How to Check Engine Light Codes Without a Scanner 2022


As a car owner, I am sure you have already suffered from so many problems. For smooth performance, you need a lot of maintenance on vehicles. But every time you can’t go to the garage and talk with mechanics to fix the car. Also, if you don’t know the problem, you may not be able to get a quick solution. There is a question, how to check engine light codes without a scanner?

Many ways you can find to fix this problem. But, for smart and quick solutions pick the FIXD device. This one is a great innovative gadget that helps to diagnose the problem along with the app. Also, this device uses the OBD2 system to diagnose the problem. Let’s see how this device works in your car.

How to Check Engine Light Codes Without a Scanner?

If there is any problem with your car, then you must get help from a car Kit. What if you don’t have any car kit with you. And you have to check the engine light code. In this part, you will learn how to check engine light codes without a scanner?

Though without any tool checking light codes may not give you the proper results, still you can apply the method. First, make sure that your car has enough battery power. So that during checking you can run the car or use the power. Also, it is necessary for turning on the dashboard lights for checking matters.


Now, you need a recording device to record the video clip of your car problems. You need to record half minute videos to check the problem twice or thrice. For recording, you can use a digital camera besides a mobile camera. Through this video clip, you can easily check the light blips. Your eyes may forget to capture one or two blips.

But the recorded video will give you clear clips of the light blips. Set the camera in front of your dashboard and turn on the switch. Continues off and on the light will ensure where the problem is. This continuous process you need to follow four times. On the last turn just turn on the light.

Finally, if you see the light flash, it will indicate that you have an error on the light code. The whole recording process will help you to ensure the code. This is how you can check engine light codes without a scanner.

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How to Reset Check Engine Light with Scanner?

We already learn, how to check engine light codes without a scanner? To resolve this problem there are so many ways you can follow. Among all the ways, it will be best if you select the FIXD scanner. This device is the best and uses smart ways to diagnose the problem.

Also, the FIXD device has an initiative interface with great functionality. A very reasonable tool for your car that you can smartly use to identify the problem, even for long distances. Here you will see how this FIXD device works in your car. Let’s start.


Step 1- First, find out the OBD port on your car. Mostly this port is in front of the driver’s seat. This port looks like other mobile devices USB port. So, you can easily find it.

Step 2- Now, plug in the FIXD scanner on to the port and turn on the key of your car. This will help you to turn on the a/c but switch off the engines.

Step 3- After connecting the FIXD, now select the “READ” option and scroll to find out the codes. The device will show you the codes that are running o your vehicles.  It will be better if you write down the codes. So that later it will not confuse you while taking readings.

Step 4- This is the last step for clearing the engine light with the scanner. Now select the “CLEAR” option from the FIXD scanner. All of the codes will be clear. Along with codes, the light will be turned off.

In this simple way, you can easily reset engine lights and code. If the light still turned on, then diagnosis the vehicles again and follow the same method.

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FIXD Review: Best Car Diagnostic Tool

If I start talking about the FIXD device there will be lots of words. Simply, I will submit some of the unique product features and how this device actually works. Based on the FIXD Review I learned so many about this device.


This is a portable and smart innovative device that helps to read codes of my vehicles. Not only my car’s codes but also, I can control multiple cars through this FIXD device. I get reminders of troubleshooting through this device. This helps to fix the problem before any accident happened.

Also, to get engine codes with translation this device uses a simple interface. To monitor multiple devices and synchronize the vehicle I can easily rely on this portable device FIXD. The FIXD device is a great helping hand for many devices at a time with minimum cost.

Features of FIXD Review:

  1. This innovative device helps to avoid crashing and save you from any accident.
  2. Instead of going to mechanics, you can easily diagnosis through this device and fix it by yourself.
  3. FIXD device is a smart and latest car kit and very easy to use with the OBD2 system.
  4. You will get the protection and this device notify you about mechanical damages in advance.
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Where to Buy FIXD?

Where to Buy FIXD

Purchasing a FIXD device is necessary because of its smart technology. This device notifies you of the vehicle’s problem in advance. So, when you go to buy this FIXD device, check out the store. Recently they are selling this product with some great offers.

For their regular customer, they are offering so many packages. Besides they also provide a guarantee on the gadget. So, go to their store and check the offer and proud owner of this smart device.

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Maintain a car or any vehicle is not easy. At first, I was worried about how to check engine light codes without a scanner? Though I get the solution and apply it to my car. But I was confused about the exact results. That’s when I find out the FIXD gadget that is not only a smart device but also provides efficient and effective results on the vehicle.

Now, I can use this device in my car without any hesitation. This gadget saves money and easy to use. Also, give you great protection on the road. So, why wait for finishing the stock! Go and grab this amazing car tool for your car and live a smart life.

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