How To Boost WiFi Signal On My Android Tablet: 5 Useful Tips!


How To Boost WiFi Signal On My Android Tablet

This can be very annoying if your internet connection doesn’t work on your Android as you anticipated. It can be slow, it can drop or it can just stop working for no reason. Fortunately, this does not usually mean that the problem is with your phone or tablet, as many people think. How to boost wifi signal on my android tablet?

5 Tips On How To Boost Wifi Signal On My Android TabletHow To Boost WiFi Signal On My Android Tablet

More often than not, changing certain settings or habits may already work well and your connection will be even better. If you are curious about it, check out our tips below on how to boost wifi signal on my android tablet.

1. Change Your WiFi Frequency Band

Most Android devices are compatible with the 5 GHz frequency band, which means that a faster and more reliable connection is available for your device. However, your android tablet may have the older 2.4 GHz version enabled by default, on the other you can easily change this.

We recommend this if your router is compatible with the 5GHz, which is usually the case with most newer models (check it in the box of your router or check the model online).

To swap the frequency band you are using on Android tablet simply:

  1. Go to WiFi settings
  2. Tap ‘Advanced’
  3. Look for the ‘WiFi Frequency Band’
  4. Select the ‘Automatic’ tab option

(your device can always make the option to use 5GHz when possible)

2. Learn Where The Signal Is Strongest Or Weakest

You’ve noticed that there are areas in your home where the Internet signal is getting stronger or weaker, haven’t you? This is because your router may not always transmit the same signal strength to all rooms, and is, therefore, the strongest in the nearest rooms.

So if you want to enjoy the connection, it is important that you know where the signal is good and efficient. Because you can’t predict such things, the best option is to use the app. With the app, you can measure the signal in different parts of your home and find out where it is strongest and where weakest.

3. Use A WiFi Repeater

If you can’t move the router anywhere else, you can use a relatively inexpensive option to help most people who have a problem with a weak WiFi signal by buying a WiFi repeater. It is a device that boosts your WiFi signal by capturing it and sending it back, thus increasing the range.

This is a good thing especially for those who live in big houses and never have good access only with a router. There are many repeater models available today, but it’s always a good idea to research which one is best for your router. Remember not to put it away from the wifi router, if not the signal repeated is bad.

4. Make Your Device Avoid Bad Connections

There are useful settings on Android devices that allow you to detect and prevent poor or unstable connections. It will save you a lot of time, you don’t have to figure out or know where the problems are coming from.

To enable this feature, go to your WiFi settings:

  1. Tap ‘Advanced’
  2. Enable the ‘Avoid Bad Connections’
  3. Unfortunately, this is an option that’s not always available for all Android devices nowadays

5. Update Your Device

This tip may seem simple, but it is important. To avoid common Android problems and connectivity issues, you need to keep your Android tablet up to date.

Many people stick to older versions because they want to, but these updates have been found to fix operating system issues and bugs. If you use an older version of Android and can update it, you should definitely do so.

Other Tips How To Boost WiFi Signal On My Android Tablet

Find some information on how to boost wifi signal on my Android tablet. In fact, it’s a shame to browse websites at short speeds, even if the Android tablet has a good Wi-Fi signal, because most users spend time browsing the Internet and even their work depends on the Internet. Internet speed, therefore, plays an important role in a user’s life. Here are some tricks and tips to improve the speed of Wi-Fi on your Android tablet. Update your browser application regularly to speed things up

  • Clear browsing history of the browser application you use on your tablet
  • Update your browser application regularly to speed things up
  • Place the router in the central area
  • Do not download movies, songs, or other files while browsing the Internet
  • Delete cache files, cookies, passwords and downloaded data from the browser application
  • Change the Internet settings to load the maximum KB data and reset the speed
  • Disable add-ons in the browser application
  • Do not open more than one browser tab
  • Close the application running in the background
  • Have better network devices
  • Have more free storage space on your devices

The above tips will definitely help you improve Wi-Fi on your Android tablet with KitKat, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Ginger Bread, Froyo and more. However, you need to have more knowledge of Android tablets to successfully complete the above. You also need to do this before browsing on your Android tablet, then you will be able to enjoy better browsing.


What Are the Most Effective WiFi Booster Techniques?

As mentioned above, you can effectively increase your internet connection speed. The methods applied to the WiFi connection on how boost wifi signal on my android tablet.

How To Increase The Strength Of Your Wifi Connection?

To get the best internet speed, you need to use the latest router model. Alternatively, you can purchase a WiFi booster to increase your internet speed on your Android device.


People are all dependent on Wifi for the consumption of hundreds of photos, videos and most importantly for work. We hope that the above-mentioned tips will help you use wifi comfortably and with speed. If you have something to share on how to boost wifi signal on my android tablet, let us know.

Please do not forget to share your ideas and thoughts in the comment section below. We greatly appreciate it!

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