 2: Use Your Mac

how to backup iphoneIf you have a Mac, you can also use it to backup your iPhone. Perhaps you’re wondering how to backup your iPhone using your Mac? Like the first method, it is pretty easy, and here’s how:

  • Using a cable, connect your iPhone to your Mac.
  • Go to FINDER and select your iPhone (Note: if you want to use Finder to backup your device, MacOS 10.15 or later is needed, in case you are using an earlier version, you can use iTunes instead.)
  • At the upper part of the FINDER window, select GENERAL.
  • For security purposes, you can encrypt the backup data and then protect it with a password by selecting “ENCRYPT LOCAL BACKUP”
  • Once everything is settled click, BACKUP NOW.

Method 3: Use A Windows PC

In case you don’t have a MAC, you can actually use your Windows PC if you have.

The same with the previous method, begin by connecting your iPhone to the PC using a cable.

In the iTunes application on your computer, click the iPhone button found close to the upper left top of the iTunes window. Then click SUMMARY followed by BACK UP NOW.

You can even encrypt the backup by selecting “ENCRYPT LOCAL BACKUP”, enter your password and lastly click SET PASSWORD.

To check the backups stored on the computer, select EDIT – PREFERENCES and choose DEVICES. You will notice that all encrypted backups come with a lock icon.


What To Do If You Can’t Backup Your iPhone?

If you can’t back up your device it is important that you know how to resolve it. Nevertheless, if you’re not aware, here are some of the things you can do.

  • Check if your Windows PC or Mac is updated. When using iTunes, it is recommended that you use the newest version of iTunes.
  • If your device does not appear in Finder after connecting it through a cable, check if your iPhone is open and unlock the Home Screen.
  • Restart all of your devices
  • If you’re using a Windows computer and iTunes isn’t responding or the backup doesn’t stop, you will need to disable, update, uninstall, or change the security software.
  • If an error occurs, know that your iPhone backup is incompatible or corrupt or there is not sufficient storage.


As you can see, backing up your phone is not difficult, but losing all your information can be very stressful. Be sure to follow the above-mentioned methods on how to backup iphone, because when something happens to your device unexpectedly, you will be completely prepared for any bugs or glitches that might come.

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