How to Clean Eyeglasses Scratches?


People with eyeglasses know how disruptive it is to get scratches on the glasses. Most people throw the glasses away, and that’s painful; but the reality is, it doesn’t have to be that way! Fixing the scratched glasses can be the best way to go with, and that also helps you save some money! Some easy DIY fixes can help you give your scratched glass a second life and keep on using it.

Some popular methods are hoaxes that don’t really work but have hypes on the internet. Nonetheless, you can also find some highly effective cleaning products that work like a charm for glass scratches. In this article, I’ve compiled a few of the effective DIY solutions for scratched eyeglasses and an effective product as well. Stick to the article to know how to clean eyeglasses scratches all by yourself with some impressive ways:

Can You Remove Scratches From Glasses?

If you have scratches on your eyeglass, it might make you feel something in your eyes all the time. As I mentioned earlier, there are ways that you can use for removing the scratches from the eyeglasses. However, that doesn’t mean that any scratches should be okay to remove; rather, you may have to replace it instead.

How to clean eyeglasses scratches

If the scratches on your glasses are so much that it blurs out the vision or distorts it, you should replace it. However, if the scratch is minor and causing mild visual disturbances, removing the scratches is the best option to go with. When you’re cleaning scratches from glass, you should be aware of not scratching them even deeper with rough cleaners.

How To Clean Eyeglasses Scratches?

Scratches on the eyeglasses can get you some health issues like obstructing your vision or giving you headaches. Here is how to clean eyeglasses scratches using different methods that you can try today, cheap:

Use Peeps By Carbon Klean

No matter what type of eyeglasses you’re wearing, if you have a scratch on the surface, Peeps can take care of it. When I first held it on my hand, I was skeptical about whether it’s going to work as the manufacturer promises or not. However, I became a fan of this little thing after finding a cure to my eyeglasses’ scratches, hands down.

How to Clean Eyeglasses Scratches

It works with carbon microfiber technology that heals the scratches on any glass without leaving any substances. NASA also uses this product exclusively in space to clean their glasses and lenses. If you have a coating on the glass, it won’t fade that away; instead, it blends right in like there was nothing before.

Why I Choice Peeps By Carbon Klean?

There are zero reasons you wouldn’t choose the cleaning solution that NASA uses for its space-level glasses. Well, that’s not the only reason why I suggest you use Peeps; there are more to it; such as:

  • The best professional solution for treating your precious glasses requires cutting edge technology like the Peeps.
  • It diminishes 25% static carbon on the lens surface to eliminate every bit of dust residue or scratches to give you the cleanest surface.
  • Whenever you take the cleaner’s tongs back into the storage, the carbon level on the Peeps will restore to the starting position.
  • You don’t use any fluid, any chemical, or any sort of disposable wipers to use it so that your glasses have the finest treat ever.
  • Using it super easy, you take the wiper out of the storage, dry-wipe with the brush, use the carbon microfiber pads to clean the glasses. That’s it!

Where To Buy Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner?

Getting the Peeps was pretty easy for me as I bought it from the official website paying the real price without any middleman. I suggest you buy it from the official store to don’t get a fake product. Getting it from the official store also helps you not to pay more than it costs. Go to the Carbon Klean store to get the official Peeps to keep your eyeglasses clean and spotless.

How to clean eyeglasses scratches

Baking Soda Paste To Remove Scratches

Baking soda is a great substance to remove scratches from eyeglasses as it has a high level of cleaning agents. You can use the baking soda mixed with clear water to clean minor scratches off your eyeglasses. To clean the glass with the baking soda, mix the powder with the same amount of lukewarm water and mix them very well. Now, take a cloth, dip it into the mixture, and wipe the glasses with the cloth to cure it. You must keep in mind two things in the process; don’t rub the glasses too hard, and use only a microfiber cloth for the job.

Scratch-Resistant Coatings Can Be Applied

Scratch-resistant coating is a preventive process to keep your eyeglasses safe and sound from minor scratches while using them. You can never get enough resistance to help you escape scratches 100%, but these coatings are good enough to stand for minor ones. I’d suggest you get a coating right after purchasing the glasses in the first place from the same seller you’re getting it from.

Find A Soft, Microfiber Cloth Specifically Designed For Cleaning

A piece of microfiber cloth is the one thing you must have for cleaning your eyeglasses in general. The cloth is a good thing to wipe off the dust from your glasses, but you must make sure the cloth is microfiber type. It’s the only option when it comes to cleaning eyeglasses with delicate surfaces. Other clothes themselves can be bad for the glasses as they can have dust residue and scratch or damage the glasses later.

Final Thought

Wearing eyeglasses isn’t fancy for all; it can be the utmost important thing for some to keep the vision clear. A minor scratch on the glass can get you an immense disturbance for your eyesight and make it unclear. Using the right product and knowing how to clean eyeglasses scratches using that is the best way to treat it properly.

Peeps by Carbon Klean is by far the most professional gadget you can get to keep your eyeglasses clean. That’s what my experience says for this product. NASA uses the same carbon microfiber technology to keep their lenses clean and ready to go. So, you can imagine why it has a huge fan base around the globe; that’s the ground-breaking technology inside the product.

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